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  1. the ban is valid IMO, you said some pretty uncalled for shit, called him a retard and told him "KYS" , over him raiding ur base, kinda just doesnt work at all, wait our ur ban IMO -1
  2. spoke with jewann in discord about the ban and came to the agreement that you should be unbanned, gonna ACCEPT this and i'll unban you rn ACCEPTED
  3. long ban for a lewd meme, don't see why you shouldn't come back tbh, just dont do it again ig +1 Found the date of your Discord ban, See here:
  4. before this was added into the MOTD, it was never a problem until a group of people MADE it a problem. now that this is in the MOTD, i now see a lot of pointless situations potentially happening and its just gonna result in a whole lot of issues, i personally don't think it shoulda been labled in MOTD, as it was an issue 1 time and then added to MOTD, seems like a rushed idea
  5. i think it was jewann that banned u ages ago you said hard r and was banned straight after, i remember it, i'll ping jewann
  6. Perm ban for that? Wtf i did hear that NITRP used to be a perm ban on its own, but not anymore +1
  7. Initial Response to this: Well, no matter what staff say, whether it being a good thing or a bad thing, people still downvote and that is dumb. You guys being able to use your rep ability on an appeal should be good enough, show your support by +rep'ing someone, not by getting yourselves warning points for putting a reply on that you know will get taken down. A good portion of players do this, and if you are reading this, you know who you are, you know that you have a chance of getting a warning for the shitpost you posted on an appeal/report, and then when it is taken down, you then make complaints and raise issues that are of no one else's doing but your own. People find ways to make problems for themselves and then try blame staff for doing their duty, it makes no sense. The post here mentioned contradiction, but with how people handle stuff on forums and get them selves in punishments, and then make the staff team look bad for your mistakes, that is contradiction. I know people want OG unbanned but as stated on his appeal, he was bought back for 1 BILLION and not even a week or so later, he exploited on his alt and then got re-banned. I do not see any logic in people shitting on staff members who -1 that appeal at all. Tene was unbanned yes, and that was out of pretty big community support and a really good portion of staff support, but if you see, that same support does not sit on OG's appeal, surely that should make you realise something. Tene knows he's on thin ice and probs being watched by people like hawks, BUT, OG had 1 week back on the server and already got himself re-banned. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How can we move forward?: I see the only way to move forward from this huge hate train against staff (which consists of older staff members) is keep appeals the way they are right now, and if you have something you wanna post that is 100% relevant to that specific appeal, either PM a staff member for permission to post that response, or request them to put it on the appeal on your behalf, I see no issue doing that. Just with this whole "staff laziness and their contradictory decision making" it is just an issue, and that shouldn't be an issue, as I said, its only a certain group of people that have issues with it, and choose to make problems when something happens from their own actions. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall, issues that shouldn't be issues at all are rising all the time, and it really doesn't need to happen.
  8. BAN IS VALID. wait out your ban. DENIED
  9. Kinda funny how you have 3 other MRDM bans too and claim this one was a misunderstanding. You also only just came back to the server, and played for 15 minutes and then after that 15 minutes, you were banned. This ban appeal is already not adding up. I'll pass this onto jason.
  10. The thing is though @Sixnut, what you said was completely out of the blue, started from nowhere, it was essentially an outburst and highly uncontrolled, and if you said that type of stuff JUST on an outburst, then you could be prone to it again and no one wants that, i know its been a long ass time since ur discord ban, but shit you do on forums like just shitposting and -rep'ping people just for "fun" every post you look at, and then making an appeal to state you've changed n shit, its contradicting stuff. Im NEUTRAL on this, cause I don't fully know if me or anyone trust you with what you say.
  11. It was a shitpost. You knew you had a chance of getting the warn and even if the appeal doesnt seem right to you, it still doesn't allow you to comment this stuff on it. I know you don't have any warns recently apart from this but it doesnt exempt you from getting one. -1
  12. Is this a shitpost appeal? You really dont have any sincerity in here at all -1
  13. It's been a long time since your ban, and i think this whole year you've been gone shoulda really made you learn your lesson. +1 for unban Heard some more information about your past and this information I have had has made me realize you do not need to return. I know you were forums banned but idk how you were unbanned lol -1. NEUTRAL Currently in the process of trying to contact OG. _________________________________________________ alright, spoke with OG in discord DM's and im gonna be +1 on this. OG, we really need you to live up to what people are saying, that you've changed, cause if its true then peeps will welcome you back, but you just gotta stick to a good attitude. +1
  14. Gonna accept this, discussed this with waffle, this reply you posted is not useless information. I will speak to smelly about this. ACCEPTED
  15. yeah i was thinking of adding that on to the notifications part, i'll edit this onto it too
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