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  1. I am not a fan of shotguns. The fact that they shoot multiple pellets and each pellet does damage is just overpowered. They are also a bit too fun to use. I see people having a lot of fun using shotguns which is not good. I think we should either nerf or completely remove shotguns and any other thing that we see players having fun with.
  2. Oh we have moved on to another shotgun already.....
  3. It seems like all automatic weapons are shooting at the exact same fire rate right now
  4. Rugrat

    Im sorry

    people usually wait longer before appealing a client side lua execution ban. They also put more effort into their appeal. Even then its pretty rare to have an appeal for something like that get accepted. -1
  5. Hahaha that looks like it was a pretty fun ritual, almost wish I was there to see it. but yeah I’m a bit curious how you ended up in a sit in the first place because it was all clearly consensual. +1 for unban
  6. Performance was fine back then even with those custom workshop guns. That’s why I asked why is it a hassle now.
  7. what changed from 2014 to now that made adding those weapon bases a hassle for the server's performance...... just wondering
  8. It is hard. But I think it’ll be really rewarding and fun if we figure out a way to make it possible again. like allowing players the option to not even sell their swep shouldn’t be a thing if we decide to bring back custom sweps and stats.
  9. Yeah I’m against allowing sweps that can only be bought for irl money or if the player chooses to sell it or not. That’s def an unfair advantage. I just think pvp needs to be spiced up and there’s ways to do it without fucking with the pay 2 win aspect
  10. There’s a more fun way to have rp jobs not be obsolete when compared to a cc. I’m suggesting that we find it. Because I know reskins are not the way.
  11. Yeah that was fun. Meta shifts are fun. New mechanics are fun. Using the same 2 guns in every fight....... it’s stale
  12. That’s an entirely different issue in and of itself
  13. A new player can’t expect to join in and successfully raid a player that’s been playing more and has more experience than them. If that’s how u guys expect it to be then let’s just call it daycare. Give everyone an award no matter how bad they do.
  14. I think a lot of you guys are forgetting that at one point the server DID allow custom sweps with their own stats. You guys genuinely feel like pvp is more fun now than it was back in like 2017-2018??? I find that hard to believe. It’s STALE NOW.
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