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  1. What's your point? Bounty Hunters and Hitmen have Mobility with Jetpacks.
  2. Bounty Hunters and Hitmen both have big red dots that appear on their targets and are fairly reliable however, Spawn of hell targets only show up on your screen if you look at them from very specific angles and distances (realistically the target really only shows up about 5-10% of the time making finding the targets much more difficult.) As for Mr Sniffy, he doesn't get a red dot AT ALL, Mr Sniffy is very underappreciated in my opinion and is actually a pretty fun job but I think the gameplay could be enhanced greatly if the job was given target tracking like hitmen and bounty hunters have.
  3. My only suggestion on this topic: We all know kingdom base is OP when compared to regular base dupes. I don't think the WHOLE kingdom party should get the extra heads up that someone is raiding by forcing us to advert kingdom raid, I think the kingdom was much more balanced when the element of suprise was at play but nowadays if you advert kingdom raid you're gonna have all 12 people basing there with eyes on the portal as soon as you enter. Good luck with that. A major element to ALL raids is the capacity to catch the defender off guard so that you can infiltrate and subdue targets before they are completely aware of what is going on, this is ESPECIALLY important for solo players like myself. I don't think anything except for this needs to be changed, simply make kingdom raidable without an advert.
  4. Yeah if the server went M9K I would probably quit/never base again. -2
  5. ive seen vip tokens selling as low as 220k, people are desperately just trying to get rid of them
  6. According to Sugar's Trello, a new gambling system is coming out soon, I see that large empty building in spawn as potential for a new casino, an auction house npc and maybe a CC editor all within the saftey and RDM-free protection of spawn.
  7. This is actually the NPC that I tend to get RDMed at the most. Plenty of Civs and Gundealers that just want me dead. I would just prefer to have one in spawn. That's why I made this post, because as someone who has opened about 40 T3's in the past week or so I can say that it is the same loot in EVERY SINGLE BOX. There is absolutely no variety and it loses it's zest once you've opened the fifth box, and it's also why the T3 economy is in such a bad place. It's just VIP, Gang and SBCs with a light sprinkle of legendaries here and there. It is likely that you would recieve more than one in a slot and additionally the loot box drops 7 more items. Also don't forget the lootcrate reroll talent.
  8. Put an Auction House in the vacant spawn building (The one with the RDM Portal out front) I use the auction house from time to time and I am sick of getting rdmed/rdaed while at the NPC, this happens WAY more often than I actually expected, I know someone is going to say "Make a sit" so I am gonna say in advance, I DO. Regardless, only a small fraction of sits actually get taken atleast in my experience which is perfectly reasonable considering the sheer amount of RDMer's ingame at any given moment. Here is the problem: About 70% of the time that I choose to use the NPC I get sprayed down by a cop, blown up by a demolitionist, cuffed and dragged away from the npc, blown up by a thomas, sniped by a gun dealer, blown up by a c4/timebomb, completely drained of all my blood by a weapon mod, bludgeoned by a cultist, blasted by an SBC cannon or clown horned/force dropped. Here is my solution: Put an NPC in spawn and/or make a !ah command to open the GUI from anywhere. Tier 3's Here's the problem: The tier three market is very flooded to the point where VIP/Gang Tokens and SBC Cannons have significantly lost their value (and will continue to each week if nothing changes, in essence too many VIP/Gang tokens and SBC Cannons and they become so common that it is impossible for 90% of the player base to sell these items, too much supply, little to no demand) Here is my solution: The loot table needs to be further expanded in order to prevent a toxic influx of VIP/Gang Tokens and SBC Cannons, I suggest adding more tokens to the T3 crates since the only way to get tokens as of now is through quests. Tree, Metal and Mini Tokens = Common Gang, VIP and Chem Tokens = Rare Processor Tokens = Very Rare I also suggest throwing Jetpacks and Breaching Spas's into the loot table and maybe a generous amount of Cereal (15-30). A Few additional Ideas: Level Token - Raises player level by 1 up to a max of 35 (Like a Gang Token but for player levels) New Leaderboard Idea: Drugs Processed (Sort of like farmer leaderboard but classier) Within Suga shop give us the option to purchase additional AH slots (so we can post more auctions at once) I also suggest a rework of Kidnapping at some point. It isn't something I really do often so I don't care much about it but I know that people can 'kill' in console when they get napped to just end the napping and I've heard from a lot of people that kidnapping just isn't in a good place rn, idk how i'd fix that but I wanted to bring it to light regardless. I'd love to see community input on this post if anyone has any additional thoughts or ideas. Thanks for reading, - Love Minge Man
  9. I have 800 no tax talismans, if anyone needs them they can just buy them from me, you dont need them in T3's of all things. T3s should be reserved for items that are hard to obtain otherwise, not common shit like talismans.
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