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  1. 🎉Accepted 🎉 Congratulations, your staff application has been approved! What's next? Be patient and a staff member will contact you on Discord for training. To prevent cheating, your application has been locked and archived & is only visible by you and TitsRP staff. While you wait for training, brush up on the server rules and proper punishment times & reasons. More useful info: https://forums.titsrp.com/topic/116-moderator-admin-guidelines/ https://forums.titsrp.com/topic/10119-official-staff-role-permission-information/
  2. i unbanned you a while ago then went to work
  3. yea i needed your discord id, i thought u could do by tags but i was wrong
  4. Blue.

    Ember ban appeal

    Bro just got off the hook last month on the grounds that his sit wasnt handled properly. I'm all for fair treatment here but like ember was a dummy for sure to do this. He also could have just spent an extra 5 or so minutes giving a bit more effort. We all know it doesn't hurt and can only help his case. I cant find context about that appeal which means it was most likely either in admin chat or ingame. Could have been told by the tmod to accept it, or could have been that isaac knew the context to the situation and accepted it due to that. Maybe it was a false ban and they appealed before they were unbanned? Who knows. You know as an ex admin how things be so i dont see why you jumped at isaac about that but if he has the context to clear anything up thatd be cool. (EDIT: ) Ember was supposed to be banned for 2 weeks last time so id say thats fair. From the first section of the punishment guidelines: "If a user has been banned previously within less than a month ago for the same punishment their ban should be increased to a longer length, there can be exceptions for serious cases.' I wouldn't call this a serious case. A serious case would be someone with no intention to be a community member, however I also dont think it should just be a week, which is why i find two weeks to be fair.
  5. ACCEPTED aswell, sorry lol. Your ban however will still be active for 1 more month since you sent it to bruhther + history + ex staff as decided by de team. c u in 1 month mr sixnut
  6. This is like, so old lmao. +1 for an unban.
  7. This actually does sound like a p good idea.
  8. He's got 146 days left maybe 145 now
  9. Then i am +1 for an unban
  10. Im +1 for an unban or a reduction to 1 week to just make you serve a little extra time after this appeal or something. Either works for me. I would trust that you've yknow, learned from this shit. Ill ask you the same thing i asked sixnut, being as how this was something brought up last time, did you try to apologize to beekid at all?
  11. I mean sugar updated your ban but tbh yall still have Time Left: 146 days on top of the time already served. Personally im +1 for you and bruhther at this point, its been a hot minute for you two, and ive seen no issues from you either. I'd say +1 reduction to like, a month. Make you serve just a little more time from this appeal. I'd like to THINK you both know better by now and something like this would never ever happen from you or him again Have either of you tried to contact beekid? I remember that being something brought up last appeal.
  12. dawg why would you drop your steamid but not your discord # lol
  13. I'm gonna go ahead and accept this as no one else has responded after a couple pings.
  14. roleplay is a loose term here, so think of it like this. This guy was trying to warn people albeit incorrectly, and his claims of self defending or misreading situations like with the necromancer shows he was attempting to rp in some form. If they were literally just running around shooting people without any sort of justified reason or so they at least thought, then it becomes nitrp
  15. +1 for an unban and a warn instead. Education over punishment guys. Just because someone has a bit of time on the server doesnt mean they still can't be educated. This whole situation doesn't feel like a big enough deal to just ban them
  16. no you would need to see a clip or something proving they were not kissing him, and if no clips were given its a 'ill keep an eye on them' thing. You always need to be 100% sure of the situation before banning
  17. did you know 100% that the aliens werent kissing him every time? They don't have to make a sit if they dont want to. If they keep coming back and causing problems they can get killed.
  18. Just an FYI we only add NITRP when someone had no intention of roleplaying. From the sounds of this, NITRP doesn't come into play here. NITRP = Running down fountain as a citizen with an sbc cannon or something. No RP no attempts at RP. Even attempting removes NITRP
  19. Blue.


    this would also just get ignored and you'd lose the attack anyways tbh
  20. Blue.


    This class use to be my shit until i realized I can be a mugger and get more consistent kills than this job. The difference in advantage is INSANE. Literally you vs the world BUT you're also severely handicapped lol. Let terrorist use SBCs. Let Terrorist use talis. Let Terrorist use jetpacks. OR remove the 5 minute timer. The job is a joke tbh.
  21. Honestly this sounds like a mistake in the end, it doesn't come off as malicious. I would really like to see some proof about this not communicating thing. Thats really big for me and anything would help. As of now +1 for an unban and warn for multiple RDM + the time already served on this appeal
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