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  1. 90 seconds is a jail sentence. I shouldn’t be able to run up to someone from any angle, hit them and basically knock them out for an entire jail sentence. And I don’t think singing through my mic is going to make them any less upset about it.
  2. Rugrat

    Serial Killer

    serial killer deserves the disguise swep like master stalker
  3. I use a base when I play serial killer and still get spotted by people walking by my closed door/ blocked windows. Keeping the time 90 seconds for when you’re spotted is practically the same as not changing the time at all.
  4. Idk I feel like that over complicates things when cutting the 90 seconds in half is just a much more simple way of solving it. Most people playing as serial killer get spotted when they kidnap. If you have ever played as cp you will know this as the “a serial killer has been spotted” sound que is heard like all the time.
  5. He is not going to allow us to do that because he thinks it’s unfair. I think just decreasing the time from 90 seconds to 45 is more balanced. The usual knockout time is 30 seconds with regular kidnap jobs so 45 seems like the perfect sweet spot to me.
  6. The 90 seconds that players are knocked out for when kidnapped by a serial killer is too long. thats the standard jail sentence when arrested by a cop. it should be equivalent to the time that regular kidnap jobs can knock people out for - 30 seconds. Most players would rather be killed and just get it over with than to wait 90 sec just to wake up (and still have to wait even longer before they can suicide). here are a collection of reactions ive gotten when kidnapping people as serial killer (assuming they don't disconnect which is pretty common and annoying) to give developer a general sense of how the player base feels about it. https://imgur.com/JNeXoO0 https://imgur.com/dAlb1U8 https://imgur.com/DxrHD2c https://imgur.com/GyYYx1p https://imgur.com/5ZZCkEo Disconnecting and re logging is faster than waiting to wake up, which is why so many players do it. The solution is to make the knockout time the same as all the other kidnaper jobs, 30 seconds.
  7. can i please be granted my soul swep back
  8. the point is that pig job should prevent u from using inventory items just like sewer lord and abomination so players dont accidentally equip something they care about and lose it.
  9. it was about 4 days ago so i dont know but i hope.
  10. I was playing as a pig, unaware that i would not be able to equip items as that job, i went into my bank and tried to use my soul swep. Upon doing so i realised that my swep never equiped and had just disappeared instead. I think the pig job should be like sewer lord and abomination in the aspect that when u try to use something from your inventory, you are prompted with the message that states "you cannot use items as this job" so that horrible things like this dont happen to anyone else. i dont have any screenshots of when it happened but i hope the super admins will be so generous as to compensate me with a soul swep for this dreadful loss of mine. thank you
  11. Thank you for wasting everyone’s time with these reports
  12. after 5 minutes discussing ingame with isaac you still dont understand the rules against counter raiding. You opened the door as we closed it and gunned us down before we even got into our dupe and your video shows that. "Killing the raiders on the way back to their base with your printers after you die. NOT ALLOWED Finding the raider's base after you die and raiding them **after they're done securing your printers. ** ALLOWED"
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