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  1. I like to sing karaoke as hobo. I normally sing Mr.Boombastic and other shaggy songs. I spawn in a big cube, make it see through, make it a fading door and than I blast music through my phone and sing in populated areas. I uploaded the image by accident and can't remove it.
  2. I'm making this post to appreciate CuteFish and to hopefully help him get promoted to mod. Hes been tmod for about 2 weeks and since he became mod I haven't seen him rp once. Every time he gets on the server all he does is take sits. The two sits hes taken of mine have been handled professionally and fast. Idk why he hasn't been promoted yet but hope he is soon.
  3. They are really really fun jobs. I played them years ago no clue if they are still around.
  4. I was gonna suggest adding the radio station host mod to the server but I couldn't find it on workshop; pretty self explanatory job. Also the News channel man job; also pretty explanatory. If someone can find these mods please post links. Ty
  5. Jewann actually extended the ban. The one who banned me was LeGerbs
  6. Please unban I think there was a mistake. I dont remember trying to mass rdm; if possible please show me any logs that would bring you to this conclusion and I might be able to explain but like I said I dont remember doing this.
  7. I think the cultist skin should be changed to a random non cp, non criminal skin. A lot of times when people are cultist they like to set up a role play scenario where they teach the victim about their religion. This is all fun but, you always know where things are headed leaving the excitement and the element of surprise almost non existent; some players will not interact with the cultist because they know this. I suggest changing them to civilian skins, dumb job skins, and maybe even seller skins. Of course the cultist would also need to think of different scenarios than them teaching you about their religion. I said at the beginning that they shouldn't be changed to criminal skins but I'm rethinking that know; I thought it would make trouble for the cultist to worry about cops but I doubt that will be a problem. Please let me know what you think.
  8. Simp? Yeah I'm Simply smashing your bitch with this big ol horse ding dong and thats on god baby gurl
  9. I was banned you commented on my appeal
  10. Im gonna fucking put your toes on a skewer and cook em
  11. Saiko is a fucking champ with over 100 +rep. He based with me when I hadn't played the server in years 10/10 guy
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