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  1. -1 go play gta rp buddy they got what you want
  2. Either thief or cop can't have any other job.
  3. imagine not knowing what the peacekeeper is
  4. Mumper

    mass rdm

    Nah if y'all are gonna let wanted and ember appeal for mrdm just because one person cared you got to turn around and do the same with saiko. The only difference is this person has all the time in the world and went a made a forums report instead of a sit. if this isn't handled like wanted and ember's appeal then that will be incredibly sad. again only difference is that big boy here made a forums report.
  5. Mumper

    Buff Procs

    I didn't even read this I just know Jewann is smart and knows what he is talking about. +1
  6. fuck a rework redo them completely and put hot rod flames on them! +1
  7. remove jumping in rdm zone as it messes with hit recognition
  8. Basically instead of selling weak ass items like it does 99% of the time black market would get reworked to sell limited time items (such as but not limited to) guns, sweps, and other rare items. To add a little flare to it instead of black market being stagnate at one specific place it instead rotates around the map within a given time limit. Now the buff doesn't come free of course, in the immediate area that the black market spawns in will turn into a pvp zone during the entire duration that npc is available (meaning if you want to get those limited time goodies you got to fight your way through!). Sugar has said he would be down for something like this but obviously I wanted to see what others in the community think!
  9. remove pe and make it a talisman
  10. fuck it just make it where everyone earns double the xp and remove the buff from the shop
  11. im waiting for the reasoning of the change
  12. sorry i cannot play the server like a full time job anymore lol. theres no reason for the price to have gone from 1.5 mil>4 mil. id like to hear the argument on why the change was necessary
  13. Hello hi I understand that I don't play on the server that much so my opinion may not be that valuable but holy crap 3 mil for double xp???? it would be so hard for a player like me to get any sort of return out of that much money being spent on xp where i get lootboxes as my profit.
  14. did a sit happen? i see draco was on in one of the screenshots.
  15. Borris has quiet a few toxicity bans definitely no correlation there.
  16. they did that shit back in like march of last year for the cereal monster base
  17. im so amazed that this is still open
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