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  1. can i please be granted my soul swep back
  2. the point is that pig job should prevent u from using inventory items just like sewer lord and abomination so players dont accidentally equip something they care about and lose it.
  3. it was about 4 days ago so i dont know but i hope.
  4. I was playing as a pig, unaware that i would not be able to equip items as that job, i went into my bank and tried to use my soul swep. Upon doing so i realised that my swep never equiped and had just disappeared instead. I think the pig job should be like sewer lord and abomination in the aspect that when u try to use something from your inventory, you are prompted with the message that states "you cannot use items as this job" so that horrible things like this dont happen to anyone else. i dont have any screenshots of when it happened but i hope the super admins will be so generous as to compensate me with a soul swep for this dreadful loss of mine. thank you
  5. Thank you for wasting everyone’s time with these reports
  6. after 5 minutes discussing ingame with isaac you still dont understand the rules against counter raiding. You opened the door as we closed it and gunned us down before we even got into our dupe and your video shows that. "Killing the raiders on the way back to their base with your printers after you die. NOT ALLOWED Finding the raider's base after you die and raiding them **after they're done securing your printers. ** ALLOWED"
  7. Isaac decided to give the 3 of us a verbal warning because we each broke a rule (me and raccoons for nlr and special Ed revenge raiding before we got a chance to get the entities set up in our base) and told us to avoid each other.
  8. he was referring to your dissatisfaction about the counter raiding rule.
  9. this was handled ingame by staff member isaac.....
  10. I have a cc with the 352 magnum on it and it does not show up as an option when i use my !wepslots command. i think the hl2 sweps like the magnum, smg, or hl2 Assault rifle do not register for the command so i cannot change their order.
  11. Im just making the point that the serial killer knockout timer is about 2 or 3x longer than the regular timer when u kidnap someone as a cc or cultist and it just feels like ages for both the killer and victim.
  12. Can we make it so that you cannot wake the victim until you've waited at least the amount of time it takes when you are a regular kidnapping class? i dont know the length of that timer but i think its around 30 seconds and that usually feels like just enough time.
  13. Have also seen a lot of players disconnect when kidnapped because of how long the wait is.
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