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  1. or its because people join attempt to raid get slammed by bases would violate every other servers base rules and quit. If they get threw this hurdle and stick around they then decide to get serious and start basing. They then get slammed by OP food and all materials are stripped from there base and then pelted with a legendary gun shooting 1000 rounds per min. Although anycast may be making it harder for people to find the server a larger problem is joining and then leaving due to the difficulty, abnormily, or other factors that I have not mentioned.
  2. dokerz

    Dead server

    Friendly reminder that server is dead
  3. What’s up my titters! It’s fishin season! Talk about your favorite spot what bait your using and post your biggest catches!
  4. dokerz

    Dead server

    Dead server XD
  5. My opinion is this fucking sucks go give this recommendation to icefuse
  6. Take notes on funny shitposting from six posting and bone
  7. Men in black which I’ve been begging for ever since I stole the idea from a old forums post back in the day. Also add keemstar his job to spread drama and bring up past server events and hurl racial slurs at moderators. Anouther job that somone suggested is a schizophrenic class that has a addiction to lean that rdms cc characters. Also add sex
  8. The only funny or watchable content to every grace this server is bub games mass rdming. I think what we need is a battle pass because it’s like fort nite and fornite is so awsome. Also like the battle pass encourages people to play!!!!!. Also I think we should adapt icefuse system and add different tiers of VIP like vip 1 2 or 3 and then we make jobs exclusive to them and then sugar can use this money to make the server super epic by buying more gmod store Adonis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think we should add the fruit slicer!!!!!! Also can we get it so that instead of adding new fun things to spend money on I think we should just keep adding gambling because gambling is much more than then having new jobs!!!!!
  9. Can you at the very least change the name even if I don’t get a refund so no one else has to go threw it
  10. I was gone for four months and forgot there was even two variants
  11. Also I’d like to point out I defend almost everyone that is banned because staff can make bad calls and judgements but I genuinely think that staff made the right choice
  12. I remember how disappointed I was every single time I looked at forums and saw every single shitty hot take opinion you had and then watch wild out on anyone who said your opinion was ass. I think that the server would be way better without you. I think this entire appeal was a facade and tene posting your steams bio shows your true colors -1
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