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  1. Yes actually, there is a setting inside the GUI, that allows you to change it from a long list of coins with correct conversions to make it more realistic feeling. For example (random numbers) 1 bitcoin is worth $1,000. With the setting on Doge Coin, it would make it so it appears you have 1000 Doge Coin worth $1,000 in total and etc... It all pulls from a very delayed chart of money amounts as we don't want the same thing to happen that happened to the Stock Market.
  2. Custom bitcoin mining levelling system is coming next big update. It will have leveling of bitminers, be able to upgrade to unlock more bitminers, custom models, custom UI, and very optimized. It's been in the works for a while but it's looking pretty good. Their goal was to have a realistic type system, a computer setup that turns into rooms of miners etc... After a while of consideration and sketching the design they went with is a more TitsRP style realistic version. More money less time etc... It has been tested to make less then printers, but the more bitcoin you have the more you make (i
  3. Blatantly ESPing. Dropped 40 kills just like that. https://imgur.com/a/vz0LKP2
  4. facs. icefuserp >>
  5. Make it so "______ (Hacker) just stole your money! Hunt him down to get it back." pogget user event
  6. You act like you're incapable of doing this. It's easier then doing any other meta. Its literally like 6 words in console LOL. its easier to make it a bind then make a bug report
  7. You were used as a mere example. You wont treat your brother how you'd treat someone that you dont really know. And that's bias. You want whats best for your brother and if you don't thats fucked.
  8. Also a thing to add. You aren't gonna be a dick to your friends. Thus adding bias as you wouldn't get the same treatment as a person normally would.
  9. Just one thing I dont understand. If your being accused of being biased you can't say "Im not bias" as you most likely are just blind to yourselves and your friends. I've seen cases of bias throughout every family on titsrp and its lowkey cringe. (i.e. +1ing because their your friend, letting them advertise app etc...)
  10. Everyone always just having AK's is unfun especially for smaller groups. Grinding and getting good luck for the AK on the other hand is something all people can do. A group of 20 can go hit barrels for 15 minutes at wipe and already be close to having AK's.
  11. Do you own the CC you're trying to put it on?
  12. All of these replies are dumb. Theoretically if you find a stock market npc, and you actually have stock, you can sell your stock until you have none. you can’t buy only sell.
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