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  1. Not true, like I literally just want to be left alone, and do my own thing. I dont want the rules removed because I personally want to be able to mess with other players or anything like that. I just want to be able to play the server and occasionally engage in trash talk without someone doing the whole "Stop! Stop!" thing as an attempt to get me to keep going until they eventually report me. The way I play the server, I tend to piss a lot of people off (kidnapping, cop, any other hated shenanigans) and when I do so, usually enemies are made. When I make these enemies, they tend to do things such as kill me with whatever chance they get, stay in my general area so if I slip up they can engage, or anything else similar. Now, there is nothing wrong with this, makes the server more fun. The issue is when it gets personal, and they are unable to channel their anger in a way that isnt destructive. What happens at this point is they usually say something in OOC something that doesnt include my name, but is directed at me. Me picking up on this, I respond back, keeping it tame nothing too crazy, maybe a simple "Shut up retard" or "Keep crying" then it devolves into an argument, then we get to the "Stop" phase which is when they give a "warning" that if I dont stop, something bad will happen, so this is the point where I seize. Half the time, this is when their last ditch effort is engaged, which is where they say "Thank you for stopping" in PMs, sometimes OOC, but usually PMs. I think were all aware this is reverse psychology, and I know this because only the most toxic and terribly obnoxious people do this. Also, it has nothing to do with slurs, I am not talking about those as of now, I dont even say them really. I personally dont see why politics is being involved in this either, theres not even anything political in my post. This is stupid, I hold no hatred for anyone, especially anyone with autism or women. As far as the delusion thing, thats extremely ironic and foolish to say. (that being said, my beliefs are superior)
  2. dude, who tf are you, what server did you used to play? youre either an alt or you were part of a community back in the day
  3. That is the point, get rid of the rules. The rules allow for an aggressively toxic nature to manifest because people can weaponize the rules to get players banned
  4. players basically go out of their way to allow players to be toxic against them. Usually they arent muted or anything at all to attempt to stop it. It makes 0 sense, if the players felt harassed, at the very least they would mute, block, avoid, etc. but players dont do that because they are dishonest, and they dont truly care about players following rules, or keeping the peace on the server. They care about power.
  5. Id argue Quanesha is blacker
  6. The MOTD states: You must have at least 3 members who are part of the same faction (ie, 3 hobos, 3 crips, 3 aliens) to megabase unless you're the king. Your megabase cannot take over a large portion of the map and the portion of the map cannot be a hotspot (Ex: In front of PD). Your group must own at least the front door of every house to megabase in that area You can not block off any unique NPC (Any NPC where there is only one NPC on the map like Harvest buyer or the Cereal Statue). So, you need 3 members of the same faction, cant be a hotspot, you need the front door of every base you are megabasing at, and you cant block off unique NPCs. You can establish a base in an area of sewer, but you cant do the whole sewer.
  7. "Im smarter then both sides, you both are stupid" Woww, hot take.
  8. Im not referring to your case specifically, im referring to basically every case in general. I have yet to see a case of toxicity or harassment where the player didnt actively try to avoid it via muting the other player
  9. Here is the issue with this idea though: Gmod servers arent like other games. The players have control over the reports, in most other games you just click some buttons and a report is in. It then goes through a process that is invisible to us which I assume is either run by bots that see a blacklisted word and ban the player, or if its something more complex then an employee will handle it directly. Not here, specifically with these rules, the player has ultimate authority. Like I already stated, there is literally not one other rule where you have as much power to get others to break the rule against you other then harassment/toxicity rules. RDM? Sure, you can entice a player to break that rule against someone else, but not without breaking rules yourself. NLR? Yeah, you can lie to a player and tell him NLR doesnt exist on this server so they can go and break NLR, but it doesnt change that they are simply taking your word and using it to influence their own decisions (not to mention, if he remembers your name, you could get in some hot water with staff for that). Harassment is the only rule where you can implicitly push someones buttons, then claim to be the victim and get a screenshot of them saying mean things to you, then get them one of the HEAVIEST bans for it. Do you not see an issue with this?
  10. This is undoubtedly true, which is why I personally dont see the point that our server will get banned just because we allow mean words. Hop on rust, it has a report button for racism, but I have personally never seen anyone get banned for racism, its usually just hacking because that is the main issue of a game like rust, they dont care that some 12 year old dropped a hard R after some guys raided his base.
  11. I am going to break this down as simply as I possibly can so you can get my point without having to read my other replies: It isnt about "venting", it never has been about that. Here is the point, toxicity will always manifest no matter what, the question is how should we let it happen? Through mean words on the internet, or through people reporting mean words that they allowed to be said against them? This is why I want the rules gone. You have a multitude of options to combat harassment and toxicity besides making a report. On the majority of these reports, they didnt mute voice, nor did they mute text chat, which clearly shows that they seek to purposely get the player banned. Isnt that by definition pretty toxic? Id say that is 100x more toxic then saying mean words over the internet, and to argue otherwise is just dishonest. In conclusion: Making harassment/toxicity rules in turn actually create a more toxic environment by allowing players to weaponize these rules to ban people they dont like off the server, and that isnt right. Sometime, I hope for an environment that is full of people who dont seek to ban others because they dont like them. No matter how you try and twist it, this is currently how the most toxic people in the server operate. On the surface, this is very counterintuitive, but once you really think about it, you start to realize that this is actually a good rule change.
  12. This is actually a great way to represent my standpoint on this topic. It is pretty accurate, besides the fact that one side does it implicitly, while the other does it explicitly. Usually the latter is the only one punished. Also; i hate you
  13. Not even remotely true, and a terrible perception of my post, if anything I have more self control then most people here. Read the post before replying please
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