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  1. idk, there's already 25 talis, and adding yours there would be 42??? 43??? I cant count. This is way too many and I already don't even use majority of the talis that I have in my bank an example of some of the useless ones are Big punch, martyrdom, Double jump, Fast crack, No sound, Damage TP, Free printer upgrades, Free PD stuff, No arrest, No hack, and these are the ones that I don't see anyone or myself using in game. And and for the ones you suggested, I think these wouldn't be of use ? (the second tali), Professional Fisher, Alien Molestation, Tough Props, Michael Phelps, Cheetah, Good ear, Wow!, I wear my seatbelt. Shouldn't be too hard to see why most of these talis are useless, and or if not useless only used to fuck around and or could be easily abused, like the "Alien Molestation" 10 seconds of no dmg? if i see people trying to shoot me after kissing someone, I can just pull out a gun and kill them.
  2. Also cant open the f4 menu, the same error script happens, but this is what is shown in consol https://imgur.com/a/pDzWvbN
  3. You cant equip guns/ anything that goes in your slots
  4. If its the "Big Boys" cc or something like that I forgot its name, its a cc for people only with the supporter role, the best your friend can get at a cc until you or he buys one is the "New guy" cc.
  5. no, because props exist, and you can just get banned, it's like using the !unstuck command to glitch into someone's base and then killing them
  6. This happens with anything that throws out a prop/entity, it works with the plushee's, glow sticks, shovels, sbc cannons, bibli thrower ect. This isn't even something major, i see this being fixed in a COL update maybe since the only way to use this for your own benefit would be against new players, who's bases are not built properly.
  7. LOL, if ur still ingame ill just pm u and give u a vip token, just close this out
  8. I have edited the youtube video with: settings restore, image viewer, quicklook, web viewer, property list editor, text editor, terminal, sqlite3 editor, installer, zip viewer, hex editor, and media player. Text editor isn't loading for me rn, so ill update if it does load and or if i find anything. Hex editor has the same format of numbers as 08 28 18 35 25 03 and dDiJ2I, i tried doing a quick search for these and nothing came up in hex editor, maybe the format for the numbers is weird and u have to look for em individually but there are far too many of each number.
  9. Could the hint maybe have something to do with the old forums? https://titrp.enjin.com/ have a look for urself if u think so.
  10. i have used demolitionist for making a trash cannon, which just throws un frozen props like across the map. And i think this is the only way to get the S.L.A.M. mines of which i know.
  11. was mass rdming, Sixnut, Merh, and Cardinal were all afk do what you gotta do, thanks 🙂 STEAM_0:1:81538722 <- his steam id
  12. uhhhh retzi was afk, kilo just got off someone started mass rdming. Fuel Votebanned them for 2 hours https://imgur.com/a/wxvW6Mg update the ban on them from 2 hours to 1 week, Rudy's steam id STEAM_0:1:458531240
  13. i opened my t3's and i got the usual, but after looking at the leggy's i got, i noticed this https://imgur.com/a/Jvxhh4F , so i don't know how far 1269 units are, but i'm assuming that's not like normal gunfight range, especially for an Ar. I actually think that this range is like half of admin land, which... 0 gunfights happen at Maybe change some of the Unique effects to be shotgun only, sniper, ar, ect Edit- just did some testing with batman https://imgur.com/a/3JmdgUD, he's at the beginning of the tunnel idk if you can see him and that's triple the distance for the Effect to take Effect
  14. yeah this would be helpful, if i couldn't just pm 4 people i know that i'm not bassing with, invite them to the party and 1v5 the raider. Tf is the solo raider gonna do and if there is more than 1 raider, you can just use leggy's as everyone already does also going off by what you said here, anyone associated with the people on the door, gang, party. I don't see any way in where if someone really doesn't want you to raid their base, where you can do anything. Since they can just call their whole gang, and or just invite people to the party to assist.
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