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  1. I doubt you'll be unbanned immediately but I'd +1 a reduction to a couple months with a permaban from being staff. You shoulda known that going rogue would get you slapped smh
  2. Imma reduce your ban from 6 months one 1 month since you don't have any priors for this. Don't call people groomers and shit just because you are mad, like I told you in the sit that's a very serious accusation that can ruin someone's reputation if it's false. If you ever have evidence of someone grooming players, send it to staff. acceptedish
  3. skip to 3:00 on the video You were nowhere near a door when you started screaming that he was a groomer smh I don't even know these dudes lol I brought you to a sit because I had a clip of you calling someone a groomer multiple times, yelling "YOU TOUCH KIDS YOU TOUCH KIDS". Warned you from Player Toxicity, told you if you did it again it'd be a ban. In the sit you got all mad and said that I defend groomers, I told you if you have evidence of anybody grooming someone then to send it and I'll gladly ban them. I told you that I could care less if you get banned for calling someone a groomer with no evidence, and you tried to flip it and say "I HAVE YOU ON VIDEO SAYING THAT YOU COULD CARE LESS IF I CALL PEOPLE A GROOMER". I warned you, told you that it would be a ban if you did it again, and returned you. After I warned and returned you, I put a note in your warns for other staff of what the Player Toxicity warn was for, and as soon as I am done doing that you are in ooc saying "mans is mad that I call his friend a little groomer, apparently that grants a warn", https://ibb.co/Qn0r40C I brought you and banned you, since you apparently can't stop yourself from calling people groomers without evidence. You're hella toxic and can't seem to stop yourself from calling people groomers. But hey, you have the sit recorded so you are free to post it here.
  4. yeah, you have the clip of everything leading up to the sit. Do you have a clip of the rest of the sit
  5. You wouldn't happen to have a clip of the actual sit would you
  6. Staff shouldn't take sits on people that they have bias towards, whether it be positive or negative. Specifically to avoid people claiming bias, especially when there are other staff members on. If you called 10-15 sits while there were multiple staff members on and nobody took them, why are you singling green out on this one? Because he walked past you while you were earraping and brought you to a sit? Seems that you're more angry that you got warned than you are the sits not being taken. Way to throw You under the bus lol, seems like something he should be bringing up to green or the admins instead of telling players that are clearly angry at green. That's if he even said it, this whole report seems like you rambling because you're mad. That is what I would call a biased opinion. Many staff members were on and nobody took your 10-15 sits, and because green witnessed you breaking a rule and warned you for it you believe that makes him biased. I hate that you made it as well, because it makes no sense. I look forward to the reports of every other staff member online at the time that didn't take your sit, I'm sure they are biased as well. -1
  7. You're already not allowed to raid bases that have no entities inside, so maybe just put a sign up that says "this is an escape room for RP purposes, there are no entities inside". That way it won't be raided by normal people but cops and bounty hunters can still raid if needed.
  8. my brother in christ you have already admitted that you did MassRDM and that you know better. You're spinning in circles here. You were reported, logs showed that you blasted 12 people at the spawn tunnel with an SBC. You got banned for it, and now you're angry because not enough people reported you? Come on man
  9. That's not the point I'm making at all, I'm saying that if someone calls a sit for MassRDM and I can see in the logs that the person they called a sit on killed 12 people with an SBC cannon at the spawn tunnel that person is getting banned for MassRDM. You yourself said that you know better, but you did it anyways.
  10. why would we wait for 3 people to call a sit when we can clearly see someone mass RDMing? That just gives the person more time to kill. It also would give staff a bad look, seeing as how we would have to tell someone that called a sit for MRDM "sorry bro we can't do anything", which would in turn start the classic /ooc shit staff letting people massRDM fuck this server
  11. The known player knows better, especially when they already have massRDM bans in their past smh
  12. Ember, you MassRDM'd clear as day. You've even admitted it in this appeal. As I've already said, if one person calls a sit and I see that the person that got reported blasted 12 people with an SBC cannon, that person is gonna get banned for MassRDM. We're not gonna wait around and be like "sorry man but only one person reported it, we can't do anything until two more people report as well. Try not to get RDM'd again!". A ban is justified, the only thing that's questionable is the amount of time. -1 for unban, +1 for a week as opposed to 2 weeks.
  13. https://ibb.co/PY859r4 There's death logs, I'm sure succ can upload damage logs when it isn't 5 a.m. lol
  14. Being like "awh man come on bro I know that I killed hella people and Sbc'd the spawn tunnel but only two reported man come on" is a dumb defense, because again you know better. You're not a new player. If someone calls a sit saying hey man this guy is massRDM'ing and I check the logs and see he SBC Cannoned 10 people, he's getting banned for massRDM.
  15. If you sbc'd people coming out of the spawn tunnel that's on you smh, you know better. Shouldn't be 2 months though, just the normal week.
  16. cobaselic


    Quit making appeals over and over again.
  17. honestly the apostrophe s after potless do be kinda wild huh
  18. With the evidence that toosi provided, I see no reason for the ban to be lifted. Seems that you've always caused issues, and I don't believe that will change at all. MassRDM bans, glitching people into sitland, attempting to crash the server, lying in appeals, and then trying to use very poor hacks that immediately were detected by the anti-cheat. You've been given many chances and you've blown them all. There are plenty of other servers to play on. -1
  19. Idk man, seems like you've had hella chances already. I'm not gonna give any vote on this until Sugar potentially does so he can give more detail on what hack you were trying, it's intended purpose, and what you lied about in your last appeal. There's really no detail here, more of a "sorry I hacked and lied I won't do it again" thing which I don't feel is trustworthy given your ban history.
  20. cobaselic

    Ban Appeal

    Damn Isaac was down to at least reduce it but if that's not good enough for you, idk what to tell you chief. Stay banned lol
  21. cobaselic

    Ban Appeal

    https://streamable.com/s9rogc -1
  22. With Sixnut's appeal for this exact same thing just getting denied because he hadn't waited enough time, I've gotta be fair and give this a -1 as well. A 3 month community removal for doxxing a community member doesn't feel long enough, maybe try again after a year or so.
  23. Your ban history is your ban history. I could see giving this a plus one if it was a warn, but we aren't in the business of editing people's ban history so that they look better on staff apps. I have bans that I'd like to not have tied to me as well, but they are my bans. -1
  24. I mean, you said it yourself. I don't see why it should be removed, pay more attention next time. -1
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