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  1. because some people dont like spiders, the phobia, so, with the warning there people will know not to look
  2. Very cool spider, Noble False Widow "Steatoda Nobilis"
  3. @Succ The Zucclogs would be helpful in the appeal instead of using just words
  4. Btw. Your original ban reason stated it was 2 months not 2 weeks. Ember (STEAM_0:0:58090828) Succ The Zucc (STEAM_0:0:157950221)Extend to 2 months for Succ The Zucc|MassRDM|5th offense|RDM in a sit 7 Days2022-08-04, 6:47 AM Wanted to note that.
  5. This is the best offer, ignore original post and refer to malicious’s offer
  6. gotta be fuel cause he's the only dumbass that posts in here whenever he alts
  7. Rogue staff moment dw i've dm'd one of the SA's cause there's no admins on discord rn sewer was banned too, all of this was from a severe situation (incase a lot of staff dont know what happened) minky went rogue, did some stuff and people were caught in the crossfire needlessly 1 unban, 2 false bans
  8. i mean, i know shit happened in gen chat earlier and it was funny af but this is overkill what about punishing those who are CLEARLY trying to get somebody banned out of spite. i'll use your example format Player Y hates Player X with a passion, would smite him down if he could, Player X says "hey bro fuck you kys lmao" (passive thing, idk why staff (aka tene) all of a sudden take action on that saying) Player Y pretends to be EXTREMELY offended on a report they make with CLEAR intention to get Player X banned, EVEN THOUGH he is not in the slightest offended, gets evidence that ONLY goes against Player X to make them look 100x worse Player Y gets their report accepted (stupid because its a report made out of 100% spite and done for the meme) even though Player X had no hostile intention [to people who arent snowflakes but turns out Player Y pretends to be one] Player Y walks away happy as can be, whilst Player X suffers because Player Y is a petty guy... Clearly reported just because he could but actually didnt give a single fuck about any of it, just did it to be 100% spiteful and an asshole for it if i remember correctly, i swear something similar happened like this not too long ago, i dunno, maybe its just my mind playing tricks again
  9. do you realise SA's are doing stuff to draw players in... why on earth would they reduce the potential player count...
  10. @OldGre4g thoughts on this post?
  11. I was involved with this, you were dm’ing me last night and honestly I could care less about you wanting to come back, you said fucked up shit in your own server, which me and Jeff got a collective opinion on in staff chat, idc about your age, the message you had sent CLEARLY had intention to sound creepy, and from your own actions, you were banned. spamming my dm’s instead of appealing was dumb. I can’t do shit which I had told you many times, ohhh and also what with you trying to start rumors about Jeff and myself? See below https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/908870950500593664/986087011469385768/IMG_3217.png (permission from Jeff to post this)
  12. more effort than needed!!!
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