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  1. So I clicked the "enable quick sell button" and it did nothing. Then I went to drag a tier two loot box out of my inventory and it deleted all 726 of them. Send help.
  2. Shānquè fúwùqì gěi wǒ yìyù zhēng jiécháng jìng jiǎnchá
  3. If your materials would eject outside the map they will do so. Make sure if you place it on a wall/ceiling that you can access the other side. It would be nice if "eject" literally just put the stuff in your inventory but then you have stealing mats from someone being way too easy so I don't see an easy fix other than being vigilant and/or doing the math and only putting in however much materials you plan on using.
  4. I agree with all of this ESPECIALLY buffing mini printer tokens, they literally just blow up unless you can micromanage 200 children and better yet, when one blows up they all blow up. Minis could be left the same if they did not require failsafe - AN ITEM YOU CANT EVEN BUY IN THE F4 MENU ANYMORE. but yes buff procs too definitely, they're so ass. and also raise the inventory slots cap in the suga shop so I can actually use them if they're ever viable again.
  5. Agreed, its been like this for years and years now, its pretty much muscle memory at this point.
  6. Remove drink a can of coke quests. I have opened 4000+ tier twos and have still never seen a can of coke, it might be easier to enchant an artifact
  7. Remove the "receive bla bla bla from a processor" quests, these were fine when processors weren't complete dog
  8. Remove "stop 4 pd bank vault raids" this could take weeks, no one raids the pd vault
  9. Yes, sorry I was speaking purely mechanic based, there should be zero incentive to clean out the vault, robbing the vault when it is below 5/10 mil should just give you an error message like the "there must be 40 players to rob the bank" message. I wouldn't expect staff to monitor that, they're already swamped constantly
  10. Small c4 can and should still be usable every 20 minutes, I was referring strictly to big (crafted) c4
  11. After speaking with several community members about this in the discord, I noticed it's a pretty unanimously recognized problem, the bank is toast. I've heard members even say that they've afked the bank for days just to go to bed and see it at $0 the next morning. I've made this post twice before but I didn't bring any solutions to the table but this time I will, so lets cut the shit and get down to brass tacks. The Problem is that the Bank is always at $0 and players have little power to fix the issue themselves, as a community we have tried and failed, the reason being is that five defenders working together for two or three days can have their entire progress reset by one raid in 10 minutes. My proposed solution: Removing or significantly raising the cap on how much money can be invested and increasing the interest rates by a bit. Afterall, this is how banks work in real life, the more money in the bank the more interest you build over time, however of course you have a chance of losing money to a bank raid this is where part two of my proposed solution comes into play, Incentivizing bank guards for their effort. What is the best incentive for getting players to play a job, well we don't have to look far to figure that out; just look at the single most played job on the server, I have seen up to 9 players on shipwreck diver at once despite it being capped at 2, the reason being obvious, exp. Incentivize bank guards and managers by giving them copious amounts of exp, it should give more exp than even diver, after all you would literally be responsible for the whole servers money, give additional incentive for doing a good job, and punish/reduce the exp and rewards for guards doing a bad job, on top of that defending a raid should have huge exp/money payouts itself. Chesmond also made a good point when it comes to how you could just raid the bank again 20 minutes after your first raid until the entire thing is empty, and we both agreed it would be much healthier if you were completely unable to rob the bank when it is below a certain threshold, for example 5 mil, if the bank is below 5 mil you cannot raid it at all, this way it will always have enough money in it to start to recover, and secondly only allowing 1 successful raid per player per day like force drop. All around bringing incentives higher for raiders, defenders and investors alike. tl;dr - Raise investment cap to 10,000,000 - 100,000,000 from 75,000 per player or no cap at all - Reward Bank Managers and Guards with a significant amount of exp - Reduce raids per day from ∞ to 1 - Do not allow raids to reduce the vault to $0 As always, feel free to leave comments on this, if you have any other ideas that might help the development team fix our giant empty room with a vault door I may edit them into this post.
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