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  1. Okay I am very sick of people using the spectate command to identify cheaters with very lacking detail. Its very clear to me that Noiz is not cheating. The !spectate command has been proven to show inconsistent movement making it appear as cheating. This is due to the lag within the command itself. Noiz needs to be unbanned. This is clearly just lag from the command. +1
  2. I like that idea. Again I'm not imposing anything. I just want feedback.
  3. Woopsies clicked edit on your comment. However this comment provides no constructive criticism, and you clearly didn't read my disclaimer. Add something useful. I just want to see viewpoints from the community
  4. I can agree somewhat, but let's take the game rust for example. Rust servers usually wipe weekly. *This server hasn't wiped before to my understanding* However most players don't quit a server after a wipe, rather they fill up almost entirely then they slowly die out over the course of the week. Now gmod RP servers is quite a bit different than rust, and people have worked years for what they have. What MOST people do is use the money they make to upgrade their CC's which what I suggested wouldn't reset. I don't think people would quit, but rather spend all the money they have on their CC then go back to grinding. I know for a fact that some people get bored very quickly because they have millions and an amazing CC. Adding and extra challenge is what people strive for in a game. Most people's main goal to make money is to upgrade CCs and when they don't need to upgrade any more the money just floats in their inventory for a long time. Take Jewann for example. He really doesn't spend money or really base anymore because he has no reason to. This is just an example and a counter argument. Like I said i'm really sitting 50/50 on a reset. I'm trying to take input and give rebuttals to the topic.
  5. I wanted opinions, not for it to happen. I made the disclaimer for a reason, but I want to know what you think. You should have left a reply explaining why you DONT want it to reset. Basing, Cop Roleplay, Casino's, Minigames, Quests, Gun Dealing, Trading. @{GN} Isaac EDIT: Also probably shouldn't have sold a perm slot on your CC and rather rented it out weekly.
  6. DISCLAIMER: This is not something I'm entirely for, but I want to see what the community thinks about it. After reading post after post about the influx of items and little to no trading happening within game, I think it may be time for an economy wipe. What this DOES entail: Money reset back to 0 for every player Suga Dollars reset to 0 except for recent purchases within 30 days Full inventory wipe What this does NOT entail: Custom class reset Gang progression reset Player level progression I think that with a full economy reset it could inspire more players to base, and trade. It would also bring back some of the RP rather than sitting and talking. It would inspire more ideas for Casinos, mini games, and gun dealer role play. Please let me know your opinions below. Keep it civil.
  7. I am against this. No other server that i've ever played on allows as much freedom as TitsRP. Running a dictatorship is fun as hell, and you wonder why so many people play CP on our server compared to others. We even have players who only play on TitsRP because of our lax rules on Mayor. Trying to change something that's been here from the start isn't going to work. It's not broken and it's more than possible to win revolts. It's also not that hard to escape CP in multiple different ways.
  8. LeGerbs

    unnecessary ban

    Here's the deal I ain't letting this appeal go on any further you Revenged RDM'd the player which is just as bad as a regular RDM. You admitted to the action and this appeal is DENIED Please wait out your ban, and call staff instead of taking matters into your own hands.
  9. I beg to differ, you killed way more than 2 people and had multiple reports from separate people telling me you did it. I banned you before I found out there was a votekick. So I thought it was LTAP Your ban will not be uplifted and you can consider this appeal DENIED https://imgur.com/a/X8yTBZQ
  10. LeGerbs

    Im sorry

    You're sworry? This is a half-assed appeal. -1
  11. This is probably one of the more pathetic attempts to bypass our rules i've seen in a long time. -1
  12. This is your THIRD appeal? You still haven't reached out to anyone? What did you just expect them to reach out to you first? I don't want you back on the server. You've taken 0 initiative to fix the problems. Ill leave this up to higher ranking staff but I can only assume you haven't learned anything.
  13. Whats to say that if we let you back, that you won't do the same shit again? What if you're fine for a couple months and a problem strikes up in your life again. Why should I believe that you won't threaten any of us because of irl problems? I don't trust that you won't. Dox threats aren't even really about someone being killed because there are far worse things than that. What if you ruined that person's career? Made their boyfriend/girlfriend leave them? Destroying someone's life is far worse than death. Sure you could say it's an IDLE threat and you'd never do it. I don't believe you. This is my last response.
  14. I just really don't believe you man. Not about your personal problems, but that you've changed especially so soon. Instead of taking the actions you did, why didn't you just take a month away from the server?
  15. So looking at when you got banned... in three months you used an alt account TWICE. Threatened to Dox players on the server. Made IRL threats to players. So I'm normally very forgiving but I'm not going to be in this case. I am whole heartedly giving this a giant -1 You don't deserve another chance. Not for a long time. EDIT: Honestly get it together who the hell threatens someones life over a video game in Garry's Mod. I actually want you to answer that question.
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