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  1. CaptainT

    ban appeal

    It appears I made a mistake I will unban you now ACCEPTED
  2. I mean a vote bans last a hour I believe , and if you don’t have evidence there is no way to prove it was false . Unless you have evidence I’m going to close this report .
  3. CaptainT

    Ban Appeal

    thought I did this earlier , but DENIED
  4. CaptainT

    Ban Appeal

    You alted while banned. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t break any rules on the alt , you stilled alted
  5. Accepted , It appears nobody unbanned you after your appeal was accepted
  6. Let me confirm that you have been unbanned sir
  7. CaptainT


    Tene nailed it plus you are lacking evidence . In the future try to deal with the situation in game If a moderator is on. DENIED
  8. CaptainT


    Did you even call a sit regarding dyln breaking nlr?
  9. Yea once he found out that it was a valid kill due to a raid, he should have dropped the sit . This isn’t severe because it didn’t go through and impact anyone . There isn’t going to be any punishment involved but we will talk to yolky +1
  10. Hello haze , your forums account is perma panned because you are community removed . The key word here is community removal when that happens your forums account usually gets banned . Even so the last time you appealed it was discussed that you showed no sign that you had changed your behavior at all . Due to you alting on forums , and being community removed I am going to deny this appeal. If you want to appeal contact an Admin first instead of alting .
  11. Omg you don’t get warned anymore for posting things that actually contribute to the appeal (fun fact)
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