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  1. Did you prove this???? I don't even remember that. The first time I alted was only a few months ago. Like I can see why I might have said that but Idk... . Obviously I don't think it's true. If it was today it wasn't me and if it wasn't Idk when you got it. I can confirm the time period and if I did say it i'll admit it. I'm sorry if I did but Idk if i didnt.
  2. Come on blue, old reliable? Please give a real reason that isn't what everyone always says. I've talked to you after, added you in DM's, and we chilled. I didn't even say anything to you before then. Don't act like you don't know that i'm horrible.. Who are you standing up for who have I slandered aside from people who did ugly things
  3. I don't have to be on the server as fuel if your'e wanting and you can put me on titsrp parole lol (but i think that no chance of appeal ever is pretty darn harsh)
  4. I've proven it on my alts. I wanted to jam with you and play music like nothing ever happened, and you were down till you saw it was the big bad fuel. I was on the server as the cove, being nice to people, giving them money, RPing. Helping people out with questions. Not breaking the rules. I just hate injustice with a passion and I just don't like the directions everything is going. I don't have any problems with you, neither does all of game night. We just think that for no apparent reason for such you are just brainwashed. I thought long and hard about which team is in the right and all I can say is that no community is without flaws. But you guys have guidelines that you're following selectively.
  5. Oh yeah I forgot about that lmao, yeah I believe that. I called you a pussy because you are stuck in the past and refuse to believe that this is a new era.
  6. We didn't accuse we made a claim with proof.
  7. Seems like there's a pattern here. Walter talking about actual people who said certain things doing a certain thing with proof to back it up versus ????? He didn't call anyone who wasn't one one. And if you argue it stirred drama, it was off server and wasn't advertised by him. It was just on his channel.
  8. yeah, i want to influence their opinion with fact. The fact that my ban was bullshit. Toxic as fuck and racist sounds a lot like some people who were and weren'ty in this community anymore. I don't deny what I said in DM's, I think I just disabled my acc.
  9. There isn't much else to say. Please don't deny this on the premise that I didn't even make the effort to ask to be unbanned. I did, I did what we told people who were perma'd to do. EVERYONE who was perma'd to do. Any new staff out there, talk to me before you talk to other staff members, and if you do talk to staff, do it privately. Don't deny my appeal instantly. I would like to hear the community responses. Despite what people say on here, new staff, please do talk to me before making a decision, I don't always voice my opinions in the most coherant way, but I am a better speaker in voice. Any further evidence, will be provided at Fuel#4258. Nobody directly involved in this situation is staff anymore. Nobody was affected. I cannot stress this enough. Clowns, please don't hold back. Show your true colors to everyone.
  10. You're just trying to make the server a good place. I don't know people are giving you so much shit. Game night isaac clearly got in the head of some people and that's why they're lashing out don't listen to them, stay strong! These people don't know what a guideline was if it slapped them in the face that's why they're so peeved that you're trying to add more to appeal to newer players and make the server more fun. Also rubrik, what have you done for the server in the past 3 years aside from just reuploading workshop addons and making darkrp jobs which I was able to manage also fix your forums :lmfao Hovering over your fucking motd causes the formatting to shit itself You don't need to feel like you have to do something to be important rubik. Noone cares that you know basic html, just use the old forums like 2 versions back. That one was fine this one is just loaded with bloatware. Also why do people have a fucking checkmark near their name cringeeeeeee
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