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  1. get rid of the staff team they all fucking suck
  2. Carelos

    TitsMC Ideas

    I got an idea for you. Get some bitches...
  3. shut the fuck upppppppppppp
  4. shut the fuck up already god damn
  5. It's quite obvious you are an alt. And an idiot ha! liberal!
  6. So not only is there 1/3 the players, theres also like 1/5 the custom content and things to do. Wiremod makes frames go br
  7. hahahahahhahaha no scss ui ahah naw but fr tho i dont even play the server but this would be gas
  8. wait till you join the s&box discord and my name is blue ;(
  9. I literally 1v18'd an entire gang with a killbox kingdom dupe. Its pretty easy to get around if you use your brain. (Wont tell you how but its pretty fucking easy if you have a brain
  10. Been trying to familiarize myself with the S&Box API and there ways of doing stuff. Came up with a delete prop system (i dont know why the default sandbox gamemode doesnt have it? or maybe it does) and I just shoot like purple dudes out of my body whenever I feel like it.
  11. there is one if you paid for it through cc editor
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