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  1. Well, I understand the sorta inconvenience with Kingdom having the big structure in the middle, BUT, outside of the black walls is sitland and having the black box moved around would just give sitland a really odd shape and could introduce issues where when staff bring players to sits, it could end up putting us inside the new position for kingdom, unless sugar can make new teleport points for staff in sitland, I don't think moving the structure (shifting kingdom over) would work well tbh
  2. All server members are equal, we know this, but staff have authority on the server, hence the reason they are called "Staff" Listening to staff members is what you should do, we are here to enforce rules and keep the server a good experience for all, when a staff member tells you something, you should comply with it, we tell you things for your benefit, not ours.
  3. Lewd Had given you chances. But I do not see why you did not comply with his requests. This ban seems quite valid in my opinion. You were given chances and didn’t take the admin’s advice when he was trying to assist you. I will be -1 on this appeal
  4. Personally, the way you spoke to people in this video you've uploaded, is pretty fuckin rude, thats my biggest concern here, you literally showed no respect towards anyone. thats all im gonna say, your attitude was just, very uncalled for, maybe if you spoke to people like they're humans and not some shit on your shoe, your reports would go somewhere. I really just don't understand how you can talk to people the way you do, its literally beyond my mind, i am not gonna vote on here, but i will say that you live up to your forums reputation, you talk to people as if they're beneath you, all the players on our server are equal, and if you don't seem to realise that, i really don't see you lasting long here, i know we have toxic players, but even they have a moral ground, and for some reason you cannot even get a grasp of that. Also talking to our staff members, the people who are here to help u, talking to them like shit too, damn. you really don't have a single ounce of respect for anyone apart from yourself and your ego. That's all im gonna say for now.
  5. Due to the context of this ban and the reason behind it, this ban is 100% valid -1 F(not paying respects, just F for you)
  6. Meglo has been informed about this appeal. He asked me earlier what he should do if someone has been toxic, i said to warn the user, I did not get any context about that situation and thought it was something way worse, if i knew it was just for you saying "shut the fuck up" then I would not have recommended the warn. Meglo will reply soon.
  7. After speaking with the user who made this appeal, it has been found that it is not a discord ban on our end, but an issue on the users side. I will move this to our ACCEPTED section. @tytate2011try contacting discord support about this issue
  8. I understand your suggestion, but having these things in MOTD will make players look through rules, if there was those things in job descriptions, it would just basically help them to not read the rules if that makes sense
  9. Seems like this situation was literally RP, mans aint done anything tbh +1 for warn removal
  10. Alrighty, this is my professional analysis of this ban appeal Player is about to hop off and pulls out pew pew machine Player kiwws 3 people Player knows punishments are a thing *cough cough* check his bans Player did infact LTAP and admitted to MRDM & LTAP in the appeal he made in an attempt to get unbanned ____________________________________________________ Seriously though, you admitted to what you did on a ban appeal, i don't see this going anywhere to be honest. -1
  11. turkey job Function: Lay an egg (same concept as santa's presents) - opens like normal chest with 1-3 items inside (obviously rarity on items as there is on other chests) Turkey gobble gobble sound swep Special action: !turkeygalore < useable every 5 or 10 minutes - this command will allow you to rapidly shoot eggs with different effects Null eggs : do nothing : Loot eggs Random effect eggs < pick up to use ability > Explosive eggs (low damage when activated with E) Money eggs ( 10-50k) <- Low chance of happening [Eggs would have individual colors to know which is which] could be good idk
  12. Coba said it right, this is just literally a playground fight rn, there is no evidence of what is actually happening in the situation apart from your chat logs SS with some added writing on it, which honestly, we don't 100% know if what you added in that screenshot is 100% accurate, I honestly see this going no further if there is no evidence provided....
  13. You waited a fair bit amount of time between each appeal, you really seem to be honest about changing, this appeal seems more sincere than your one in august and obviously as you know, what you said was fucked up and that will never be acceptable. But I do see more sincerity in this appeal and I believe after this long since your ban, you deserve another shot. Obviously anything major done by you again in the future will set you back to square one, thats just common sense. I will be +1 on this appeal. Please don't let us down man.
  14. I will be giving 1 more day on this report, if there is no further evidence showing any backstory to the kill on you, I will close this report.
  15. You literally loopholed a prohibited word. the warn is 100% valid. is this a shitpost? -1
  16. This shouldn’t be a discussion. If you feel affected by it, make a report in our reports section.
  17. DENIED. Appeal when you actually care about coming back, we don't need your toxic shit in the server.
  18. the most insincere ban appeal i think i've ever seen. "so i threatened to find him in real life lol" no. -1
  19. I hate Jay Walker cause he’s British
  20. This was the video in question? If i woulda known that it woulda been more simple, I’ll check this whole thing out when I finish work
  21. @Djkrockdo you have 2FA on your discord?
  22. Hey koda, the guys above me basically said what needed to be said but I thought I’d just put my reply in and just say you were a fantastic member of our staff team, and what you did just ended it for you, I know that you’re not a bad person at all, and this wasn’t done in any malicious way, it’ll just never make sense why you exploited and never reported it, money over mind for that time you exploited I guess, I got mad respect for you n that’ll never change. as much as it pains me to do this, Im gonna have to -1 here just purely because of how fresh this ban is and the extremity of it. Sorry man
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