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  1. Give us a battle pass!!!!!!!!!
  2. Yes the lack of updates and banning half of the players is my fault
  3. Perm weapons that are better then normal weapon at the low low price of doing mind numbing xp grinding
  4. Yes the server is alive and kicking with almost all of the staff stepping down and lucky to hit 80 players on a Friday night
  5. If staff screen grab is adding in quitting.
  6. It’s not fair that all the staff on your appeal saying people can change and shit and then the exact opposite on tuss appeal. Anyhow welcome back suga did cocaine a instead of fixing bugs made a bird ion that’s Ight ig
  7. This is how its gone so far: landing on minmus almost ran out of fuel on way back from moon. Next is going back to minmus for more science
  8. I retract all statements made towards this individual
  9. Public response: -1 bad idea private response: do you spit or swallow your boyfriends baby batter?
  10. If If aliens that are capable to come visit us they wouldn’t. We are the equivalent of ants to them. Our technology to them would be the equivalent of smashing two stones together to have a knife. Why come visit us? They can observe anything with high powers telescopes. And if they wanted to know what was up they can listen to the radio signals that we blast into our space
  11. Yeah he was saying it as in you don’t wanna be associated with the server. That just brought up to my mind the actual privacy policy
  12. I wake up at 2 am to see fuel autisticly shitposting. In one of his shit posts he brings up IP being connected to the server. I just wanna know how our data is being used and if IPS are stores or anything do Ike that
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