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  1. The only data that you can get from someone's IP is the city of the ISP that the user is connected to, there is no way u can get someone's geolocation with (only) the IP address....
  2. This is the rule that i do believe this falls into, as you can see, it can be between 1 week and a permaban, permaban i assume being like, actually doxxing them with all their personal info in doxbin, as much as i am against grabbing someone's IP, i do believe that grabbing someone's IP is just so blown out of proportion, you can't just "Hack and Doxx" them by getting their IP, the most that you can do with someone's IP is DDoSing them for maybe 1 or 2 hours, and you can just restart the router to stop it since it will give you a new IP address, i do believe that what he did was very stupid and it was expected that he was gonna get spanked, but time goes on, people look back at the stupid stuff they did in the past and learn from their mistakes and mature and i do believe he deserves to get forgiven, if he ever tries sending an IP grabber again you staff members can always permaban him again.
  3. It has been 1 hour already, your ban should've been lifted by now
  4. Omg yass queen, also lets remove all cops because they are the big racism!!!!!! #BLM
  5. All of this could've been avoided if he just decided to mute her, if he really got unconfortable by the comments that she made towards him surely the most wise idea was to just mute/ignore her....
  6. GoatNuts | Despacito2IsBest#8898
  7. It might not be much value for the average player but it is the intentions that matters! good luck on your journey!
  8. I feel like Propclimb and Propfly rules are seriously outdated and unnecessary in this server, when you easily can get anywhere in the map with either a Jump SWEP, Spiderman SWEP or Jetpack, how much would a newbie climbing up to a rooftop with props or a well known player propfly with a keypad for some seconds around fountain for shits and giggles would it really impact the server? of course propclimbing or propflying to aid you in a raid is a no-no, but so long as it doesnt give you an edge in any way in a raid i dont think it should be punishable!
  9. Thats ur problem for buying anime models....
  10. Ban was valid, you did break NLR a total of 4 times on me while i was raiding you and you ended up commiting RRDM by killing me as i was getting out of your base, i was pretty far from your base so you had no right to kill me like that, on top of that you just decided to leave the sit before getting punished, making this a LTAP too.
  11. A bit of backstory of the sit for this fellow He decided to break NLR a total of 4 times while i was raiding him (in the last one he ended up killing me) Then i decided to report him and he told the only mod online (xiers) that he tried to call a sit on me for aparently "being in a class that is not allowed to raid" even tho thats literally my CC with my fullsize raid model, Xiers replied to him that he did not see any sits from him but since i am not a staff members i cant see any form of logs of the sits that come in, then he ended up getting banned for Mass NLR.
  12. Aparently he votebanned you because you did votekick him without a reason, still that doesnt mean he can just call you a pedo.... if you really wanted to you could report him and get him into trouble
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