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  1. We no longer issue perma bans for alting , I will go ahead and get you unbanned mate ACCEPTED
  2. CaptainT

    my ban appeal

    The thing is tho Is you aren’t banned for alting so -1. If you were honest about what this account was really banned for it might have had a chance.
  3. CaptainT

    my ban appeal

    From what I remember you said ur main account was stolen. This account was banned for the pedo comments you made IN discord
  4. I was supposed to double your ban to 4 weeks but ill be generous , DENIED wait out the appeal.
  5. Nay you alted twice you have 19 hours left so -1
  6. CaptainT

    Smelly Appeal

    Imma go ahead and Deny this appeal
  7. CaptainT

    Ban Appeal

    Denied wait out the ban
  8. Hey man , next time you appeal don't alt while banned. Denied
  9. With evidence provided and due to the fact you alted , I will be -1
  10. Hello , I didn’t issue your original ban, only extended it due to alting . When you get caught alting your ban is doubled . The original mod who banned you sexybatman will respond . (Btw your alt name was kill blax def doesn’t seem like someone who would mrdm ) I will wait for banning staff member to respond
  11. CaptainT

    ban appeal

    It appears I made a mistake I will unban you now ACCEPTED
  12. I mean a vote bans last a hour I believe , and if you don’t have evidence there is no way to prove it was false . Unless you have evidence I’m going to close this report .
  13. CaptainT

    Ban Appeal

    thought I did this earlier , but DENIED
  14. CaptainT

    Ban Appeal

    You alted while banned. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t break any rules on the alt , you stilled alted
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