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  1. Please read the MOTD you scummy rulebreaker.
  2. wrong why would it be handled with /demote if hes a staff member breaking the rules
  3. https://streamable.com/8lb7vr
  4. gmod is literally the worlds easiest game to bhop on
  5. with how the system works 99.9% of the time it is a you issue lol he cant control how your internet works
  6. Or just make it put hits in a list, and a hitman can show up and choose a target and go kill.
  7. jacket never dropped trains lol rare and fendi would just do it over and over. But yes I have been in this exact situation multiple times and people just loophole it so they made it FailRP to do so.
  8. one wanted to play the server... and one didn't?
  9. This would take like months of resources, getting familiar with FiveM's api, loads of money, loads of ads (fivem is super competitive), and would probably require more devs as they need to work on the gmod server too
  10. i mean in a community removal the communities opinion should be relevant. In a case where so many people dislike them and they genuinely have the highest non-meme negative rep on the forums it appears theres likely a higher issue.
  11. get rid of the staff team they all fucking suck
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