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  1. i was standing in the street as MR Bones typing phrases into chat and having bones TTS them. During this, "You" walked up to me and used a kiss swep on me. I paid him no attention and continued sending bones messages. Few seconds pass and "You" E warns me. Unsure of what his reasoning was, i backed up a few feet onto the sidewalk and continued what i was doing. He then walked forward towards me and eventually kills me. I had not moved from the location he approached me from in a decent while, i was just chilling in the middle of the street. The thing is, he approached me, then followed me when i stepped back. I created a sit which Green took and i pasted the only rule regarding warning players DO NOT warn people for general actions such as walking down the street, looking at them or being near them During the sit, "You" claimed i was spamming chat and pointing a gun at him (which never happened) and that was the reason for the warn and then kill. If i am spamming obnoxious noises over and over or repeating things over and over as Bones, i would understand but i was not doing any of those as i was simply typing a message that took multiple TTS's. He claimed that you can e warn a Mr bones who is sending TTS's over and over, apparently regardless of context(speech). Text chat is the only way Bones can communicate so right off the bat, that seemed off. This logic also says you can walk up to a Bones talking to a friend and warn him for spamming. I brought this up and he said something about loopholing. Even though his discription of when you can E warn Bones is exactly what he called loopholing. He claimed to have clipped the encounter.
  2. https://imgur.com/a/LuVg6CZ just gonna throw this here. Pretty obvious you had no clue what you were talking about. Also if you knew anything at all about how logs work, grenades wont show in logs as grenades, it shows as what the player is holding when the grenade does damage.
  3. i love how you're backpedaling, in the server you literally stated i needed a warrant to raid no matter what even if the base is open, same goes for Frisco. A raid is a raid, if a cop raids a base he can kill the players, thats how raids work, especially when said players are throwing grenades at a group of cops, which is what happened. Your chat logs are all saved. The player that threw the grenade got warned for AMRDM id like to mention. I also love how the 2 moderators that were completely wrong about the rule are -1 the appeal. You two should really brush up on the MOTD before taking any sits.
  4. Wilhelm Panderino


    lmao did you just call me a cop main
  5. Wilhelm Panderino


    i don't understand how you can justify punishment for something that is regarded as a server related bug and arguably is the Mayors responsibility to make sure this doesn't happen . I cannot control when the crosswalks render and do not know how to reproduce them disappearing. In fact, there is a section under the mayor section of the MOTD that states Examples of GOOD Laws Jaywalking will result in a $500 fine, cross at street corners/the crosswalks we have placed Examples of BAD / PUNISHABLE Laws Jaywalking is AOS (no crosswalks or examples given for legal street crossing) I was not the mayor and i did not make the law. If anything, blame could be placed on the mayor at the time for not following whats written under aforementioned section. If there would have been a crosswalk there, either placed or rendered i would not have taken action but as shown in my clip, there were neither. I don't play very often anymore and i do not have the crosswalk locations memorized.
  6. Wilhelm Panderino


    its kinda odd that you didnt report this in game... there were multiple staff present during this and actively taking sits (you reported me 10 minutes prior) I can not for some reason see crosswalks, hence my reason for arrest. I do not have our altercation clipped but here is a clip that was taken a little while after your clip took place. IIRC, cops are supposed to add their own crosswalks due to this reason.
  7. This is the mass RDM he claimed to have spectate https://streamable.com/3r3aq9
  8. Yes, assuming someone is mass rdming and then threatening to ban them is pretty idiotic, ESPECIALLY when you had zero proof of mass rdm. My job should not dictate whether im guilty or not, i dont need CCs to play on the server bro.
  9. no you said you watched me rdm multiple players, and that multiple players rdmed me not that i was part of a group, stick to your story dude.
  10. LOL? Blatant? Im assuming you didnt watch the clip, just in case, here you go. Its obvious i was shooting the gun dealer attacking me and my party members.
  11. If i were a new player that doesnt record, toosi would have banned me 100% without a doubt in his mind. Especially when a lot of players feel intimidated by staff expecially when accused of something they didnt do. Thats fucked up. I stand by my title.
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