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  1. not to flex our anything, but i think i got 3 consoleperm bans
  2. Sorry to break it to you man but TitsRP is the least roleplayer server I've ever tooken part in. It's like its own game when it comes to darkrp. TitsRP people play gmod, and they have fun. They run around and raid and find new stuff to do. TitsRP is the farthest it gets from a seriousrp server and definitely is not and never will be known for the roleplay
  3. Enough rules? That's 5. 5 Rules if you're a known player since your are expected to know every rule and follow them like your a missionary and thats your bible. For example lets use Bruhther. 1 past ban at the time and not a single warn. He placed down a hamster ball. A fuckin prop and got banned. That'd be 1/5 from his perm ban. No one who wants to play the server is going to break NLR and ruin a raid to get banned or be 3 minutes off from raid timer. Thats a ban. I think you dont understand what is expected of someone who plays the server as 3/4 your time being staff. In the time before you were staff you saw how easy it was to easily get warned even after a simple mistake because someone doesn't like you.
  4. The players who put hours and hours into the servers buy models and stuff are the ones who mostlikely get 5 bans in 6 months. Not the randoms who play gmod 3 times a year
  5. This is dumb ash. Some people will get 5 bans in 6 months after like 100 hours a playtime every 2 weeks. They make one mistake and since they’re a known player they get banned. It makes no sense. You should instead teach them into correcting their issues instead of chopping their head off. Education>punishment is like not existent at this point.
  6. titsrp bans are inconsistent and tbh just a joke 🥱
  7. blocks out the land mines then you have a inescapable kill box with people that just sit there 24/7 you need like atleast 5 people to raid that shi maybe less maybe more
  8. 1v12 really aint all that difficult, unless you have no physical way of having a chance I.E. a killbox/landmines. It is practically impossible unless u pay someone like 50k to run in
  9. Carelos

    Big Ass

    Me. Put like a couple hours into it, I can tell you liked my idea and decided to make one of your own. Almost looks as good keep trying :D
  10. opting out should be a one time thing not everytime
  11. the removal of all tokens will fucking destroy the server and somehow make basing even deader then it is. And no one fucking bases. Back when tokens were 100k each was the prime of the server and no one had even close as much money as they do today u aint here for that ion think so
  12. lemme get the pic but cut out all of the gay porn on the screen
  13. aint u the guy who was streaming pornhub on accident in the "gay" section
  14. Ong. I have been like a decent mayor before, and I decided to take out a leggy to defend myself because of revolts, and i get tp'd by picolas cage and instantly murdered by landmines and a leggy. It takes no skill.
  15. Harsh laws, as in no jwalking and having weapons out? Seems like RP to me. The players who have the chance to get fined also can get away from the cops in many ways. It's been like this for a long time and adds something to the server.
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