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  1. there are rotating jobs that give 2x the exp for the actions perttaining to that job as well as there being the 2x exp multiplier in the f4 menu
  2. a bit costy but you could teleport them to cereal statue as well
  3. wacky little bug thread
  4. stoopid 😠

  5. thats not how you hold a gun
  6. Imo if you want to defend watefall you gotta be behind the dupe. either that or you watch them raid cause i get your point there
  7. no way they're about to rework the pig when there are pages of actually good suggestions lmaoo
  8. you made a forum post about this
  9. theres no way they won't add/rework at least one perk
  10. There is no rule that says you can't
  11. I mean I would get a little lag after harvesting from 60+ plots but never have i had lag with the actual plant growing
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