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  1. so impossible using the manual option, aight
  2. this should clear up any blood issues @mcdonalds wifi. Testing seems to confirm that the blood is indeed clipping thru the floor when aiming down. if im right then that means that setting the blood drop to the middle of ur player or lower would probably fix that.
  3. (pics the typo) (pic is me pricking myself and no blood drops)
  4. this is unbelievably nitpicky but i might as well mention it since its here. im not sure why its here tbh, best guess is maybe it was left here while trying to find good spots to put the other fishing poles on the map? no idea.
  5. im not seeing any missing textures or anything relating to that. could be wrong.
  6. (Picture shows me, black, being able to look at whites moves while in check. Note that this isnt directly a check feature and is not limited to just one piece, you can see all possible opponent moves)
  7. 3 fps. damn (my normal fps while looking at this spot is about 200)
  8. Im aware hes AOS. If you get caught as serial killer i think you should lose the job. i dont see how that getting implemented would make the job useless. right now anyone can just sit on him for hours with no consequences from being caught and even arrested and i personally do not like that.
  9. Serial killer ATM is a very "safe" job, and I think it encourages too much camping and is too easily abusable. Some changes id make to rebalance him IMO: 1. When caught, serial killer shouldn't be able to jump. This might come off as confusing but if you are fairly competent at bunny-hopping you can basically ignore the fright effect from being caught kidnapping someone and just bhop away at fast speeds, avoiding all danger in the process. Removing the ability to jump would solve the issue, or if getting stuck is too much of a concern, make jumping disabled for a certain time period. 2. Serial killers when cuffed should immediately lose their job and be demoted. They also shouldn't be able to play the job for awhile (I'm thinkin maybe an hour or two but lower times might be preferred). Right now if you have the job you cannot lose it at all, which makes 0 sense considering you are AOS, and you're core goal is to kill people. Every other job that focuses on directly killing people has a cooldown and Serial killer shouldn't be any different. Along with preventing people from hoarding the job it would also make the CP's job more desirable as actually cuffing him would open the slot up and remove the killer from the role, instead of him just respawning and getting auto wanted immediately until he quits. 3. Rewards and bonuses for both sides. As a reward for capturing the serial killer, I think CP should gain money as a reward for arresting him. I'd personally like it if there was an increase in rewards for how many times he has murdered, maxing out at 100,000 for cuffing a Serial Killer with 10 kills (the same max value the Serial Killer uses for rewards) with an extra bonus for the player who directly cuffed him and anyone who stun gunned him aswell. This would give a major incentive for the CP to actively look for the Serial Killer and to arrest him as the money for capture is much more than you ever would make as CP normally. As a result though I also believe that Serial killers should gain a bonus money/item reward for successfully capturing CP, perhaps $10,000 for regular CP and $50,000 for the Mayor. That would make attempts to capture CP more interesting as both sides would see rewards if they succeeded. 4. Timers and Cooldowns for Serial Killer. If you are not actively killing people as Serial Killer, I think you should be demoted from your job. I don't think the time for "failing to kill people in time" should last as long as getting caught, but I think it should be long enough to deter from boring campy playstyles and encourage riskier attacks. However though as a counterbalance I do think the time between kidnapping someone should be decreased from its normal 2 hours to a much quicker 20 minutes, as it would seem to reason that a murderer shouldn't be stuck with 0 targets because he killed everyone and now needs to wait an hour and a half just to get another round of killing people. You might think that this would result in people camping in the corners of the map and farming off this but rest assured nobody wants to wait 20 minutes just for one kill even at max droprate, and if it did become a problem then make the kill timer increase each time you kill a person up to a really high value if necessary. Overall though I really do like the job and I do hope it stays but I would just wish some changes would be made to him to make him more fun to play, to counter, and just so that I can play him because bimby keeps sitting on it for 83 hours and I just want to play him for some XP. please man.
  10. I don't believe that's the issue as I was able to kill you as kings assassin without any problem. the issue started right after as we both ended up being kings. My theory is that somehow I managed to be the king without ever needing to go through the grace because you were still "king" and when you left the job I stayed king without having the whole "can be murdered" thing. Unfortunately i have no screenshots to prove it happened but you did see me on king iirc unless you weren't the king originally. still confusing.
  11. Firstly i'm aware Gigger hasn't ever been a thing, and second, i'm only using those points of jigger and Gigger to note how easily it can be to use a word and then get it considered offensive by an administrator. I would seriously doubt that anyone outside of a staff team whos looking out for offensive words/phrases was looking for racial language in "gigger" and i doubt that newcomers are gonna see "gigger" and think of it offensively. Since nobody has set it stone what is and isn't allowed and has let it up to be common sense it just makes for a bunch of complaining and confusion when someone types something in chat and someone thinks its a slur for something. The same thing could very easily be attributed to any word, or phrase, and simply muting anyone who sounds like they might be offending someone/something. And no walter i don't think most people who want to use gigger or jigger offensively define themselves much at all by a need to use racial slurs, i think they would just want to get this problem that has been left unchecked cleared up entirely with a simple ruleset that everyone knows, newcomers and oldheads alike.
  12. giving it up to common sense wont solve anything but ok, it just lets admins who think a word is being used offensively to just mute without second thought. And how is someone who just joined in supposed to know using the n-word with an ER at the end isn't allowed but using it with an A is, they're both basically the exact same word directed at the exact same race. Or that using "jigger" at the wrong time might just get them muted even if its not meant to be used offensively.
  13. While it might come off as someone just wanting to say the nword i actually would rather want a genuine list because when i was first starting in i called someone a beaner and got muted for it and as far as i know, there's no overall list of what you cant say. All it says is "Do Not Use Racial Slurs Or Be Overly Offensive To Other Players/Staff." which i don't think is very descriptive given how freely you are allowed to promote and endorse Fascism, something i'm sure would confuse a new player who has no idea you cant use beaner or the nword with a hard r. It would also lead to less situations where one guy says "get giggered lol" in chat and the admins go on a mute spree from people who complain that using things such as "bigger, jigger, trigger" are equally as in the wrong as gigger.
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