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  1. i get reading might not be your strongpoint, but motd says cp can kill anyone attacking another person
  2. no This is not a good suggestion. Mr Bones is an anti kidnapper, not a fisherman. People are going to use bones solely to avoid being kidnapped while fishing, defeating the purpose of the job.
  3. I don't understand, what items shouldn't be considered illegal? The only one i can think of is the civilian phone and a job specific swep. Bludgeon should for sure be considered illegal. So should hack phones. I don't think motd needs to be changed but more the weapon checker, for instance, yes a dog bite can kill but i don't think it should be considered illegal through the weapon checker as the class spawns with it. Basically anything that a class spawns with (non cc) should not register as illegal. Other than guns and knives of course. Im sure theres a bit of looking into that needs to be done to figure out what items should be exempt from weapon checker. Dog bite,Bible,Vape,bong, shovel, sax, hobo swep, spoon, bugbait, poop thrower, cardboard box, bounty list, crowbar??, trumpet, hazmat console, Dogbite, all medkits, duck swep, dab, bleach, magnus staff??, batmans hook, zipties, fidget spinner, arena spawner, shark bite??, admin stick, jetpack, im on the fence about jump sweps as they can deal damage but i dont know thought id save sugar some time thats every item that is default to non ccs that arent guns, knives, raiding items or explosives. keep in mind, with a license, everything is legal no matter what. Not sure if thats the right way to go though, i think some sweps should be legal and some should be illegal with a license. It might make people use the weapon checker more.
  4. I appreciate the input. The point of my post was to bring light to the situation. I gave up on wanting "fairness" for all a long time ago man. My post wasn't an attempt to be treated differently just to shed light on how people that are "disliked" are treated poorly and people that are liked (staff, former staff, good friends of staff) get a lot more leniency. The fact that i'm "disliked" is by design. If i join the server (which is always very populated) and im buddy buddy with every person ive had interaction with, whats the point of playing? You have no "enemies" to battle with and and banter toward. YOu just kinda stand there and talk and stare at each other. Thats boring as fuck. Id much rather play DarkRP and shit on kids and call them shit dumpsters than sit at fountain slapping my buddies in the air and raiding every new player i see because you have no real "enemies" other than players you dont know. The face that i'm "disliked" should not mean i'm treated differently by staff. Yet it does in fact mean im treated very differently, and i wanted others to realize that.
  5. You must just skip to the bottom and give your two cents like me, if you would have read what i wrote, i do not report single rdms. Rarely will i, the only time i see myself making a report on a single rdm is if they blatantly rdm me and advert crossfire. You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
  6. this is funny, if a player walks up and randomly kills a moderator, 9 times out of 10 they are going to tp jail them. How tf is that any different? Its not. Even if i did report single rdms (which i dont) your argument is invalid. I also remember very clearly of you specifically doing what i just mentioned, a lot. Youve even Jailed me because you though i was mass rdming by shooting 1 player who was standing in a group. That was a single rdm, why did you care so much? thats right because you and other staff are no different.
  7. Hello it is Corp or Wilhelm or whatever you may know me by but this is not anything new. I face a lot of scrutiny for "crying" as you might put from players and staff alike. This honestly makes me laugh. I actually dont mind it one bit and i find it humorous. What id like players to know, as most of what is seen on this forum by myself is reports. And you're right. I do not use this forums to socialize or banter or make suggestions (if so very rare) I use it solely for reporting, as its intended. Whether that be on a bug, player or staff. I don't use it for anything else and never intended to. In the sense of reporting players, im really no different from every staff on this server in regards to upholding the rules of the server, simply because i care about the rules being upheld. I personally feel like im also held to a higher standard with breaking rules. I have over 3000 hours on the server over years and years and have seen a lot of bias against me. Simply because i make reports on wrongdoings does not mean i should be harassed constantly about it. It doesn't bother me but it does show me what type of people these DarkRP players really are. Wanna know why i change my name constantly? Staff quite literally refuse to take my sits. New name means staff wont have some retarded vendetta against me and will actually give me assistance when needed. This isnt some boneheaded response either, ive literally tested it. I've had old staff tell me, staff would talk shit in admin chat about how they refuse to take any sits made by me. If i had it my way, id never have to log into this forum. Like ive said, I only use forums to report players, staff, and bugs, but ive decided to make this thread because its getting to a point of ridiculousness. Staff justifying breaking rules blatantly said in the MOTD and STILL try to argue for themselves. You can say "It was just for fun" or "You were the only one bothered by this" as much as you want but it wont change that you are staff, the one group that is not supposed to break rules and even more you are supposed to uphold the rules and rightously enforce them. The staff are truly filled with the most hypocrtical and childish members of the community that only gains joy from the power that they wrongfully have. None of you have the capability to critically think and look past the surface of issues, which ironically is something staff should be better at then normal players. Its unfortunate how many of you suffer from such a warped perception of the rules and power you have to a point where you are trying to fight against when you blatantly break a rule and somehow, it slides almost every time. If it doesn't slide, you just get "talked to" which does absolutely nothing in the end. Yet when i bring up these issues, im just another guy making stupid reports with no validity. Where is our incentive to want to play and follow rules perfectly if staff cant even do it themselves? The only thing staff can do right is ban obvious minges, other then that you can not do anything that takes a slightest bit of investigation or thought. There are only a few staff members I can say enforce rules properly, but even then I wouldnt consider them good staff members because they are still complicit and allowing their fellow staff to act like this. For those that might read this and say "This post is only negative with no constructive criticism" you are somewhat correct, its because there is truly no point. I truly do not see a solution to these issues, and yes these are issues that the staff team faces, whether you want to believe it or not.
  8. What classifies as inside a building? IMO, what classifies inside a building is if someone owned that base, would they be able to KOS where you were, and in that scenario they would have been able to. Theres also the fact that you were given cover via the barring on the balcony, and it seems the reason that the terrorist rule is in place so you cannot have true cover just concealment of some sort. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand. Are we still glossing over the name change? I guarantee you, if we held a vote by the entire player base of this server, they would agree, changing your name off of a class that is KOS by essentially their job name and tag is an RP advantage. Another rule that is up for interpretation i guess but players (not staff) are supposed to know how to follow these rules , when the literal meaning and wording of the rule doesnt apply.
  9. Ahhhhh, so since he doesnt know my name ( i dont know his name either) that gives him the right to use VIP power based off of assumption alone. Thats what youre telling me. I dont understand the logic to be honest with you. What i got out of your reply was this, i can assume (no proof) someone does something wrong and then call a votekick. Not once did he ask me or say "were they actually breaking rules?" He went ahead and pulled the trigger. YOu know damn well if ole Corp woulda done that, id have my VIP removed without a forum post even being made.
  10. hey man im just a guy making a report. i was irritated that some idiot can just decide to kick someone based off of assumption alone.
  11. So i just read through all the replys, i admit i should have done that from the start. What im getting is that, at 4 am, with no staff, youre allowed to essentially do what you want and when someone has something to say about it, you -1 it. Whats the point of staff at this point lol
  12. im gonna ask that you post the entirety of our conversation and not nitpick, otherwise your screenshots prove absolutely nothing. You tried defending your actions even though i told you multiple times they were valid kicks
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