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  1. This wasn't a post to get staff to investigate IE S-Mods and below. It was to bring it to the attention of superadmins so they can investigate the IPs of both players.
  2. I feel as though this person really needs to be investigated further. This is very suspicious and I am not okay with this going un-noticed. I did however try to do some investigating of his steam profile which is completely private and has a current game-ban linked with it. ^ it is very common for players to buy new steam accounts rather than new copies of games. They typically sell for a shitload cheaper with game bans attached. Thank you!
  3. I think a temporary ban would be more appropriate in this scenario. When we're you banned?
  4. Unpopular opinion. Yes what he said was shit, and him alting makes it even worse. In no offense to the staff team but we need to start being a little more forgiving to players! I don't and will never condone this kind of behavior i am also not in any way friends or affiliated with this person. Let's be real guys people make mistakes, every reply he's made so far is apologetic and understanding. I don't believe he should be just straight unbanned but at least we can give him two months with a tight leash for his return. 2nd chances are something we as a community have ALWAYS believed in! People fuck up guys, we are all human! Even murderers get second chances after their sentence is up. +1 for two month temp ban
  5. LeGerbs

    I'm sorry

    So I was the victim in this case. I am usually a very chill and relaxed dude. If people want to kidnap me as a joke or pull me around in handcuffs laughing its funny. Same goes with killing me in-game I usually get a chuckle. My biggest issue with this case was double fining me for a law that didn't exist and then coming back after I killed you to fine me again while I was jamming with friends on the boombox. I get the excitement of wanting to use your new VIP jobs but I've never even met you on the server before. If you would've came up to me and asked me to test your new classes I would've said hell yeah. I even had asked you to stop at one point and you ignored me. It took you breaking 4 rules before I had any thought to make a sit. In the future just ask people. Boredom isn't an excuse. I mess with my buddies all the time on here but we know our limits and when enough is enough. Anyways thats my dragged out response to the situation.
  6. LeGerbs


    I feel like I do have a part in this appeal. I genuinely believe 1 month is a good time frame for the accused. Frisco said something very fucked up. Yes I get that. It was never meant to reach any staff members ears folks. Especially not Skii. I agree that he should be punished for what he said but even 1 month is fucking harsh. Frisco if/when I come back to moderating I expect you to be on your best goddamn behavior. In your last appeal you said you use toxicity as a defense mechanism. If you start being nice to people and they start messing with you. Contact us man. All of the staff team is here to prevent that kind of behavior and create a more enjoyable experience for everyone. However if you go back to your old ways. You will see a different side of me. One thats a lot less trusting and one that'll be pushing for your perma the most. I can either big your biggest supporter or your biggest pain in the ass. So change it up man. I believe in you and I hope others do too. Good luck! +1 for full unban
  7. OG all of a sudden you have never seen the screenshots and are trying to pretend like you weren't toxic however in your last appeal you even admitted to being toxic beyond the point of okay. https://imgur.com/a/FcremY6 Try to be consistent.
  8. Are we here to provide you the evidence or are you here to provide us with evidence that you can do better? We are not required to prove anything to you OG. You are required to prove to us why you should be unbanned. I never changed my response on your last appeal. As I said multiple staff had approached me with what you'd done to get you perma'd https://imgur.com/a/Zcxucd8 You trying to argue with me isn't helping you.
  9. During the time that your last appeal was placed. Multiple staff members approached me with screenshots of what you'd done prior. I tried to stay out of Drama the best I could and I have reviewed this material and the way you approach people to change my answer. My vote was my decision and my decision only. Calling me a dickrider for having a change of heart is exactly why I -1'd this appeal. I wish you luck in ever coming back here. Not to mention that every other case you mentioned was a 1 off situation compared to you being banned MULTIPLE times for the same reason "extreme toxicity" your reply just concludes that you're too immature to come back. I don't want you back and to be honest get your shit together.
  10. As a former staff, I have and always will never be a fan of permanent bans. However you have been a complete cancer to the server man. I remember when you initially got banned and the server literally rejoiced in OOC of course some of your close buddies were upset but a good 75% of the players rejoiced. You even made people quit our server and we haven't seem them since. You made one of our staff members resign just because you are that toxic. The way I see it losing even just 1 player is too many because you can't control your immaturity. If we never banned you how many more staff would've resigned and how many more players would have quit? How are you so toxic that you get PERMANENTLY BANNED on a server called TITSRP thats almost jaw dropping. I don't want you back and a very small portion of people want you back. Find another server because our community is done with your shit.
  11. https://www.totalwine.com/beer/lager/american-style-lager/budweiser-keg/p/15490901 Probably a shitload of pedialyte too.
  12. Get extremely drunk then regret my life decisions the morning after.
  13. So here's the deal. You've messed with me in the past followed me and called me names. I really took it as you joking so no big deal. Some people handle things differently than I do they don't react the same. You need to realize that in our community we are pushing that type of behavior out. Whether it be by example or handing out permanent bans. I get you've created this persona and the way I took it is you using it as a defense tactic from being harassed. People don't harass you because they are afraid of you. And staff don't want to take your sits because they're scared. Simply put people just do not like you. Obviously there's exceptions to everything. What I want for you is to change how you act and see a difference in how the community perceives you. If you are messed with or bullied we are here to help you. I can assure you people will have nothing but respect for you if you're a good person. You need to change Frisco. I don't have any objections to you being unbanned but it has to stop. Not tomorrow but now. +1 on full unban
  14. I've spoken my opinion clearly with mods and administration team.. A remark said in a private area should not be punished. Especially if it was never meant to reach the communities ears. With that being said after seeing numerous players be removed entirely from the community for being toxic. Why do you think you can get away with it too Frisco? I know for a fact you are very toxic. Probably not to the extent of some other players. That doesn't excuse you though. Answer me these questions honestly and it could persuade me into +1ing this appeal. 1. After numerous perm bans handed out to other players for toxicity, why do you continue to follow in their footsteps. 2. What is the point of being toxic? Does it fill your already massive ego? 3. If you were given a chance again. What could you do to change your attitude towards staff and players? I'm all for second chances Frisco but you gotta grow up dude. There comes a time when it's just not that funny anymore.
  15. I don't think it should be reduced for a few reasons: 1. It will increase the percent of people kidnapped at a single time. 2. Knowing that you can fail and still have to wait a certain amount of times reduces the likelihood of someone kidnapping in-front of cops/other players. 3. It will make CC's even more overpowered than they already are. I think kidnapping should stick to how it is. It can be extremely frustrating when you have a good gun and someone kidnaps you and you lose it. -1 from me
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