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  1. Kdawg has allowed these kinds of people in our server
  2. Mumper

    fox pet

    if the fox pet doesnt have a bone system they wont be able to get it to walk might be a ragdoll model
  3. what branch are you using
  4. pretty sure someone had hacked the drug buyer
  5. -1 go play gta rp buddy they got what you want
  6. Either thief or cop can't have any other job.
  7. imagine not knowing what the peacekeeper is
  8. Mumper

    mass rdm

    Nah if y'all are gonna let wanted and ember appeal for mrdm just because one person cared you got to turn around and do the same with saiko. The only difference is this person has all the time in the world and went a made a forums report instead of a sit. if this isn't handled like wanted and ember's appeal then that will be incredibly sad. again only difference is that big boy here made a forums report.
  9. Mumper

    Buff Procs

    I didn't even read this I just know Jewann is smart and knows what he is talking about. +1
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