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  1. Sewer

    Want no part in the community my ASS! you're such a fanboy it hurts.


  2. I have no affiliation with any actions the TitsRP server performs. Voluntarily removing myself from the community.

  3. the person who wants their entity back can ask how long it takes and come back after that. someone who actually wants to play the game can come back and actually make money. +1 for this suggestion
  4. og is cracked at csgo my guy (get a new monitor)
  5. Fuel

    Add Piss SWEP

    Can we fix the piss swep added this year?
  6. I think it should decrease your elevation if you let go of space. Also since mouse is so buggy maybe add a deelevation method. Flying around should be fun. Maybe ctrl to lose altitude or sum or it decreases gradually not holding it
  7. Sit land is sus. Anime girls and weird animals fly around there and bring you like they are instructed by some sort of higher power. Spooky stuff lemme tell ya
  8. Fuel

    Ban appeal

    ah ok. still think this should be taken into consideration. don't forgive the mans and it hasn't been enough time.
  9. Fuel

    Ban appeal

    its also not jsut mass rdm. it's harrassment, racism, propsurfing, playertoxicity hot damn. big league bans too that you get off only to come back and start all over again.
  10. Fuel

    Ban appeal

    also I am gonna past some evidence of your ban and just how far you went (it's sensitive content so staff feel free to hide this but please don't warn because it's contrary) you kept deleting and repasting it to which i finally was able to get a screenshot! You also threatened to DDOS me to which I don't forgive you.
  11. Fuel

    Ban appeal

    Im involved in this ban, so I will comment to give my input. Basically, you were banned for mrdm twice in a row before this (I've banned you after rubik banneD you for two weeks instead of the 1 month he gave accidentally reducing the ban to which i informed rubik later and you were compensated with a 2 month ban as you continued after your shortened ban was over) and as a non staff at the time to stop you from RDMing I killed you since no staff were on. Nobody called a sit so therefore it was gucci. I remember where we were, it wasnt a base in the middle of the street it was a ball dropper dupe you kept coming on, to which i AS VAL'd you everytime you came back. You then, pissed off decided to make 50 textscreens saying doc is a pedophile and started being extremely racist and toxic to everyone. Me being tired of your immature behavior at the time I contacted herb with proof it was you since clearly you didnt want to come back after doing all that. Rubik actually deleted your timebombs so you stopped mrdming so you got hold of another sbc to continue again. Man, don't lie on your appeal. You were at fountain with an sbc out and i wasnt having any of that bullshit. You had the intent to mass rdm and you dont give a shit anout playing again. I think if you want to come back you should like actually start to reevaluate your actions and realize you're in the wrong instead of excuses. I had to face my consequences so i think you should also think on it and try when you actually are willing to better yourself. I genuinely believe what you did is more toxic than some other permanently banned community members. Sorry I typed this on my phone but basically I think the staff team has more important things to deal with than just having you likely being a thorn in their already pierced side. Perma bans wont be lifted unless false and I genuinely think this is one of the most severe cases that it should absolutely be granted no leniency to that rule. The nuisance, asshole, and garbage you were providing is not worth letting you back. Need to seriously work on yourself before coming back
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