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  1. In-Game Name : Professional Jay Walker SteamID: STEAM_0:1:82339684 Something you'll be doing this summer: I will be hopefully travelling up and down the country for abandoned buildings and starting an Urban Exploration channel documenting the places I go to.
  2. At least you can acknowledge that it was a dumb thing to say, it was pretty bad timing to make that type of joke when the server has been encountering connection issues lately. But as you know, a joke about DDOS’ing leads to a big punishment, and leniency isn’t normally given, but from what I see about you in game, you’re chill and a pretty decent person who made a silly decision. You seem genuine about this appeal. Honestly, I will +1 for a ban time reduction, just don’t do this again man.
  3. Seems like intentional MNLR to me man... I'd recommend waiting out your time and looking how not to break NLR. -1
  4. tf have i even read all of this thread for, please seek help
  5. Your apology seems sincere and it is a very maturely written appeal, as long as you don’t do anything like that again, I’d say you deserve to be un banned. +1 from me
  6. Yikes man, I’m gonna be straight up and say that the ban seems like a good thing. Jokes have a limit, and when you do something like you’ve done, that limit was way over stepped.... a big no no from me -1
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