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  1. no but i'll try that right now edit: that worked. very stupid.
  2. I have never had this issue before. I am also not staff.
  3. Give cuffs a knee setting, so that you can choke out your opponents in honor of Derek Chauvin /s Real talk tho, cops arent busted, people who get caught are usually not paying attention. Simple way to not get arrested is to KOS any cop that swings near you.
  4. Still doesnt work, i've bought over 1m in goods and it hasnt completed.
  5. I know the screen shake is normal, but yesterday it was bumped up to 9000. It's fixed now.
  6. Multiple people have been punished for saying the exact same things you have, and I dont see how saying sorry will change it when, previously, people have apologized and nothing has happened. You broke the rule of not telling people to off themselves, you should pay the price. I dont think you should get a free pass, especially not for your 2-for-1 combo of both a slur and telling me to kill myself.
  7. You clearly broke server rules by calling me both a slur and to kill myself. You deserve to be punished.
  8. >This is my 5th -rep for being homosexual in a gmod server! EDIT: Fairly certain he removed the -rep, trying to save his ass.
  9. Punching glitch seems to only work on players
  10. This update doesn't help players who have jobs/school/dont no life gmod!!!! add one for 6pm-9pm, and 10pm-1am, 1am-3am and 3am-6am. (This would also complete the cycle)
  11. 1 point cost, make it really cheap. Do !drugprice to see current drug pricings (like talking to the buyer). Could be good for people to know what to farm without having to leave their base etc. Possibly useless but it might have it's niche.
  12. I have to PRESS the button and then I SEARCH the player and then I STATE why and then I CLICK the NEW reason and not every REASON IS PRESENT Yeeeees
  13. @Yung PussyBangerdo you get outside often
  14. Overcomplicated dog ass. Kill it now pls Rubig. It is bad and hard to use....
  15. I raided their base and they broke NLR. The report reason is more in depth. My main issue is that, even though I have called sits for multiple DIFFERENT occasions now, no staff have been taking or accepting sits. If this is the staff team you want, go for it, but it's not enjoyable to the playerbase when their issues dont get resolved and the >Hired Volunteers< of the server instead prefer to run around in CCs. An unrelated event occurred recently where I had to stave off a 5 person raid on the PD, all breaking NLR, and none of them adverting. I call staff and make 3 sits. Nothing. Maybe it's the new report system? Side rant, the new report UI is clunky and overcomplicated. The black box worked well enough. You should return to that system and just update the look of it. >Staff moment
  16. The player may possibly have denied it was his IP during a sit and said it wasn't cause for concern
  17. do you know how DDOSing works or are you just thinking "post ip = ddos attempt"
  18. photoshop untrue illegitimate false coincidence impersonator.
  19. Woah woah woah who said that I was posting fake IPs??? Are you trying to entrap me??? Vote on the poll your honest opinion. DENIED
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