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  1. I don't understand your point. If they don't want all the money they spent on custom models for the server to go down the gutter, maybe they shouldn't break enough rules to get perma'd? You aren't exempt from the rules because you donated. It's not easy to get banned if you actually follow the rules, if you don't follow them that's on you. Literally the first word in the MOTD is "Not reading the rules is your own fault, our rules differ from most servers."
  2. You see, I actually agree with this as it's a unique feature as apposed to abusing an in game mechanic. I suggest giving it a smaller hitbox
  3. I disagree with this suggestion highly because nobody is gonna yell at you for jokes (You may be reprimanded if you're outright bashing a group of people after staff told you to stop like you did) Like another staff said on here we all know that the reasons you're doing this are dumb and you know that. It's not difficult to act normal and not feel the need to either troll or be disrespectful to groups of players and staff, no rule saying you can't make jokes but there is a rule that says "Do be respectful to other players/staff" and "DO NOT use racial slurs/be overly offensive to other players/staff" I rephrased this as shitmouth doesn't really make sense, but if you can't do something so simple then you are just a shitmouth. Nothing better to say really.
  4. Seems kind of nice to have kingdom require no advert to raid seeing as leaving it ends your kingdom raid right away, killbox base dupes in their own are allowed and if the element of suprise was a factor it would be easier and way more fun. It's not like we need logging of a kingdom raid. Besides, the MOTD defines trespassing as a raid anyway so if it required no advert it would be like any other base and forcing your way in, you would probably wanna join kings party to base with the king, or ask him so he doesn't KOS you because you're forcing your way in, and it's not like most kings don't already got "Everybody but kings party is KOS in kingdom" or something like that.
  5. reopening thread due to toxic staff denying it 🥱
  6. This isn't really a bug, because it's intended behavior of the job. It's more so your opinion that they share a faction. I'm kind of on the fence of them sharing a faction because all preachers have in common is that they are a kidnapper job. I'm like +1 leaning towards a -1 here on this suggestion.
  7. it was patched for next reset 🙂 so ye it was a bug
  8. DENIED due to lack of support.
  9. I'm unsure why you're being disrespectful during an appeal. According to logs Rugrat shot you 8 seconds before, where you claimed was coming from the PD. Why did you feel it was necessary to punch someone 8 seconds after whoM never attacked you? Sure, you could argue that the staff member could've teleported to damage logs for both situations, but it doesn't take a genious to know this is still considered RDM. Regardless of what you claim, it's still RDM. The person you killed never attacked you prior, according to the logs provided. Now given you had no other RP reason to kill them, it's still going to be seen as RDM. I'm not part of the situation so I can't investigate hand on to see whether or not this is easily mistakeable but given the pretenses i'ld warn you anyway even if you thought that it was them. You punched a dude to death who never attacked you 8 seconds after you recieved the last instance of damage, claim it's an accident and have been disrespectful during an appeal. -1 Also your claim of RDM being a warn at worse is false. This could've been avoided by using common sense, a factor you have yet don't use for some reason.
  10. Fuel

    Big Ass

    proud and stinky admin, meme smod, and tmod undercover mod all in the same thread. shit's beautiful 🥱 hello herb
  11. Fuel

    I'm sorry

    So, I won't be accepting/denying this appeal since I am not the staff whom banned you, but I just wanna put my opinion down here for a moment. So, some helpful information. You did, in fact LTAP. LTAP is defined as leaving shortly after breaking a rule or during a sit. Even if you did have to hop off to pick up dinner, you still broke a server rule and left after. According to the banning staff member what you describe in the appeal is exactly what happened, so that's a plus. Personally, I can understand it's obscure and your story makes sense, but it's not enough for an unban. If you crashed or something and joined back, that's probably not gonna be considered LTAP anyway, cardinal is a staff whom usually waits a bit, and if they waited and you weren't there, it is on you. The decision is up to the banning staff, but I hope I was able to give some helpful info
  12. Fuel

    florhn appeal

    Simply put, it just hasn't been long enough. I know that 100% the next words out of your mouth will be related to me being 'bias' because you had said some pretty toxic shit to me in the past. Sure man, you can argue that all you want but the fact of the matter is, if you don't see you've done this exact same thing to other community members you aren't truly sorry for what you've done or realize what you have done. If I have to point out it for you, i'll do my best but you should realize all the damage you've done is not gonna be resolved in a 3 month break (Banned on June 5th, 2020) even people who CC scam solely wont be unbanned in 3 months for the most part, so why are you an exception?
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