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  1. I think another amazing addition could be a SWEP made by one of our own community members! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2169931075
  2. This is an amazing idea! A lot more incentive to prestige than just leggys and a tag.
  3. https://gyazo.com/4ea58634c94ed653bb04b6cd8b58b6d5
  4. rad


    stop being braindead and make a real appeal if you really want to show your "dedication."
  5. https://tenor.com/view/roblox-skill-issue-skill-issue-cry-about-it-gif-21003769
  6. My very best friend jewann should be able to gigamute me for telling him to shut the fuck up without getting reported tbh.
  7. I doubt this, none of use cared about our ents being taken and we were going to log off soon anyways. I doubt sixnut would be that petty about losing like 3 procs and 2 printer racks to FailRP intentionally and then proceed to FailRP right after. Like jewann said, he most likely did it to set it back to the status the base was at when the raid started. I don't think this warrants a warn. Also, who counter raided you?(Just out of curiosity)
  8. rad

    Door Alarm

    good suggestion will allow me to make more people think their base is being raided by putting door alarms on their doors then shooting the doors.
  9. Fuel, please just stop posting on the report. Jewann did nothing wrong. Stop crying about something this small. There was 18 players at the time bro, 18. No one was affected and even other people in the chat thought it was funny and had no issue with it, INCLUDING AN SMOD. Please just stop.
  10. Tass (I am friends with Tass btw) made the report and I think it's fucking stupid Fuel. Get off your high horse. Anything like this isn't a big deal.
  11. I haven't read the report on you, but if you gigamuted someone, and no one was affected by it, then yes the report on you is dumb. The only reason I see a joke gigamute like this actually being an issue is if it was on a random, who was not talking to the person that gigaed them in a VC. As long as the player and the staff involved have good intention what is the issue?
  12. LOLOL literally it was for 5 minutes, 18 people were on the server and I laughed about it. Shit was really funny. Not a single person is affected negatively by this besides you fuel. This is a dumb report.
  13. I deserve it because I log on for 20 minutes and then go afk for 6 hours.
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