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  1. The rules regarding harassment shouldn't be changed. What should be changed is how harassment cases are handled. Instead of just immediately banning people, the reporting party should be made to mute/block whoever is causing the issue. If it continues beyond that, then the accused party should be punished. Immediately banning people only causes more issues. It ends up pissing off their friends/other community members, and makes the accusing party public enemy number one. Whereas if they were to just mute/block the people that are giving them shit, the accused will eventually get bored and move on with their lives.
  2. Ping kdawg between 9 and 24 times in the discord and tell him that if he doesn't change it for you you're gonna assemble every titsRP hater to chargeback at the same time, effectively bankrupting titsRP.
  3. I was down until you started wilding in my DMs about a new era lolol. Which in itself showed that nothings changed.
  4. See, that's exactly what I'm saying when I said you have no control lol. "You don't wanna join a discord with a bunch of people you dislike? PUSSY. Oh what you don't like that we alt into the community and try to stir shit up? GET OVER IT PUSSY ITS A NEW ERA" A new era of what fuel? What could you possibly bring to the community that would warrant giving you a chance?
  5. https://ibb.co/v1PfQ3w https://ibb.co/gb2ry4t https://ibb.co/P1Gg8sY You're trying to get back into the community and prove you aren't all that bad, but the first thing you do is try to start some shit. Miraculously the discord conversation we had when you alted a month or so ago has disappeared, that was pretty eye opening to be completely honest. I've given you the benefit of the doubt this whole time, and have been one of the only 3 or 4 people that have tried to get you another shot. You showed yourself pretty well, so imma break this appeal apart. We'll start with alts: https://ibb.co/yscyVZz Pretty sure sugar has a list of all of them in a funny video, that doesn't count who knows how many discord alts. I'll speak on this one, because I was the one asked if you should be given another chance. My response was along the lines of "if he's quit fucking with gamenight then why not, but if he still hangs around them he can go fuck off somewhere". Which is when you launched the aforementioned rant in my DM's. How all the people in TitsRP are weak and only dislike you because you have them warnings. You went as far as to say that I'm a pussy because I wouldn't accept an invite to the gamenight discord lolol. You said that those were all our words, I would like to see if you have screenshots or something because I clearly recall you losing your shit over something as miniscule as saying that people around you make you a shitty dude to be around. You were community removed because you were all toxic as fuck and incredibly racist lol. You were all toxic and racist as fuck. Again, the aforementioned rant you launched when I said that gamenight was shit and that you shouldn't be around if you still fuck with them. That simple sentence alone had you wilding out not only in my DM's, but in the tits discord as well. This was not very long ago lolol. You have not thrown any logic bombs, you have went YOU GUYS JUST DONT LIKE ME I AINT DO ANYTHING. I think you mean "any new staff out there talk to me before you talk to other people who were there and have dealt with my bullshit so that I can influence your opinion before they can". People left the server because of you guys. The stress all of you put on the entirety of the staff team and the server was pretty ridiculous, all because you guys couldn't say the n-word smh. To say that nobody was affected is pretty goofy. Fuel, I've said it more times than I can count, I've always thought you were alright. But I believe that you have absolutely no control over yourself. You couldn't stop yourself from wilding out in the discord, you couldn't stop yourself from wilding out on me, couldn't stop alting, couldn't even stop yourself from alting on the forums and trying to stir shit up hours before you made this appeal, and then trying to call people clowns in the conclusion of the appeal. I feel I've said enough. This post has useful information and is in no way a shit post, I would like for it to stay per the newest set of forums rules. -1
  6. No, he attacked me and wanted me. And did it again after I killed him, multiple times. Logs are included in the initial posts. Wanted me 3 times and attacked me 4 times. It's blowing my mind that you're even trying to fight it this hard. You should have froze the guy. You didn't for some reason, he wanted me after he had just stabbed me, I killed him. Pretty simple. Next time freeze people instead of letting them attack and want people over and over again in your sit.
  7. Bruh he attacked me multiple times in the sit and you never froze him once.
  8. Not to mention he attacked and wanted me multiple times after I killed him as well, with you still failing to even freeze the guy. You legit can't even go and warn him for it now, the sit is done and over with. He should have been banned in the sit lolol.
  9. Kind of dumb, what if I had a leggie on me? Or what if I had talismans in use that I didn't want to lose? See, it's easy for you to go "should have let him arrest you", but that ain't how it works. I made sure the guy didn't have a chance to arrest me. He had already attacked me, literally right in front of you. You basically ignored the fact that he was hostile and just continued bringing up logs, and in the process of you doing that he decided to try to arrest me so I killed him.
  10. So while he was attacking me, you just moved him and pulled up your logs instead of freezing him. And while you had your logs up, he wanted me and I killed him. Kinda makes sense for me to kill him since you didn't do the simplest of things in freezing him when you literally watched him attack me. Also, you said How would you even know that if you had your logs up when "the situation popped off". Get outta here bro. So instead of dealing with the situation when it happened, you're gonna re-do everything hours later? Punish for ARDMx3 in a sit, ARDA in a sit, and the initial RDM literally 3 hours after the sit is over? That makes a lot of sense.
  11. He stabbed me and wanted me without you doing a thing. You're trying to save face
  12. Kinda ridiculous tbh. Never even froze the guy even though he attacked me in the sit multiple times. Then told me "I gotta warn you, should have let him arrest you". the R in RDM means "random", killing someone that is trying to kill and arrest you in a sit when the staff member won't even freeze the guy or anything isn't random. Also the guy that did all this in the sit only got an rdm warn, nothing done about the trying to kill me hella times in the sit or the ARDA in the sit. https://ibb.co/6FqMPTb https://ibb.co/L5pL2hC ^evidence of him attacking me and trying to arrest me in the sit.
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