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  1. Maybe the junk launcher would be kinda cool, as long as it could deal any damage
  2. I don't really think that the server needs new jobs. It already has a ton (Most of which aren't even used by players).
  3. Raccoons

    warn appeal

    Yes, deny this
  4. Raccoons

    warn appeal

    ngl i got my appeals mixed up here. that long ass paragraph was meant for lewd on the ban appeal lol edit: wait no i didnt
  5. The blatant dislike part was mostly aimed at staff member lewd. I know that you don't have a bias towards me. I completely understand that you wouldn't like some of the dumb things I do. I've done some pretty dumb shit, however I feel like this isn't really something that warrants a 3 day ban
  6. I complied with every request that staff made, I stopped with the obnoxiously long textscreens and I stopped spamming it in chat ( I do admit that I said it in chat after the confrontation but I did stop spamming it). You have already been open about having a dislike for me. In sits I may have memed around a tad but overall I was still cooperating. You fail to take into account that most of the spamming was not done by me but was done by other users. The only thing I did was paste some textscreens and say that I missed the rage. I have already brought this up in my other appeal but this entire
  7. Raccoons

    warn appeal

    What i'm trying to get at here is that this entire situation is just a few people having a good time and certain members of the community blew things out of proportion and made everything a much bigger issue than it needed to be. I mean no disrespect when i say this, but I can't understand why myself and other users would be banned for simply saying in ooc that we miss the rage and putting some textscreens around fountain. Maybe i'm speaking for myself here but I don't think that anyone meant any harm by this and I think that we were all just enjoying a song/meme. I know that one of the users
  8. Raccoons

    warn appeal

    This was not justified as it further showed my reasoning. The entire situation was just myself and a few friends having a laugh and players/staff took it out of context and made the whole thing a much bigger issue than it needed to be
  9. I think that you are taking your blatant dislike for me to a whole new level. I complied with the staff asking me to stop spamming and I removed my textscreens. I understand that this situation is frustrating for all parties involved but I can not understand a 3 day ban. I could understand a 1 day or a warn but I think that this long of a ban is being a little bit extreme. Especially considering that I have never had any issues with this in the past.
  10. i complied with everything the staff asked me to do
  11. No, I'm speaking about the song by mario judah whenever i'm talking about the rage. I think you're mistaken
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