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  1. being toxic is half the fun
  2. i don't care about rep so ill say this The way people can run around at mach 2 with 500 health being a foot tall, weather it be food or external factors feels like an exploit, as im sure it isn't the intended purpose of whatever it is that is the current meta. And yeah sure holy grenades and landmines are an option to counter this but as long as whoever is using this has half a brain they wont be affected by either of those things. What is not necessarily an unfair nerf to either party would be to make the max movement speed have the same affects of adrenaline when using that sort of food and/or outside meta as OG said, and to decrease the obtainable max HP from food/external meta to 200, as a soul swep can be used to get to this amount of HP, (which that itself is kinda op, but the price balances out I suppose).
  3. The model is also on the supporter CC, but yeah I agree this model big fucked but sugar ignored my dm's ;-;
  4. YoshE

    Gang CC

    excuse me mr super admin sir Adam Sandler Fan Club (ASFC) requires a gang CC - regards Adam Sandler's Biggest fan YoshE
  5. YoshE

    Remove tokens

    wHY is every suggestion you make dog shit terrible no offense Tokens are good the way they are now, How can they be a money machine if they only last for 4 hours before degrading, and are very hard to come by? Although raiding is scarce its not the only thing to do on Titsrp, every entity/base suggestion is "make basing alive again" that shit isn't gonna happen like 80% of basing suggestions say "do this to make basing alive again", Its not gonna change the fact how boring it is to sit there all by yourself and farm the entities because you don't have anything to do for the next 12 hours. -1
  6. This thread is a shitshow lmao I think we should just remove money and just basically be VR chat
  7. When I get god tag in the year 2023, If sugar himself doesn't order me a mail order bride to my house for getting god tag its not worth it
  8. YoshE

    Jack Johnson hacker man

    Damn I fell for a shitpost
  9. YoshE

    Jack Johnson hacker man

    Sounds like you just suck ass, cause in this clip I dont really see anything really incriminating as it couldve been lag on his end, the tick rate of the server, or glitchy client side so see the death where you were flung, personally I've fought jack johnson in the rdm zone and usually he wins, but to be 3-48? were you playing with your feet?
  10. YoshE

    Jack Johnson hacker man

    So him killing you twice in rdm zone is hacks?
  11. YoshE

    Jack Johnson hacker man

    Looks like you got shot in the ass at the same time you saw jack, usually this boost you forward
  12. put the dDiJ2I in a pornhub link and you get the next hint
  13. My brain is vastly large with knowledge on how to contact jewann to solve problems for me, so thats what I will do
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