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  1. I can understand why you think a permanent ban might be a bit excessive, but if you want your appeal to be taken seriously, you should put a little more effort into it. showing a bit of remorse and an understanding that you did something against the rules rather than trying to justify it will help you out too.
  2. I did not “believe his bullshit” I warned him for the Rdm and then told you that I would spectate him to see how he behaves. This is the reason I told you a report was not necessary. I spectated the user the entire time and he did carry out some overall toxic behavior and go on to change his name before Mass Rdming. He was then banned by me for: 1 week, Mrdm, Nitrp, Player toxicity. the only reason I did not consider this harassment is because it was his 1st time interacting with you and 1st time on the server since around April of last year. I checked his punishment history.
  3. Rugrat

    Sal Ban Appeal

    Crashing the server is crashing the server no matter how you try and twist it. That’s a pretty embarrassing attempt at trying to justify what you did. Assuming that the things staff are saying you’ve done as of recently are true, I’d say you have a pretty low chance of being unbanned anytime soon. You need to relax for a while and stop doing things that actively ruin your reputation if you want that to change. -1
  4. Also, if your point is the fact that sum bear didn’t address your statements about the other player breaking nlr, next time make a sit and you have a higher chance of your issue will be dealt with
  5. Kos laws are not allowed outside of pd. You broke a rule and sum bear warned you for it. If there is any sign of bias here, you’ve done a pretty bad job of highlighting it. Denied
  6. Rugrat


    Yeah the video here doesn’t explain much and vexxy made a good point. If shit ass jailed and warned you without a proper sit, that’s not ok but we are going to need some better evidence from you or at the least to wait for a response from shit ass.
  7. Rugrat

    Frisco Harassment

    yes there is a voice and chat mute function in the tab menu. If you didnt know that its fine but its beginning to seem like u didnt take any measures to get him to leave you alone. did you ask in ooc how to mute someone? did you make a sit? it looks like you just did the bare minimun of "telling him to stop" pm ing you and then tried to use that as leeway to call this harassment. you just admitted youre an alt on the other thread so i find it hard to believe that you dont know how to mute through tab or call a sit. i dont think this report will go anywhere unless you can provide evidence that
  8. https://streamable.com/j4hiff another bug right here https://streamable.com/v092lg there is also a kid who rdms me at the end of the 1st video which wasnt cool.
  9. Rugrat

    Admin abuse

    looking at the chat logs sixnut just posted, he was not the only staff member on. merhaculous was also on. Im guessing you are upset at the fact that he killed you and is also staff? i dont really get it. -1
  10. Next time I should just make it a poll, yes or no, and get rid of any unnecessary type of input lol
  11. Instead of -1 ing or +1 ing you guys are turning my suggestion into your own suggestion that’s nearly in complete contrast of what I originally suggested. Just make your own suggestion post at this point.
  12. If you are smart about it you won’t have to worry about being force taken
  13. i dont think this is a good idea with how often you can and how easy it is to die/be arrested as the serial killer. spawn of hell does not get slown down or insta jailed when it is cuffed and he is only demoted when he kills his target. why should serial killer be demoted when he has all these extra negatives/balances tacked onto him that the spawn of hell doesnt....
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