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  1. Ive been told by admins not mod or trial mods on numerous occasions, that if a bounty hunter is hunting you and he is the only bounty hunter online, you are allowed to kos them
  2. only ppl that really base are newer players but they get instantly raided by CC's until they give up and leave the server or just mass rdm. Rinse and repeat.
  3. you think that one is bad? The doge is even worse. Pls fix
  4. i agree, but it appears the community does not. https://imgur.com/a/1d83AMv
  5. i guess its new meta cuz its op af with 10 rounds and fully auto
  6. only use one shotgun and this wont happen, its a feature implemented to stop double pumping
  7. Ahhh thanks, i didnt know that. Im sure that was it then.
  8. yea it was 3 days ago i waited multiple resets and i dont think i edited the suga amount so maybe thats what happened? Why would it default to 1 to begin with , that doesnt make a lot of sense, i wasnt aware that i had to edit both values. I just took a look and by default, the suga value is set to N/A so i dont believe that was the issue.
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