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  1. 10 broken tier 2's out of 150 about 1.5% of crates break upon opening
  2. Upon further inspection it would appear that event text popping up has a chance to completely break the crate and it cannot be reopened. I have always absolutely despised how event text closes all trade/inventory/lootcrate windows and perhaps this can be fixed in the second wave of the QOL update. (Replicate by opening a lootbox and staying in the opened menu until you see event text pop up then try to open the box again)
  3. I see it as an option, you can't Jetpack and carry a body at the same time so when you get turned into a turtle you either. A: Tank the slow and get back to your base with your new delicious corpse to cook up for dinner. B: Equip a jetpack and GTFO because fuck that mess there is a fucking abomination and three angry citizen models trying to spray me down.
  4. Change the Serial Killer model to Dexter Morgan. Can't take this job seriously unless he is a forensics expert from Miami.
  5. I have so much money ingame that I could easily buy five maxed cc's rn so my answer to this is obvious, never paid a dime, never will.
  6. Here is my suggestion: Recently Tier 3 crates were removed from the Suga shop because it was inflating the tier 3 economy heavily and making them basically worthless and I was thinking.. What is something that is equally as dope that could replace the T3 drops? A mother fucking Goon Apocalypse. Make a Goon Apocalypse purchasable in the suga shop. What this purchase would do is spawn multiple largee waves with higher level goons spread through the WHOLE map. Side note: I think this purchase could be abused if multiple people bought it back to back so I think only one person should be able to purchase this from the suga shop every (insert debatable number) hours and during the cooldown it is locked and no one else can purchase it. As always, community input is appreciated and encouraged, thanks for reading. - Love Minge Man
  7. Me and my friend were actually talking about this yesterday when we were looking for a good material to use as carpet +1
  8. I also think buffing mini and golden printers is a great suggestion +1 there.
  9. I actually love the idea of sentry turrets or shotgun traps similar to what rust has but that would also require some sort of counter, perhaps limited ammo and EMP grenades.
  10. Base Wars and ongoing beefs between gangs have always been what made basing fun IMO. I remember all the times I based alone with @OG BOT Dumbass and we would raid everyone and shit talk to create beef just so people would raid us, get clapped and then get shit talked some more, rinse and repeat until 3 AM. #FreeOG
  11. This pretty much goes hand in hand with my previous comment on the state of printers. All in all, it is my personal opinion that your base and everything inside should NEVER be destroyed instantly unless you lose a raid.
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