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  1. This is harassment, I'm filing a police report as we speak
  2. [ -1 ] The way CP get paid on the server is fine. Maybe buff no tax talismans a little though.
  3. Raccoons

    Daily Reward

    [ -1 ] I don't really see any reason this would need to be a thing. You could just drop the item(s) on the ground or quicksell.
  4. I have a suggestion for your suggestion. Just get good. No but in all seriousness that does sound like a massive pain in the ass, i'm gonna change my neutral to a +1
  5. [ +1 For Most ] I do like some of these ideas, but I feel as though some of them aren't really needed. For the first suggestion, I don't think this should be added, being killed by a rando is part of the risk you take while having a terror attack. Suggestion #2 actually does kind of make sense, I support it. For the second suggestion, I completely support this one, I've seen a few people loophole by going to the island and hiding in one of the shipping containers lol. For the third, considering how small the clip size is on an sbc cannon, I think this would be a good fit for the class overall, it would definitely make terrorist a more fun job. Last but not least, the fourth suggestion, no, don't remove the ak from the class, it's kind of a staple when it comes to a terrorist job, I can't see removing it doing any good.
  6. For the holidays i'm probably not going to do much aside from spend time with my dad. I deserve this rank because I can't afford it but I play the server all day every day pretty much lol if i do win, i would like suga rather than the rank My SteamID: STEAM_0:1:450706428
  7. Raccoons

    Serial Killer

    [ -1 ] I don't think that there should be more slots on the job, I think if anything there should be an auto demote on arrest and a short cooldown afterwards that will prevent players from getting right back on it, so that other players will have a chance to play it and have fun with it.
  8. [ +1 ] These are all really good suggestions, most of which I feel should be included in the upcoming Quality of life update. Also, please fix the issue with vinny being invisible, sometimes when there's jaywalking laws and i'm walking by him I can't see him and don't know why I can't go forward and have to go on to the road to get around him and it gets me fined lol. Boombox logs are a great idea as well, if it's something that's possible to do. Hackers should be able to hack the doors open as well since it's an electronic type of thing yk 😄
  9. Having to use a holy hand grenade during a raid counts as having to use special raiding tools during btw Players should not have to have op leggies and holy hand grenades to raid. This issue doesn't just affect me, it affects other players as well.
  10. My Suggestion; I think that people using the /size command to make themselves smaller should not be allowed to base. CC models that have a small hitbox already can't raid/base so I think that people using /size should also not be allowed to raid or base. It's kind of annoying to use your raiding tools on a base just to have someone with a tiny hitbox to run out while they're using a leggy and speed food lol. The video that I've included in this post pretty much sums it up. It would be as easy as including a line under the basing section in the MOTD that says "You may not base while using the /size command to make yourself smaller. This is considered failrp" or something similar. Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion. 😄 the aforementioned video can be found here
  11. Raccoons


    this is harassment, im typing up my report on every one of you as i speak
  12. Raccoons

    50MIL Giveaway

    I think trumps gonna win cause joes creepy 😄
  13. My main account is STEAM_0:1:450706428 and the account that got the suga is STEAM_0:1:563137772
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