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  1. Wasnt trying to justify it, I was simply putting what actually happened into a better perspective. If I heard "This guy crashed the server repeatedly" I would most likely jump to the conclusion that they were crashing the server multiple times over a long period of time. Im not sure what you are referring to when you say recently. If you are talking about alting, my last alt was banned in August last year. Other then that, I havent done anything
  2. About what Coba said how he alted as well, but his original ban wasnt malicious, thats true, but Ive proved that im not a liability and I have 0 intentions to do anything relating to crashing the server again. Ive deleted every dupe that could even possibly lag or harm the server, and ive even sent the dupe to the higher ups to help fix the issue. Yes, I did alt, but like ive stated multiple times and proved multiple times, it was literally just to play on the server. Ive been constantly trying to fix what I did and show that im someone that is a good person to have around the server, so im just asking for one chance to prove that.
  3. ive made appeal after appeal, all of which were denied. If I had a sliver of hope that I would get unbanned I would have made an appeal. Also, I never said my forums account was banned to Sugar because it wasnt at the time. When I say my forums account was banned, im referring to the very beginning of my ban, not recently. Im not sure why making a ban appeal would even matter anyways, it would have probably been -1ed into the ground like it already has countless times. The only reason im making this one is because it was listed in my ban reason, so I thought I actually had a chance of getting unbanned. By the looks of it, thats not the case.
  4. I was removed from the community in July of 2019, im not 100% sure when the ban was lifted but I was unable to appeal when I was first banned.
  5. Original perm was a year and a half ago, and I literally had no way to appeal on the forums. If I could have appealed, I would have instantly been typing one up. If you were completely removed from the community with no chance to appeal, what would you do? I would understand there would have been a huge issue if I just alted to re-crash the server, but thats not the case. I JUST WANTED TO HAVE FUN. Thats it. I would understand all the -1s too if during my time on the server after Sugar unbanned me I was toxic or repeatedly breaking rules but I wasnt. I would argue I was a quite good guy to be around. I helped multiple new players, and I was kind to 99% of people, the only exception being RETRO who I falsely votekicked. Just one chance is all I need to prove to all of you that im a good guy, and I mean no harm towards staff or the players. If I truly wanted to do something bad, I would have done it when Sugar unbanned me. Instead, I spent my time basing with my friends, helping new players, and getting to know the new community. Ive done my time, and the couple weeks I was playing reflects that im truly a person that just wants toplay with my friends and meet new people.
  6. In my time of being staff, I believe i only banned one guy for tryin to crash the server. I knew crashing it was a big no no, but I didnt know it could cause that much havoc and stress on the server.
  7. not true, I didnt know that crashing the server was a big deal until I spoke to higher ups later and found crashing the server can take a big toll. At the time, I thought the worse that crashing the server can do is restart the server. Also never made my friends go beg sugar to unban me. Started as a joke with my friends sayin #FREEQUAS in the chat and it evolved into me being unbanned, I was just as surprised as all of you were
  8. At the time, I didnt see an issue with what I did, but hindsight is 20/20. When I say it was a mistake, I mean that in hindsight it was a mistake. I messed up, im well aware I did. After crashing the server and realizing I lost access to my favorite pass time and being told by the server owner I will never come back, I felt terrible. You are acting like im this terrible person that doesnt deserve respect from anyone because I crashed the server. I absolutely guarantee you if you got to know me you would instantly change your opinion about me. What i did when I was sleep deprived at 5 am should not be the judge of my character. Hopping around server to server crashing them was a cope for me at the time, and I didnt want to admit that to myself. I dint have many friends, and I didnt have family at the time either, and it was an unhealthy and malicious past time that I dont feel good about. I joke around a lot, you and the rolex guys know this, but trust me when I say, when I was active in that discord and when I did my "server crashing spree" it was the lowest and crappiest part of my whole life.
  9. I crashed the server twice in the same hour at 5 am when there was 15 or so people on, multiple people were doing the same thing I was. Its not like I was crashing the server once everyday, it was on a much smaller scale. Technically yes I did crash the server multiple times, but I didnt do it in a way that you are making it seem.
  10. Couldnt make an appeal off the start. Like I said, I was removed from the community, banned on everything related to TitsRP. I was asked to make a ban appeal, and I dont want to alt, I want to play the server right. The whole server crashing thing a while back was just a huge mistake on my end and the other parties involved.
  11. Quas

    bug report

    They are, I assume thats the issue
  12. Theres a lot you left out. Firstly, me and Kiwi saw you bought the doors on the base and you werent using it so we called an admin. You were unprofessional and rude to Koda and after a drawn out convo between you and Koda, you went into the base, placed 2 couches down and a couple of fences and called it a base. And how are you waiting for customers in a base called "RETRO RELAX" or whatever it was. Regarding the votekick, there was no staff online and you were sitting in the base doing nothing and saying nothing. I checked with you multiple times, and asked you if you were there in voice chat, to no response. after around 10 mins of you being AFK and taking our usual base out of spite, I votekicked you. Koda can vouch, unfortunately I didnt get a recording
  13. Ok, I have said on multiple occasions this is NOT me, this is an IRL friend of mine that was banned due to PAINNABOX crashing the server and Sal Team 6 sharing his ip since they were in the same house, I dont know why Sal Team 6 would make this fabricated story to attempt to get unbanned. I dont care if im banned as long as Sal Team 6 gets unbanned, so im more then willing to hop in a VC with both Sal Team 6 and a staff member to clear everything up.
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