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  1. Quas


    An individual by the name of Ray Pissed was banned for 6 months due to someone using his account to do something against the rules. I think he was telling the truth, he seems like a decent dude and ive never seen any behavior remotely close to how he was banned. I dont care if I had beef with him, he should be unbanned. I truly dont think he should be banned and I think the staff should reconsider their decision. Im curious what the players in the community think about this, as well as the staff. I do not think a person should be reduced to a steam account. Yes, steam says everyone is responsible for their accounts, but the only reason that rule exists is because steam doesnt want to deal with the possibility that multiple people could use that account. The "account" broke a rule, but Ray didnt. You know it, and so do I. Thats why staff were reluctant to -1 the appeal, because they believed he was telling the truth as well. I think we should try and think about this from another perspective. At the very least, Ray should get a reduction to maybe a week.
  2. Quas

    TitsMC Ideas

    mcMMO, Elite Mobs. doesnt need client downloads and they are solid plugins where you can level up certain skills and theres hella strong mobs that can spawn that drop exclusive loot.
  3. Isnt your whole thing being an asshole just for the sake of being an asshole? Thats the only thing ive ever seen from you, both on the server and forums.
  4. You wouldnt be saying that if you saw the women I pull (all 10s)
  5. If you are referring to women, I have plenty so im not sure what you are talking about. You will never have women interested in you because you are not a gentleman like me, and you call them the b-word.
  6. Dont care if Sixnut is banned really, what I do care about is I guarantee if I did this and appealed I would not be unbanned.
  7. Apparently as long as nobody else makes a report MRDM is ok, even though there is multiple past cases saying otherwise.
  8. Quas

    Mr Bones

    no. most retarded thing ive heard, you just want to fish as bones so you cant get napped instead of doing what you are supposed to do as the job
  9. Quas

    New Changelog

    Saw the new changelog, I have no issues with it except for one thing: Made it so muting people will persist when rejoining. I feel this will create a bit of a barrier overtime. I mute people frequently for micspam and I hinge on just knowing that if I relog or if they relog they will be unmuted. I think this should either be reverted, or it can be easily seen if you have a player muted. Ex: when you hover over a player, it will tell you if you have them muted. If I am reported and for some reason I have the staff member muted, this can easily cause some issues.
  10. Quas

    Report on Tyz

    Its an illegal item, if u weapon check him,it shows up illegal
  11. Quas

    Report on Tyz

    Its illegal, you are wrong.
  12. Quas

    Report on Tyz

    Evidence isnt really needed, it was false either way, thats why I involved it in the report. "Owning a gun without a license" is the only default fine that pertains to that illegal activity. Not to mention, you purposely didnt pay the fine just so you could go to prison and get me fired, a 250 fine I believe. Sounds pretty mingy and petty to me.
  13. Ive had my thoughts about it for a while, just havent gotten around to posting anything about it since it just seemed like it would make a ruckus like most of my posts do. Happy this guy made the thread though
  14. You tell me, or did you hear it from one of your friends and thought it was funny and unique?
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