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  1. I was tryna report this to Rubik like a good boy he can fix it or not wasn’t trying to spawn a debate about weather non weird jobs can use /size
  2. https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/638004389
  3. dokerz

    Evie's Ban Appeal

    Your just trying to undermine what you said by saying I just referenced it instead of saying what you actually did was tell kids to search up rule 34 animal crossing. Iv told what I needed to in my first post good luck!
  4. dokerz

    Evie's Ban Appeal

    You didn’t reference it you told people to search up anakah zone and said that’s it’s just a cool animation and that you should look it up. I’m at school right now when I get home I can get the gyazo screenshot when I get home but I imagine mods can pull up logs. (I’m relevant because I made the sit about this and sent the logs to. Henery since he didn’t have them because he was offline)
  5. Right above the roulette table there should be a live count of money won vrs money lost from all players. Along with the definition of gamblers fallacy. Also in the leaderboard tab put who lost the money gambling
  6. I’m going to make a compilation of titsrp players losing money and explaining why there “strats work” and are not just gamblers fallacy’s
  7. Hey kids! Are you slow? Do you hate fun? Do you just not enjoy someone or maybe your just a schizo saying someone’s harassing you. I’m going to teach a skill that most people seem to not know! There not one but TWO ways to mute people! First way, walk up to the player press e and put your cursor over the mute button and then press your mouse button. Is that too hard? Next method! Press and hold the tab menu and scroll to the players name. Then, click the mute button under the pop-up. Hope this helps!
  8. dokerz

    VIolent rdm

    I was informed by suga that meth will recieve a update next patch addressing this you can close thread
  9. dokerz

    VIolent rdm

    Shitposts are getting responded to by mods but not my report
  10. dokerz

    VIolent rdm

    This is the rule I’m referencing DO NOT Do Violent Thefts (Ex. Player A shoots and kills player B because they are holding a printer. Events like Golden Printer are an exception)
  11. dokerz

    VIolent rdm

    I am also requesting a reimbursement for the meth and also staff or a post reminding people of violent theft rule because it happens to me three times
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