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  1. The account has already been perm banned along with 4 others that were set up, plus, @Rabbitgod420is restricted from posting now on forums too.
  2. Alright, so this is going to be a strange conclusion to the appeal, with the evidence provided, its 100% shows MassRDM from Jeff Kennedy and that the original appeal was falsified and therefore, I will be DENYING THE APPEAL from Jeff Kennedy. What will be happening from here, is Jeff Kennedy will be banned for MassRDM as the evidence provided shows nothing otherwise. Rabbitgod420's evidence will be ACCEPTED
  3. Alright so, the logs provided show literally MASS RDM. Little bit more than 2 kills here, lying on an appeal, especially one you made doesn't go very well.. What I'll be doing here is waiting for more staff replies on this one, as the appeal has taken a U turn.
  4. alright so your ban is over, and obviously it was a shitty reason to be votebanned, pretty much abuse of VIP powers. I can't get on discord to ping other mods for their input or even say im gonna accept it, so what i'll do is +1 this for punishment on DavId EDIT: After the recent evidence given, I will now be NEUTRAL here, and I will wait for further staff replies on this appeal.
  5. this appeal is just like any appeal that has no sincerity, the generic "i've changed, i separated myself from negativity" plus what you did is fuckin weird. appeal when there's sincerety that you can actually show. -1
  6. Shorten or Edit the clip down, we can't strictly go off of a report like this just by reading it, if you claim to have footage of said incident, please find a way to pass that to us.
  7. If possible, upload the clip somewhere and paste the link into your original post, click the 3 little dots and then EDIT. Thank you
  8. I will forward this to our Rust Admins, but your clips will not work that you provided, it seems that you have put the file location from your PC as the "link" please upload the clips somewhere and post your links in your report. Thank You
  9. Seems you broke NLR too, two wrong don't make a right Palestine.
  10. This ban was done originally on a vote ban, I was extending that vote ban after receiving evidence from Sticks, the player who vote banned you in the first place. You will find this evidence below, this ban was for Attempted MassRDM, which defaults to a 1 week ban. As you will see, it was 2 kills on sticks, and another 2 attempted kills, showing Attempted MassRDM. I will be -1 for this. The ban was justified. EDIT: You say this is your first time receiving a ban for MassRDM, but this screenshot here shows otherwise, you are no strange to MassRDM. You should know it defaults to a week ban with how many bans you have gotten over the years.
  11. I will be accepting this report as the evidence is sufficient enough, blood moon will be spoken to. ACCEPTED
  12. Hi Sticks, I will be accepting this report and banning the player for Attempted MassRDM, as he only killed you twice for the RDMx2 but the other 2 attempts of him killing you and the screenshot provided is enough. ACCEPTED
  13. As Coba said, it says nowhere in MOTD that you can kill sharks, so acting upon this and killing sharks for no reason resulted in breaking rules and also the Mass RDM, I honestly believe this ban was justified. There’s not much else to say about it.. ̶1̶ EDIT: I will be withdrawing my vote for now, as florhn has still not replied to this thread. this is subject to change when he replies.
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