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    Is this an appeal or are you just trying to farm drama?
  2. Keep discussion on this post related to the topic at hand, if you have a report to make do it in a new thread please! As for an update, there is none, we are still discussing and dont have an ETA for us to make a decision
  3. For now we have decided it would be best to keep the captaint dev1 report hidden to prevent any drama leaking out from it. People were already misinformed on the situation and spread some falsehoods which is never good. If you care enough to know ask captaint himself. Well keep you updated as things move along
  4. https://discord.com/channels/247434867527122945/1114356580721381396
  5. add basewars raiding with a giant ticking timer in the corner of your screen
  6. I think this is the real issue. If someone kills someone right as they are exiting a base with ents, and then immediately is added to the doors or joins the party, then gives the base back their ents, its obvious that it is loopholing. Idk about now but historically staff refuse to punish any loopholing that the player didnt directly admit to to avoid having forums posts made or dealing with higher ups
  7. i wonder if the same exact screenshot with the same exact position and at the same exact time, but with completely different (obviously fake) ui elements would happen to be real or not (i made the top one by taking a green rectangle and shrinking it into the background lolol)
  8. real eyes realize real lies
  9. bugman

    Hi :3

    bad things soon. 2 days. watch out.
  10. Player comes back from not playing for a month and breaks an "unwritten rule" again despite not remembering it exist cause its obscure and quite frankly retarded, and is now banned for it lololol(we need more of this for sure) In the current state unwritten rules are just an excuse to punish people you dislike and a reason to not punish those you like
  11. this has been an issue hope this helps
  12. you are such a silly billy
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