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  1. Ahhh thanks, i didnt know that. Im sure that was it then.
  2. yea it was 3 days ago i waited multiple resets and i dont think i edited the suga amount so maybe thats what happened? Why would it default to 1 to begin with , that doesnt make a lot of sense, i wasnt aware that i had to edit both values. I just took a look and by default, the suga value is set to N/A so i dont believe that was the issue.
  3. Is it fair to build a killbox around kingdom portal? Ive been seeing these more often lately and a lot of people including staff tend to look over it and even participate in stuff like this. All you need is 1 person manning it at all times and the kingdom is completely unraidable. A c4 must be placed while inside the kingdom which would be impossible as you spawn in surrounded by a wall of combine fences. If you run out of the portal, technically your raid will be over as you left the raid area. I know that something was implemented to stop building around the portal (disabling the spawning of props around the portal) but this didnt seem to solve anything at all. I feel like a rule regarding the kingdom should definitely be added making it so there must be an open space when entering the kingdom. Note the screenshot below. What do you guys think? https://imgur.com/KLaqLLC
  4. Double pumping was one of the main reasons shotguns had a nerf way back anyway, without double pump they will be straight dog shit so if double pump gets removed, bring back old shotguns!
  5. Not a chance, this would kill the server. Not because you took everyones money but because you left everyone with their OP cc classes while new players still have to grind there money back up without ccs What would be dank tho, is if sugar made a second server that was completely fresh. Id be down to play on that.
  6. dont really see this as an exploit BUT if youre gonna add a cooldown to shotguns you might as well adjust last weapon used cooldowns for every swep in the game. You can quick swap to an AR after shooting an awp or even to an Ar from a grenade. Its just more prevalent with shotguns.
  7. nah you're wrong mate you've never been able to do that and the recent iteration of the motd didnt say that either, you completely changed the meaning of the rule that was there prior.
  8. This new rule that was edited in the motd makes it allowed for CP to essentially gun down any player shooting at another player. It feels like the wrong type of cop player is gonna take this an an excuse to immediately KOS any player shooting at another player, essentially turning thus into a deathmatch server What do you guys think about this change?
  9. stinky anime models get what they deserve
  10. Youre leaving the most important thing out, if you kidnap somone when youre using a CC and you do not give them their kidnap box, they can kill themselves IMMEDIATELY. Not sure if this is intended but its makes kidnapping as a CC useless.
  11. i was the one who reported you, i watched you rdm countless number of people. I called a sit after you tried to rdm me twice, after the second time i dumpstered you for trying to rdm me, you went on a spree. I then called a sit. Literally all you do on this server is mass rdm, everytime i see you on, youre doing some dumb shit. Your perm is well deserved in my opinion.
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