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  1. Howdy, it's me fuel! I like taco bell mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. If you believe that the warn is valid because you posted on an appeal for no reason yet you believed it's invalid at the same time because of what you said then wouldn't that be better suited in a counter argumentative suggestion thread? Clearly no guidelines here were violated no matter how you stretch it. Regardless of the context of what you commented considering you had nothing to add, as per our forums rules you'ld be warned and your warn reason was just that and dictated no more.
  3. Do not reply to ban appeals, reports or staff applications if you are not staff or directly involved in the situation | +1 Warning You also are using us banning jacket (A man who joked about wanting to violate the federal law) whom is allowed to appeal his ban, compared to a staff member saying n word in another discord which as unfortunate as you may take it, happens to be the case for a lot of users. If you'ld like this to be changed, please make a suggestion thread! -1
  4. Fuel

    Report on fuel

    Please do not shitpost regarding appeals/reports.
  5. Fuel

    Report on fuel

    this is my entire desktop and discord server (no n word so i figured it was fine) as you can see I am the owner to show oyu that this is actually my discord server therefore I am the server admin.
  6. Fuel

    Report on fuel

    This is my discord, the zone. I broke no guidelines by calling you this and considering this report is completely false, it's likely nothing will be done. I'm amazed that you thought it was funny to make a false report then say "done for" in dms hinting towards this having no merit + the memeness of this report, but not amused. I'll see what other staff think here but it's my private discord server :shrug:
  7. Fuel

    AFK Call

    I believe that the AFK Call is completely useless and here is why. As of now, the way it works is after 90+ users on the server an autokicking script is enabled in which players who are inactive with no movement for more than 2 hours are kicked from the server. As you can tell, there's a few glaring issues with this script. Number 1: as you can tell considering that it's 2 hours you're almost never gonna get rid of people whom are just afking and rubber banding/in and out. Number 2: the server should always automatically kick players who are afk in spawn and not doing anything considering that they're wasting player slots that could give off the wrong impression of who's actually playing. My suggestion is that the afk call is reduced to a kick after 30 minutes of inactivity like would be on a game like GTA V, and people afk in spawn get kicked in 10 minutes. Many people forget they are playing a game and do other shit so this could be pretty good for the server + them so their pc isn't hot enough to fry a slice of ham when they get home. please consider this @Sugar Tits
  8. Ayo TitsRP it's me, Fuel. So I have been in need of a little laughter lately due to our current situation with the COVID 19 pandemic and all that, as I am sure you are too! I am trying to find good, quality, wholesome, poggie moments jokes/funny things in general including images. Best one in the comments wins a rep!
  9. Fuel

    SBC Cannon

    They're way too OP, I agree they should be removed.
  10. It takes a lot of maturity to admit when you're in the wrong and I appreciate you did so. This will be duly noted and I hope you've learned from this so you can grow and become a better person than you ever were. Good luck on your endeavors.
  11. We've banned people for propblocking an entrance of spawn. Just don't do this shit and you should be fine. You're allowed to prop block as long as there is at least one way in/out but this does not apply to an entrance of spawn/main tunnels when not megabasing/for virtually no purpose. Doing so can be considered minge plus it serves no purpose. +1 for being talked to by a higher up, no further consequences need to arise from the details currently at hand unless there's something being left out.
  12. you dont advert terror on here its not a valid advert terrorist job says do !terrorstart to start an attack in the description. i wouldn't have banned but you did break a rule. -1 you did ltap so yea the bans fine
  13. You can only access it through the custom CC sugar gave during christmas that has a jetpack, kiss swep, and other perma start withs
  14. Application DENIED. User was banned for 5 hours
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