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  1. I'm confused on how its loopholing considering green was not apart of the original raid? If someone is raiding you and they die or timer is up it is absolutely fair game for someone to swoop in and continue it.
  2. Super admins are quite busy nowadays I'm not sure they'll have the time to do this sorry.
  3. If i get two people arguing about who was in the wrong or right I'd do something like this too. Not sure why you think a report is necessary for something so small.
  4. those people are actually liked in this community though?
  5. Think of it as upgrading the caliber of the bullet, so the bigger the shot the more kick. This just makes sense to me imo.
  6. Carelos is short please don't mind him
  7. He didn't directly say this in the video provided and technically what he said isn't really anything worth punishing however it does seem like he was baiting. The only thing I see coming out of this is him getting verbal'd to not make those kinds of remarks anymore.
  8. Considering the following. +1 for removal
  9. This is basically like our pd rule, you can't defend yourself in pd without calling a pd raid outside. In this instance you can't defend yourself in a kingdom raid unless you advert outside of portal. (it was your choice to follow your party member into a raid) Warn is valid.
  10. Yeah we would need more evidence in order to actually make judgement on this.
  11. i find it so funny tuss is permad lmao!
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