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  1. I think everything that's needed to be said has been said, denied
  2. shooting the wrong guy because he looked like the guy your were trying to kill isn't crossfire smh. crossfire is if you're in the middle of a fight and someone walks through the bullets and gets killed. from how you've described it, you saw someone that kinda looked like who you were wanting to kill, killed them, went "whoops wrong guy", and then killed the guy you were actually targeting. that ain't crossfire. you also say "the other guy had a gun pointed at me and missed every shot". was he pointing a gun at you or was he shooting you? you're directly contradicting yourself in all of your replies.
  3. So did you shoot the wrong guy, then shoot another wrong guy, and then finally kill the right guy? That isn't crossfire my man
  4. Hol up, I thought you said it was crossfire? Shooting the wrong guy because they have skins that look the same is not crossfire, that is just blatant rdm.
  5. This isn't even allowed. In order to defend someone's base you must either be on the doors of the base or be in a party, so you just running there over and over after he messaged you in itself is breaking the rules. You aren't a new player, you have recent punishments for NLR, many past bans. I'm not sure how anything is getting biased, you broke the rules. You have prior warnings and punishments. You were banned for breaking the rules. There's no bias there, that is the way that it works. I'm gonna go ahead and deny this. When you return, read the rules so that you won't have to worry about this in the future.
  6. You would get more support if you provided some sort of evidence. There was a sit, the logs showed you breaking the rules, you were punished per the guidelines. You make an appeal and then when the banning staff member says that you broke the rules your response is "can't I just pay to get unbanned?". The comment from Jordan was removed because it added literally nothing to the report. There was no evidence added, no scenario, no explanation. It was simply "hey he's apologetic he should be unbanned". I get that you're apologetic and I do feel for you, but we have rules for a reason. What would be the point in enforcing them if we're gonna unban everyone that says sorry and offers to buy their freedom? Like I said earlier, if TYZ decides that a reduction should happen then he is free to do that. I don't see you getting a complete unban. I would also advise that you let the appeal process take it's time instead of posting the link in the shoutbox and dm'ing staff on discord like "please look at this, I would like to be unbanned". The appeal will be seen, don't worry.
  7. If you have valid evidence to add to a report you are free to add it. But if you just wanna give your opinion, with nothing added to the report itself, it's prolly gonna get removed. When we don't remove that, the threads end up being 5 pages long. If you wanna comment your opinion and how you think every single report should go, join the staff team!
  8. you ain't gonna just get an unban, a reduction at most and that's if tyz wants to. if you were familiar with the rules then idk why you broke massNLR. no, you cannot just pay to lift a ban. if tyz wants to reduce it that's cool, if not, don't massNLR in the future. -1
  9. I do not see him shooting at officers. I see the flash of the shotgun aimed at absolutely nobody, you don't even hear the sound of the shotgun going off. I would guess that Tene checked damage logs as well and saw that he didn't damage anyone. Looks like you guys just mowed him down.
  10. cobaselic

    Follow up

    gonna go ahead and close this, it was dealt with in-game.
  11. F ha ha very silly joke You've got no trust here, -1
  12. The rule literally says "There is no cooldown but you cannot raid the same person again within 20 minutes" not that you can't raid the same base. If it were the same base, that would mean that if you raid a base successfully and the person logs off, you have to wait 20 minutes to raid that base again even if someone else moves in and starts basing in that time frame? That wouldn't make much sense. If the person starts a new base after you successfully raid them and you immediately raid the new base because "he had a cool gun", that is breaking NLR. denied
  13. welp, you didn't give us his steamID
  14. yeah it's pretty clear here lol, batman can only cuff people if they get themselves in trouble. I'll go ahead and accept this and get someone to voterestrict them
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