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  1. Here's my take. It would upset me very much if I was pulled into a sit and accused of MRDM without a chance to explain myself. I believe the sit was handled poorly.
  2. Crossfire is still against the rules and can still be considered RDM. It is up to the staff member to decide whether they feel you deserved a warn or a verbal. This warn is valid since you admitted to crossfire in your appeal. -1
  3. We have all discussed that this situation is unacceptable even if it's someone else using your account. It's your account that means it's your responsibility to monitor who uses your account. You will be banned for one week not including the time served banned. Remember if this situation happens again it could result in your account being banned for more than a month. ACCEPTED
  4. Okay so instead of taking responsibility you said it's because it was 5am and someone had sent you it as a meme. So I work everyday at 3am and I don't send shit like that to people in a public discord. It's clear to me by this reply you have not thought about what you'd done you made this in a rush hoping because it's been a long time you'd be unbanned. You also couldn't come up with any conditions regarding your appeal except being muted when you were unbanned. You put 0 effort into your reply. Therefore... I'm -1
  5. I am all for giving second chances but this as others have said a very stereotypical appeal. Why would you ever think it's okay to post someone mutilating their genitals on a server where children play. Disgusting. I need you to really be honest with us about what the hell was going through your head during that period. Explain why you should ever deserve a second chance. While you're at it why don't you give us some conditions that should be placed on you if unbanned. Answer these questions honestly without some generic response and ill consider giving you a +1
  6. Alrighty I finally got home to review the logs of this event. So, * I concluded you'd killed the player a total of 3 times one of them being a bounty so scratch that to 2 RDM cases. Also one ARDM case. * One of them can be considered crossfire as the times were less than 1 second apart. * We also discussed the raid kill which I've already told you about and you are now aware of the rules on that matter. * Finally I saw you damage him 1 minute before the bounty kill 2 seconds apart from killing the blood member. Just so we can be clear on all of the rules you broke so it doesn't happen again. Crossfire is not an excuse on this server unfortunately. You can still be held accountable for RDM even if it was crossfire. Secondly you may not kill other base members as a bounty hunter unless they attack you first. I don't like punishing players who don't know the rules but you gave me quite a bit of attitude during the sit which led to me banning you. I know you're not a new player and should know these rules but mistakes do happen. I will unban you on the hopes that you learn from these mistakes. Attitude goes a long way with me in sits if someone is understanding of the rules they broke I will almost never ban them even if it's MRDM cases. ACCEPTED
  7. Firstly untrue I said you cannot kill anyone else inside of a base as a bounty hunter besides your target which he was not your target unless they try to kill you. Which he did not. Secondly crossfire is not a thing on our server and is still punishable the same way as RDM with discretion of the staff of course. Your overall I did nothing wrong attitude during the sit even when you yourself confirmed 2 RDMs on said player. You might ve missed when I said I won't count the raid kill or the crossfire kill so I didnt have to ban you for 7 days. I let you off easy in my opinion. However I will open the floor to opinions of my colleagues. -1
  8. I'm tired of losing 100 mil to the same old roulette table. Give me slots and blackjack. Pls thanks
  9. Give me some of what you're smoking bruh that's some good shit
  10. I have no objections letting you play after four years. That's a lot of time to change. +1
  11. Okay so here's the deal, you had 4 people call a sit on you within 2 minutes saying you were RDMing players. I obviously checked the kill logs and you'd killed 6 people in a very small time frame. With that being said however, you are a newer player who just got Garry's Mod. I will reduce your ban to 1 day. You need to read all of our rules and make sure this doesn't happen again. I will not reduce any more bans you may get in the future.
  12. Spooky is a brand new member to our staff team. So I won't hold this against him by any means however this ban does need to be removed. I've been in the same scenario plenty of times before playing cp with no staff online. Trying to keep the peace especially when vote bans don't go through is a good option. +1
  13. Let me get this straight you have been alting for 3 years now. Made a server to take players from TitsRP went rouge and now you stopped alting for a couple months and want us to be forgiving? No. Don't come back -1
  14. LeGerbs

    I got banned

    I am in agreeance with Isaac here. I don't like what you said and it's very out of line, however I don't feel as though a perma is really necessary here especially since you have no other other bans. I believe a reduction to 2 weeks is the best course of action here.
  15. LeGerbs


    Hey man welcome to the server! If you ever need help and you see me in-game shoot me a PM!
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