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  1. my bad, was just fucking around with my friends and didn't expect someone to join in the rdm arena with us. ill just warn myself ingame. Accepted
  2. lol... get a load of this guy, quick axe and quick pickaxe are going to be pointless. as long as you have over 5iq since gmod has a "last weapon used" key so u can just hot swap between the axe/pickaxe and the swinging cd goes away. Quick rod is basically in the game already. Default fishing rod, picks fish up quicker than the carbon. The chemical barrel that auto goes in ur inv is going to be pointless, 12 mats for 1 barrel? lol!!!
  3. did u do a quest prior to this one?, this commonly happens to me when i do most of my quest back to back, it dosent even show up me getting the rewards half the time, like chem tokens, proc tokens, or event tokens, but they pop up in my inv. If u check the f4 menu they should be there
  4. i have like 2.7k spirit jars... and jack has a 2krpm non lethal jug mini... i think you know where this is going
  5. "wah wah why is bank not going up!"
  6. ur not a real raccoon...

  7. https://imgur.com/a/5UfZW8O https://imgur.com/PG8L2fn could also be something with the fresh bait perk
  8. maybe they just got audio turned off !?
  9. https://imgur.com/a/2wwr1bf
  10. -1 just use bank for ur c4/ blowtorches
  11. Can’t type on my last post zzz but helped my dad out with this fence today in the morning :)
  12. do you not remember the old drug processor? where u clicked e on drugs to pull out opium drug material and you needed 10 of those to make 10 opium... its still in the game becase???? but it gets converted to opium whenever u drop it, honestly just think suga removed em, but not from lootboxes the name and or the gen buyer price
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