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  1. Hack shit, I love the rage when I turn off radios 50 feet away
  2. You're in a bed. How many years has it been? 89, was it? Youre surrounded by your loved ones. You hold your daughter's hand, she's crying but she won't show you. You know she's hurting. You close your hand to the best of your ability, and try to comfort her. Your body is too weak to speak. But she knows, she can see it in your eyes. You look around the room. Your family is there. Your wife is on the other side of your bed. You think back on your life, remembering the joy and pains. Your childhood. Your teenage years. College, your first full time job, your first house, first car, your marriage
  3. omg!!! thats awesomesauce!! please be my gril frend!!
  4. hello i am a player oft tis rp gmod server im am 11 years old (play on dad computer) and i woudl like a girlfend with big butt and boobies (maybe not butt or boobies pleas have one at least) and also older than me (i do not date babies!!) i am a handsome boy my mom said it please writre me on discord app Reg#4290 i will be seing you my love!!!
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