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  1. Solicitation is not allowed https://forums.titsrp.com/forum-rules-guidelines/
  2. you will like me when i buy the server and ban anyone like you for “disrespecting server owner”
  3. where is rubik and sugar, can we implement these changes fellas?
  4. With the recent rule changes restricting more speech to make people more comfortable within the server, I would like to propose 3 changes to be made that will make the server better, and more geared towards good fellows such as myself (Christians) 1. The Holy hand grenade should be changed. I dont know about you, but it is not “Holy” for a grenade to strip you of your God given right to bear a firearm, so this should be changed to something that is more correct and inclusive. I dont really care what you name it, but both the model and name of the grenade should be changed so we can be a bit better here at TitsRP. 2. The Preacher job. Not only is it blasphemous, but it is also a breach of the 2nd commandment (Thou shall not create any images of what is above or below) by what is clearly supposed to be showing an image of The Messiah. Not to mention how this jobs mission is to kidnap players and then sacrifice them on a pentagram (Which is supposed to resemble a satanic ritual) which makes things even worse. I suggest we change the job name simply to “Cultist Leader” and also change the player model to something more fitting for that name. 3. Speaking of pentagrams, get rid of em. There arent any Luciferians within the server that would care if we changed it to literally anything else but a satanic symbol, so I say we change it to something else. Maybe instead of a pentagram, you can make it into a blender or something and when you put em in and they get grinded up, and you get goon chunks in return, that could be interesting, while also staying satan free. Another note, we should also make it punishable to use the Lords name in vain on the server, and cut down on all the blasphemous speech that goes around on the server, but I assume thats pushing a limit, so lets focus on the 3 main suggestions for now. Now, I know “Oh, you literally go around killing people and kidnapping people, why does this matter” well, its the imagery that matters in this case, its just a game and all that stuff is part of the game. The satanic and blasphemous imagery on the other hand does not need to be part of the game. We sit here and ban certain words, and weve changed job names to present ourselves better, I think we can at the very least we can make these changes as well. Im not going to sit here and complain about the recent rule changes (although I disagree) but I think at the very least we can try to make it go both ways.
  5. Quas


    There is a solid 5 or 6 people who sit on a roof top every other night lobbing cannonballs at the whole server, but rethaw gets a ban for killing 1 person that didnt consent? sounds like a very clear bias to me, either unban the guy or start banning everyone who does it lol it happens very frequently.
  6. Thought they were different tags. Anyways, on with the report maybe?
  7. "buff the thing i like to use for my main income pls"
  8. Quas

    Report on andy

    Because I thought that nothing can be done unless one of the killed players make a report, so I didnt bother. Now I found otherwise, so I made this report. I actually brought it up in a sit and nothing was done about it, so I assume they didnt actually take it seriously.
  9. Quas

    Report on andy

    How are you going to +1 when you watched Bart Man MRDM too and say afterwards "I think it was a raid"? Youre just as hypocritical as andy in my book, I just dont have enough evidence on you to make a full report. Bart Man MRDMing with a SBC cannon: Doesnt do anything Me trying to arrest a MRDMer who is abusing spawn: Gets taken to sitland for 10 minutes then CP banned for "Cuff abuse"
  10. Quas

    Report on andy

    context: I arrested that master raider because he was killing a bunch of people
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