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  1. If it takes you over a minute to get through your inventory and put them in I think you have other issues
  2. If you think crafting times, specifically crafting times anywhere near a minute are reasonable, go play gmod stranded or underdone rpg. After the first 10 seconds you get bored, after the 30 you get annoyed, especially if you cant cancel it or do any other actions during it.
  3. you have to be up to ever fall off
  4. If they arent "good options" then why would anyone base there. Everything you listed is new player traps and the exact reason people get raided once, lose all their shit, and never want to base again.
  5. lol lol thats on there (youre not too keen it seems) mega lol 1 of them is really good and 2 of them do it decent, the rest cant(read the rules for waterfall) ultra-lol genuinely one of the worst basing spots If you dont base consider not responding to a post about basing
  6. The main issue with processors is that they take up a large amount of space, making them useless for 90% of bases on the server. Adding back processor stacking would make it a lot easier to use them in general. Beyond that, adding back blowtorches would be nice to making them profitable again. there is currently like 7 places you can base with more than 2 or 3 procs without them shocking and taking up the entire base
  7. i just avoid using body groups entirely since its pretty hard to actually set and keep set
  8. New players still don't have much money and fining more than 5k would turn away almost anyone, either way bounty can go higher than 5k. I'd suggest the opposite and that certain fines should be forced to be 500/1k like jwalking or sweps out since new players log on, get fined 10 times for jwalk, lose ALL their money then are sent to jail for nearly 5 minutes when they try to pay another fine but literally cant afford it. Same issue with lotteries, when its mostly new players on, even with the lottery at 50k you see maybe 4 or 5 people join it. If you want to gamble higher than 50k go do coinflips, it was added for a reason. Also next time consider making all of your suggestions into one concise post instead of flooding the forums
  9. The vote kick/ban pop up completely locks your 1 and 2 slots for your weapons. Just make it a thing you click like job votes or make it bound to f1 and f2.
  10. Add an upgrade to the suga shop that increases gang size 5 and can be bought 4 times. While I do agree that having limited gang size is nice, 20 is a bit low and even having my gang be entirely friends who semi regularly play the server I still have run out of slots. It should probably cost 10-20 mil(600-1200 suga) seeing as it's a pretty high tier upgrade, and should only be buyable by gang owners. It could also be purchased inside of the new gang menu instead of the suga shop.
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