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  1. Edward Big Ass of Versace gets jumped.
  2. I just wanted to make a statement regarding the responses I have received on my staff application. I want to clear the air on people who have PM’d me regarding these responses, asking what happened. I made an inappropriate joke regarding grooming on server on January 12th. To those who have asked, no, I did not exhibit pedophilic behavior towards any players on server. I do understand that the topic of grooming is not ok, and I should not have made such a joke due to the heavy nature of the subject. I apologize and understand that what I said is not acceptable behavior. Thank you for reading.
  3. I knew exactly what it meant when I said it. I told Fuel I wasnt aware that I couldn't make those kinds of jokes, but accepted my warn. While I do agree Imposter shouldn't have said it (since I told him exactly what I got warned for), I don't think he should be perma-banned. After he posted it he asked me what it meant. I agree, poor decision-making on his part. However I would gladly take punishment intead of him as neither him or auxi would have said it if I never did in the first place. Edit: Also Fuel I do apologize as I was a bit rude in my initial sit with you.
  4. I take responsibility for this. I said "admins groomed me" originally. Imposter genuinely did not know what it meant, all he knew was that I was laughing. If I hadn't said it in the first place, he wouldn't have either. If anybody I feel that I should be the one in trouble for this, not Imposter.
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