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  1. changed your tune daddy ironfist wont be happy
  2. @Teneinformed me that I am “mocking it with that reply” I would like to elaborate on my point. it’s as if hitler has grabbed the smods by the balls and they’re loving it
  3. Server is a shit show, but when it’s spoken about, nothing gets changed, we basically are seeing in nazi Germany reborn into titsrp
  4. I'm pretty sure that in the staff training sheet, it states something along the line of "As a staff member you CAN sits that are placed on you, but if you feel you cannot be unbiased, you can request another staff member to take the sit" Meaning, YOU, the Senior Moderator SHOULD have requested another staff member to take your sit as it is very clear you cannot be unbiased when a situation occurs involving yourself. The whole situation that has happened is 100% a wrong move on Kiezuh's behalf, and all the community at this point have noticed there is a bias between SMOD's, I know I do not play this anymore, but it is actually pretty gutting to see what this staff team has become, there have been more reports on staff recently than there has been in the time I've been in this community. I feel that with how many staff reports are coming in, people should be able to speak their minds without their comments being removed. And we know that it is only SMOD+ that can remove comments, so it adds up to bias too. All the SMOD's defending this (even before 1 of the SMOD replies were edited to change their vote) should really think about how exactly they're meant to act, you've got a whole community to oversee, you're basically 2nd in command when it comes to actual server work and from what I am seeing recently, there is a TERRIBLE job being done. Again, leave peoples comments on here as they should be able to state their thoughts on the SMOD team. Community opinions > staff bias
  5. Where’s my rep that you said youd give
  6. You will never be successful on twitch if you play in 800x600 res
  7. this instantly came to mind  Â
  8. I had entertained the idea of christmas gifts for my friends, and this is also around in discord, i will link me mentioning my christmas ideas below https://discord.com/channels/247434867527122945/247434867527122945/1052583587460960316 https://discord.com/channels/247434867527122945/247434867527122945/1012502318656270386 https://discord.com/channels/247434867527122945/247434867527122945/1007399588434563073 as you can see, this goes back to like, the beginning of november, i had the christmas idea for so long, to do a giveaway or just do gifts  the day before christmas, i had mentioned this idea to jack, to give £10 as gifts on steam As you can see here, jack messaged me on christmas day (i then did not communicate with jack for about 40 minutes. During this messages, there is a 16 minute gap of time, i was ingame and had seen reiko in game, he said something like "jack said you're giving $10 to him for christmas, give it to me as he already owes me" he then proceeded to say something like "i'll be in touch" Idk what he meant by that  but as you can see in the screenshot below, i did not communicate with reiko for over a year, nor did he ever contact me, i do not have him on steam. so discord was the only form of communication he could've used. I have an image image of the gift, and the time the gift was sent, 10:28am this will be provided upon request of SA  there is an image of the gift message jack received Provided upon request of SA  Â
  9. Monday January 16th 2023, a German man commits genocide  Monday January 16th 1944, a German leader commits genocide  There’s a pattern…
  10. "xD" 😐   it's You're, not "your" Maybe instead of donating towards your debt, we should get you a dictionary 👍  Â
  11. I’m don’t understand this  but you can CLEARLY hear and SEE that the dude who says the innappriate comment to a minor, acknowledges that he’s a minor.  for punishment on that guy. There’s literally no other option
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