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  1. the image.... meh? not consistent but we can tox warn for the slur in the video. +1
  2. the dude was banned for mass right after this probably was handled and the report was not needed.
  3. jackhammer bp is from a different battle-pass. you can click the title in top left and change to old one. fall battle-pass had the jackhammer i think
  4. obvious false he ran into your base and got shot. not sure why this has no responses yet but if a report was just accepted against him for this exact same thing and hes continuing to do it i feel he should have vote perms removed +1
  5. i was the banning staff member. he gave a similar story in sit, kisser called him retarded and claimed RDA. i teleported to the arrest location via spectate POS in cuff slogs and brought him as he was lying about the arrest location and was arrested in the middle of the road for jaywalking, tried claiming he was in a building during the sit so i teleported to the arrest location and then brought him. in the 2-3 seconds it took me to do this action he IRDMed kisser in sitland and told me he called him slurs/retard etc. i gave him forum link to make a report if he had any proof, which he did not and still does not, and banned for the IRDM in sit. -1 We need evidence to support your claims and calling people retarded isn't against the rules simply put, if it was non stop it could become harassment but this happened over the spawn of like 10-20mins tops while i was on. and honestly after speaking with you i don't believe he assumed you were retarded i think he just threw the word out and rode your reaction, you didn't come across as mentally disabled in the sit and seemed to me like you just wanted to report him for arresting you. Player calvinci (Trisha) (STEAM_0:1:542472565) killed Kisser (SWAT Enforcer) (STEAM_0:0:40560710) with weapon weapon_fists <04-02-2023 / 23:01:11> Insurance Agent (STEAM_0:1:43790420) (Schindlers Fist) used command xban <04-02-2023 / 23:06:38> Insurance Agent (STEAM_0:1:43790420) (Schindlers Fist) used command xban <04-02-2023 / 23:06:29> Insurance Agent (STEAM_0:1:43790420) (Schindlers Fist) used command return : {"@",} <04-02-2023 / 23:05:35> Insurance Agent (STEAM_0:1:43790420) (Schindlers Fist) used command addnote : {"STEAM_0:0:40560710","Asked to avoid calvinci - alleged player targetting",} <04-02-2023 / 23:05:33> Insurance Agent (STEAM_0:1:43790420) (Schindlers Fist) used command bring : {"#68",} on Kisser (STEAM_0:0:40560710) <04-02-2023 / 23:01:27> Insurance Agent (STEAM_0:1:43790420) (Schindlers Fist) used command goto : {"calvinci",} <04-02-2023 / 23:01:24> Insurance Agent (STEAM_0:1:43790420) (Schindlers Fist) used command return : {"@",} <04-02-2023 / 23:01:22> Insurance Agent (STEAM_0:1:43790420) (Schindlers Fist) used command return : {"@",} <04-02-2023 / 23:01:21> Insurance Agent (STEAM_0:1:43790420) (Schindlers Fist) used command bring : {"calvinci",} <04-02-2023 / 23:01:13> Insurance Agent (STEAM_0:1:43790420) (Schindlers Fist) used command bring : {"#68",} on Kisser (STEAM_0:0:40560710) <04-02-2023 / 22:59:22> Insurance Agent (STEAM_0:1:43790420) (Schindlers Fist) used command bring : {"#117",} on calvinci (STEAM_0:1:542472565) <04-02-2023 / 22:58:45> Insurance Agent (STEAM_0:1:43790420) (Schindlers Fist) used command sit <04-02-2023 / 22:58:44> Player calvinci (STEAM_0:1:542472565) (Trisha) called a sit for: this dude has been harrasing me the past couple of days, hes been rdm ing and random arresting along with calling me gay and calling me retarted (i have autism) <04-02-2023 / 22:58:07> i teleported using spectate which creates no logs to cuff pos ~~ 23:01:09 (rough estimate) as we can see from logs 23:01:11 he kills kisser this is towards the end of the sit. i bring him to cuff position at 23:01:13 and i made note of the alleged harassment on Kisser in case the issue persists but again no evidence has been supplied proving he did anything it was more or less a "leave eachother the fuck alone" type of note kinda feels like he waited till i left to IRDM him but at the same time with kissers reputation he could have just as easily provoked it, still we had just gone over telling them to cut it out before i went into proving the arrest was valid and taking matters into his own hands was discussed in the sit but he felt obligated to do it anyways.
  6. oddly enough this suggestion was turned down in last staff meeting but personally im +1 they are going to just be annoying some other way but i hate dealing with RDA sits more than RDM
  7. Are you new? Honestly if they did not know any better I think a warn for starters should suffice. Not many servers have actual graves on them. Or atleast what was the context of the situation and did they continue after being informed by another user it’s a grave.
  8. That sounds like enough to push it into ban range to me. With the added non comp. I stand by my -1
  9. +1 Warn for NLR Looks like you clearly went back to scan yours regardless of the way the sit went. i have been told staff claim there own sit because we are expected to be unbiased that said if they ask for another staff i would go ahead and get one that's available if at all possible.
  10. Player Crabroll(STEAM_0:0:92511760) (Staff On Duty) said !return @ <03-02-2023 / 18:00:44> Player CChloee (STEAM_0:0:69140870) (Kitty) spawned a model models/props_phx/misc/bunker01.mdl <03-02-2023 / 18:02:08> he asked you to remove it, you obviously didn't from screenshots and logs and continued to build in the middle of the road. you had ~~1.5 min to delete it, plenty of time to spam z or even remover tool. we arent asking you to "get to it when you can" its non compliance to ignore us and continue on after being told to stop. and instead of correcting it you continued to build in the street -1
  11. you had 2 mins to remove it and instead continued to stack props
  12. pressing z is super hard i forget sometimes?
  13. honestly if you have been gone 5+ years i see no reason as to not give you a second chance, that's enough time for an entire personality change. that said i dont feel like being toxic to staff by itself was enough for a perma, then again thats by today's standards im not sure what the community was like back then. +1 for unban as-long as there isnt more damning information about the ban that should make it stick
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