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  1. ive had this happen to me so many times
  2. I dont wanna make a big response since I dont even play anymore - but at the time it felt to be the right course of action with all the talking to's, punishments, and drama he was involved in, but that was a long ass time ago and while it was a "community removal" i dont see a problem with giving him a chance especially with the appeal. Would i personally be a *little* skeptical sure but thats what chances are for - to disprove anyone unsure. Most community removals could probably be overturned at some point unless its something illegal or horrid. Bone was a big dummy and shrugged off any time he was talked to or punished but hes not out here committing crimes - its gmod hes served enough time IMO. Personally I think community removals should just be appealable because a big thing with perma bans is that they dont need to be permanent. IDRC how the higher ups feel about permas being perma, things change and sometimes its just best to give an indefinite punishment until its no longer needed vs having a set time. +1 dont be a radical terrorist
  4. Blue.

    ban appeal

    DENIED - you were banned justly, the whole 3-5 warns is an auto console function NOT a guarantee. You could be banned for the first offense if its serious enough, or banned on the 2nd offense, 3rd, etc, this is staff discretion and this ban was justified, maybe dont tell us to fuck ourselves either if you want even the slighest chance of help.
  5. -1 for a reduction or an extension just deny this. Dude is clearly joking in his reply, extending for that would be goofy IMO.
  6. Spektor made no mishaps here, only you did with your comments. You even LTAP after you said it, further solidifying the end result here. That voice crack was the cherry on top. -1 for anything other than an edit of the reason to remove ddos threats since its not a ddos threat.
  7. With it being clear that you are not the most respectable member of the community based on your extensive history - 1 month for what you said is actually pretty spot on. I agree with a month ban here 100%. Saying what you said during a sit with someone who isnt your friend as a joke was just....dumb. Only thing im on is removing the ddos threats but keeping the time.
  8. Capn I can see you are being better, but you gotta admit bro...this was wayyy too far. Yell range is like a quarter of that distance. I'm gonna have to agree here and be -1 for the warn removal, it really sucks that you got auto banned but a warn here is pretty valid
  9. Personally I feel like this would open a big ol can of worms for staff. Getting more specific would cause more sits for RDA and with the current tools its not so easy to tell if they were touching the street a little bit or just standing in the street. It's always nice when they stun, cuff, fine, arrest, etc because you can use position logs to see where it happened but these kinds of sits dont happen as ideally as we'd all like. If we go more indepth a jwalk shownlr command would be BALLER. Show a line of where they were walking 30 seconds before they were cuffed/arrested, not necessary really with stuns as position logs help with that.
  10. Can we get logs of the situation please, so this can be finished up - logs of him killing you should be in your titsrp-bans file in the date folder of your gmod files
  11. Blue.

    Ban Apology

    thank you for letting us know but we already knew!
  12. Blue.

    Ban Appeal

    You did something man, something in your files or something you did, maybe a command you ran in console, got you banned. We need you to try and remember something to help us.
  13. I will unfortunately have to deny this bud, the only way to get a warn or ban removed from your record is to provide proof or if the staff member admits an incorrection
  14. Honestly I would need logs of the situation, or atleast a more thorough description of the situation. I cant take anyones word for it. I think that staff shouldnt be butting in unless the situation is getting really out of hand. If they were talking about economics and some other people were annoyed about it...that is their problem. What exactly was causing issues about the discussion to feel the need to step in? Were people getting vulgar, too argumentative to the point of spamming chat?
  15. Since they are banned I will just go ahead and accept this, ill change their ban reason to include Rdming Mayor as CP to give a little more context if they happen to look at their ban again Â
  16. If the goons were at their base you shouldnt have interacted with them either...js
  17. Imma be real here lol this is just kinda RDM. I can see how he scared you but you can see him shoot the door (looks like hes trying to help you goof around) then turns around to you all innocently and you stare at him (I can hear your gears turning) then you just fill him with lead. -1 for warn removal
  18. I got this cheeeese burger mannnn Honestly I would love to smoke crack in gmod.
  19. I think it would be fun, sounds like an easier version of the minion king.
  20. Blue.

    Bullshit mod

    I'm going to deny this as no side has proper evidence, and this report doesnt have enough substance for anything. I will say IF there was a genuine mistake made then yes they should be given leniency.
  21. I would suggest not shooting/killing random people for fun with your friends. This is how you get banned on about 99% of darkRP servers. In the future if you join back I would highly suggest follow the rules, and not just randomly killing people. You also need to advert a bank raid if you raid the bank which you would have also known if you hadnt just clicked out of the rules. I'm gonna go ahead and DENY this.
  22. Any logs/clips from either side? Typically when it comes to finding out what range is acceptable to start attacking we tend to go by /y distance. Do you have any evidence proving the thiefs were far away from you when you got killed? What about the other two times whats your defense there?
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