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  1. i think both things should work out, but if you do the first one you gotta take your porn stuff off your bio
  2. just change your discord handle and take all the porn stuff off your bio and i would personally dont have any issue with you coming back in +1 If they change discord name and bio (Im mod on LOA tho)
  3. Staff member on LOA here that was involved on one ban in this player's record. Most of your latest bans are either RDM in a sit or toxicity, read the rules and you will stop being banned, if you keep being toxic in sits no staff member would want to take your sits... -1
  4. "Little bitches" does not imply that he likes little kids.... it sounds to me like it would mean (adult) bitches with low height rather than little girls... -1
  5. Same thing as your buddy, i am going to reduce your ban to 4 days, please when you return try to read the rules!! ACCEPTED
  6. I have changed my mind on this, i am going to go ahead and reduce your ban to 4 days, but please when you return try to read the rules. ACCEPTED
  7. Still, you broke NLR 3 times, which usually results in a week ban.... NEUTRAL (Will wait for other staff members' input!)
  8. You still broke NLR 3 times, which is usually a week ban... if you have evidence of the user rdming your friend, and if you have evidence, you can tell him report the user on https://forums.titsrp.com/forum/16-reports/ NEUTRAL (Will wait for other staff members' inputs)
  9. You were banned for NLR x2, ARDM, No intent to roleplay and lying in a sit, staff members can ban new players depending on the actions of the offending player, its intentions, and behavour in the sit. -1
  10. GoatNuts


    You have 22 RDM related bans, most Mass RDM, and you only have 2 days' playtime. It is clear that you are doing it on purpose, go mass RDM anywhere else dude. -1 for unban +1 for perma ban
  11. GoatNuts

    Ban Appeal

    I'd give this a +1 3 years is enough time for that ban reason!
  12. This literally isn't scamming why tf are u banned (?) +1
  13. Player has only 5 days playtime, made a RDM x1 votekick to you, and in the same minute, made a RDM x3 votekick against a reputable player, and still in the same minute got votebanned for false votes by a well known player, that sounds pretty sus to me, do you have any kind of screenshot/footage/logs so i can be 100% sure that what it happened the way i imagine it?
  14. You are not currently banned ingame, i will be pinging staff to see who banned you off discord and why!
  15. Only 1% of the whole video lengh someone has been able to hear me micspam, and most of the people have heard me for less than a second, too little time to notice. This report looks kinda petty to me to just get me in trouble, i wasn't harming anyone, most of the time i was micspamming without anyone in hearing range, and i wasn't even micspamming something ear-piercening loud. I technically broke the rules? Yes. is it bad enough for me to get seriously punished? I don't believe so. -1
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