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  1. Not a very detailed suggestion. How would this affect RP scenarios would this class have to base to operate? Is he KOS if he modifies a face without permission? Could he cure Corona? Just add a few more reasons why it'd be a good idea to add it
  2. Gmod in general is losing players not just TitsRP. Most RP servers are down by about 30%
  3. He called me a *** then we both laughed. I killed his ass. He came back and killed me. This cycle repeated for 20 minutes. 10/10 would RP on TitsRP again.
  4. I've met you in-game ur dumb fuckin n3rd
  5. I am a part of this and it was not accidental I won't let you get away with lying in an appeal. Although I was basing with you, you had forgotten to put up the dupe and once we started getting raided you instantly put it back up. Don't lie in an appeal seriously man. Not to mention you were warned twice in one day for the same thing. Figured i'd add this little bit of info for all the "lovely" new staff out there.
  6. In my time of being staff verbal warnings were given out at a way more frequent rate than actual warns especially when they were new players. We do have an adverse set of rules compared to other RP servers. Things change and just because I don't like the enforcement style of rules nowadays doesn't mean it's necessarily wrong. I can say with 100% confidence that our player numbers have dropped drastically. Whether that's due to the more frequent bans or just Garry's Mod not being as popular anymore it is an issue and I personally think it should be addressed to the current staff team.
  7. I can absolutely agree that the fundamental teach over punish is pretty much gone with our new staff team. They are very quick to warn and call it good. That doesn't mean that people are handing out warns for no reason. If you broke a rule you can expect to be punished for it. With this newer staff team though I do see little to no teaching they resort to the highest degree of punishment when possible. Take for example NLR I have maybe 1 or two mass NLR bans on my history and a few bans for NLR + LTAP. I usually resorted to a warn for NLR even if it was mass for new players. Now if the play
  8. Love this suggestion, I feel like by allowing people to apply for more props is a good way to go. We could also increase the limit on buying more with Suga Dollars. +1 Abstergo your suggestion isn't good there are multiple classes that could benefit from it IE gun dealer, cook, weapon enchanter, black market dealer etc etc. Im absolutely for this! Especially since basing is well... dead. Raiders already typically have the advantage so it's not going to be much different with 25 props.
  9. Played first ever in 2018 was an smod prior. I have 0 warns in-game. Stop being a dipshit and you won't get warned. In all seriousness usually if you're respectful in sits and admit when your wrong staff will leave you with a verbal.
  10. I was telling you that I made the mistake and Doc stayed out of it because he's my friend. Giving you a scenario of the correct way to deal with situations. If it involves your brother stay out of it.
  11. It's not targeting when you're the only staff member who has a blood related family member as a lower rank than you. Ill bring up the point again you're arguing with a brick wall and only proving to all of us that you're incapable of taking criticism. There has been multiple scenarios of Doc refusing to post on appeals from bans that were made by me because we are friends. Jacket is a great example of who I banned over personal bias way back when. He never commented and told me to ask other staff. Take a step back and have a little humility.
  12. Your unwillingness to accept the criticism and admit that its not the best choice speaks significantly more. Again I bring up your image and what you're conveying to the community. If multiple people agree with this topic then it's probably best if you come up with a solution for both sides rather than just saying "I don't think." Take some criticism it's not like we hate you or want to see you fail, but you're not conveying a very professional image.
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