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  1. He didn't claim it prevented it from happening but it made it far less likely. If I plan on basing nowadays I have two options to make a substantial amount of cash in a reasonable time. 1. Buy entities from new or old players. 2. Absolutely shit on new players for the entities they refused to sell me. What tokens could help with is add the ability to get tokens so you don't have to buy entities or skull fuck some new player for their entities.
  2. I didn't mean buff mini printers, I meant bring back old regular printers but fuck yeah minis suck ass rn literally not even worth using. Little mini time bombs
  3. Pretty much tbh these changes could possibly help especially if people are looking to use the old printers over the new ones.
  4. This suggestion has been made time and time again but... I have been gone for about a year from TitsRP touching grass a bit more. Now I feel like growing my neckbeard back. When I say I hate the new way of basing I genuinely mean it. I'm sure a lot of you can agree with me on this. As it stands the "best way" of making money is getting a shitload of tilling plots and growing drugs, which has to be the single handed most tedious and boring thing on the planet. The next "okay way" of making money is using printers. With 3 full racks of printers I got a lump total of 3 million in almost 3 1/2 hours of basing which is just sad. With everything from the suga shop to buying raiding materials being expensive af I think it really needs to revert back to some of the old ways of making money. I propose we bring back old printer tokens (not mini) as a rare chance from t2s and from the quest shop. What this will do is incentivize people even more than ever to do quests in order to get the old style printers back. Or if you don't want to bring back the old style of printers at least buff these ones it's pitiful how little they make. Un-Nerf processors as they are just absolutely sheisty now. Bring back proc tokens as a rare drop in t2s they are already on the quest shop. Stop the goddamn shocking and make rare drops just a bit more common in them. Scrap this new shit meth cooking system that is more complicated than the female brain that also pays you less than working at Burger King part time, and bring back the Zero's meth lab 1. Or if you feel we should keep the new system of meth cooking buff that shit. If anything is complicated and tedious it's cooking meth now. To all of you here who only RP in a bootleg style void club from VRChat you probably don't need to be involved in this suggestion. Get laid
  5. This is during my time. The main difference between you and Bruhther is that it's not your first time getting into big trouble in the past. You also haven't been the greatest example of a good community member. While I think we can all agree you would never do this again in the future. It's hard for a lot of people to be compassionate about you waiting another month with your history. You absolutely shouldn't have to wait another 5 months though it should be reduced to a month. I haven't really had personally a lot of trouble with you in the past but I know quite a few that have. Just my two cents.
  6. I know I'm not staff but during my time as S-Mod. There were multiple incidents of Bruhther being very helpful to new players to the point where he put staff to shame. Everyone makes mistakes he hasn't even needed a second chance since this is a first time offense. Good luck man!
  7. I had that quest to break a printer yesterday and based for about 2 1/2 hours. It doesn't work. Please fix. I agree get rid of rng quests
  8. Skill Issue + Cope C4 is fine as is. Learn how to build or buy a better base design.
  9. Make it to where the mayor can't base anywhere besides inside mayor's office in PD. He can still free roam around the map but not base. Bringing Piklas wish back makes it one sided. Raiding the PD dupe is easy af especially during revolts since revolters and cops don't get guns back after they die. Allow Revolt Leaders to be able to hide again. (Not Base) If the mayor can hide so should the revolt leader. Easy balancing with absolutely no coding needed. Just update the rules and done! Votes won't pass 95% of the time. But now PD raids and Revolts will be easier since he's not cooped up in some giant base with 20 CP guarding him.
  10. The servers name is TitsRp jesus christ of course there is going to be sexual jokes. Its your choice to join a server named titsrp. What im getting at is to stop getting your panties in a twist when people make fun of you for being a furry. Ill use the same analogy if some dude came on the server and openly expressed he likes feet and had a picture of a foot. Hes going to get shit on for it. The difference between furries and people with foot fetishes is that one of them doesnt openly express their fetish and expect people to accept it and be nice. And your concept of it should be taken as seriously as pedophilia jokes is bs. Why? Because one analogy is two consenting adults doing something most consider weird as a fetish, while the other is an adult taking advantage of a non-consenting child which is disgusting.
  11. Accusing someone of being a pedophile has actual real life reproductions whereas someone thinking you're an idiot for playing dress up in dog costumes doesn't. You can't get jail time or get fired from your job because someone told you, you fuck dogs. All furries are is a dumb group of people with a weird kink. You don't see people with foot fetishes creating an entire cult like group. Why? Because it's weird and they will get made fun of because of it. Mute buttons exist. Why is this server turning into a worse version of VrChat
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