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  1. The reason as to why demoting for RDM isn't allowed is because the demote command is to kick people off of their job for not following RP rules, like, a cop freeing criminals and stuff, RDM isn't really a RP activity
  2. either way you can't demote someone for RDM......... -1
  3. This has been up for a while now without any inputs. my opinion is that so long as theres no swastikas, its allowed -1
  4. daaamn, idk about it but votebans arent really taken seriously but i understand that having a singular ban is kinda annoying, idk what the other staff members would want to do with this tbh You indeed seem to always get downvoted on all the posts that you do
  5. Hello, i do believe you are a very well behaved player and i do believe you when you say that it was an invalid ban, although thats not really how the staff protocol works, we just dont really remove bans from word of mouth, if you have any evidence to back your innocence up it would help a lot ❤️ And there you go, ill hide ur comment AND reply, is it better now? :3
  6. I've gotten confirmation by the banning staff member that you have said "Kys", not "kiss yourself" my judgement still stands (-1)
  7. What does that have to do with you telling someone to kill themselves?
  8. Hey man you should take your ban appeals more seriously -1 until the banning staff member can confirm that you said "Kiss Yourself" instead of "Kill Yourself" or "Kys"
  9. jesus christ how did you get so many bans for playing just for barely over 24h??? -1
  10. GoatNuts

    RDM Warn Appeal

    crossfire is still considered as rdm in this server, should've been more careful, anyways, why would you want to break a yacht? -1
  11. Hey man if i were you i would take your ban appeals more seriously, so far i am -1 on this unless the banning staff member can confirm that you said "kiss yourself" instead of "kill yourself" or "kys"
  12. bro just put a plot on top of another and placw the seed on top 👍
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