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  1. I want in fine print in the MOTD the section of False Demotion.
  2. florhn

    Noah pt2

    You broke NLR intentionally... kinda cringe... -1
  3. why would we make cops tp to a raid, that is literally stupid
  4. florhn

    Report on Toosi

    I am going to be +1 for punishment. If you are defending your base I don't see you as a threat to the public but I see that the raider is.
  5. florhn


    They did not break rules, the rules are stated above. Being named bandit really doesn't have an effect on the roleplay in my opinion. the terrorist event is announced in chat as well so you should know. Terrorist models also are distinct in my opinion. I don't know why the terrorist label above their head was not showing, it normally shows up unless you can possibly turn it off for FPS. -1 for punishments
  6. i feel like if you put more detail and be more apologetic in this appeal you would get some +1's. i also see that you put it as fuel and hes kinda removed from community soooooo im just going to neutral to see what any other staff think
  7. So I remember having an issue and someone else said my name was on the meth pipe and they screen shared and it showed that I owned the meth pipe for them but when I looked at the meth pipe someone else owned it but none of us spawned it in. The player who spawned it in called a sit and told them they can't move the meth pipe but really nobody could.
  8. that was unneccessary to say.
  9. this is probably the dumbest suggestion that you've made lolololol. 1. If he beats jack johnson, he's cheating. (mindset of no one is better than jack johnson) If he loses to jack johnson, he also cheating. (turned off cheats)
  10. I agree with reiko he made a very good point of that you probably were not aware of that you are not allowed to appeal a request appeal anymore. racism should not be a perma ban either +1
  11. also happens with meth pipes and is a big issue because then nobody can move the meth pipe!
  12. Just because you don't remember why you got banned doesn't mean you did not break the rules. It's on you to remember what the rules are and not break them. It is not my fault that you forgot that you break NLR and then left the server. I'm gonna see what other staff think before I make my final decision.
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