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  1. Merhaculous got told off a few weeks ago to stop continually harrassing me as being staff it wasn't his job to constantly fuck with someone until they wanted to never be on the server for in fear of being on at the same time as them. Malicious clearly hasn't gotten the same memo, and from what I can tell his general lack of professionalism and constant minging isn't just directed towards me and has gotten many reports directed at them. It certainly is strange how he's always prepared to be able to be the most of a minge as possible at every opportunity. Things malicious has come up and just stolen from me so far: At least 3 tier 2 crates, a treasure hunter chest the instant I dug it up earlier today, An epic weapon as I was enchanting in the ocean, 520+ wood the moment It was expelled from a crafting table. He wasnt there until it's he's able to steal something valuable from me and suddenly he's there picking it up, like always. He will mostly steal from me at suspiciously convenient times, but he will also ignore over and over when MRDMers are being reported upon especially it seems when I make a call on them. It's worse than not having staff on because people think someone is here to do something about it. If it's not targeted harrassment, it certainly ends up feeling like it and I dread any time I see Malicious or his friends on because it's inevitable that they're going to be minges towards me and ruin my day even though I stopped basing over two months ago because of all of them. I'm learning to use shadowplay, seems simple enough but it's gonna be hard to catch Malicious in the act since he often just appears out of nowhere to gleefully abuse me. Hopefully this will at the very least end up with less toxic staff in the long term.
  2. How about you not focus on a single point like that you disingenuous janitor? We both know what you're doing right now. Stop wasting my time.
  3. Nothing I say will matter to any of you, but here goes anyway. Swearing does not make you toxic. It's certainly reason for toxic people to smash down the hammer on people for swearing. Toxicity, especially in the context of such a place as this would be mass rdming when not on terrorist or continually harrassing someone and overall being a minge to other people for a long time. You know, real actual reasons that people get banned for? How dare I be mad at someone demanding I grovel to them and then banning when I basically tell them I don't respect their opinion on what toxicity is. Quite especially after someone is being a douchebag to me to my face and reveling in it. I'm not saying punish the other man instead but for fuck's sake, what isn't toxic about that? 'This is going to be fun...' the fucking staff member says in discord to me, heavily implying a predetermined outcome. Stop wasting my time, I could be prestige 3 already if not for this asinine shit. Sick to death of people being extremely toxic to me and then gaslighting, acting like innocent baby that never dindu no nufin sir no how and having the fucking balls to staff report you for their trouble
  4. I didn't realize that we're on a christian minecraft server. It's a laugh riot, 'toxicity' give me a fucking break. I absolutely refuse to take this lying down. I severely do not respect what Koda's take on 'toxicity' is on this server of all places. But I can't wait for them and every other staff to go "buh u said mean things so um uh refused..." like I know you will, and this is an exercise in futility. This is after all the same server where people are reporting mrdmers and nothing is being done about it when six mod+ are on at the same time until someone that actually does the thing they volunteered to do (tyz) gets on and actually solves the problem. Stop wasting my time.
  5. It's not about mining it faster you fucks 'quick' refers to the talisman effect of auto inventorying.
  6. As it is currently, they are just two more worthless melee weapons that hardly anyone uses except a minge that learns they can use them to damage people. It's such a pain to get quick farming talismans from people anyway since no one sells em. Can do the same with the pointless crafted barrel. Make a version that goes in your inventory automatically but costs like 8 wood and 4 metal or something
  7. Maybe the restaurant owner can make smoothies with the smoothie stand?
  8. I think it should be easier for Spirit Caller to get dark spirits. They're so difficult to obtain as high bounty criminals tend to just be MRDMers or BHunters zooming around, and they'll not have 75+ pooled xp Either just alternative means (rarely when fishing?) or a lower threshold for dark spirits cos you need both light and dark for a talisman. There is currently nearly 200 light spirit jars, and 4 dark spirit jars in my inventory, but like 60-70 random talismans in my bank. There's pretty much no reason to play Spirit Caller when treasure hunter is better and faster at getting talismans, even hobo can get talismans more consistently by just buying t1 lootboxes after digging through 6~ dumpsters due to the issues listed above. Talismans also follow vague categories so it would be nice for a third type of optional influence catalyst for the talisman, and talismans only the Spirit Caller can make. Working titles for the catalysts, but could be something like: Police Catalyst Criminal Catalyst Production Catalyst Body Catalyst Unique talisman ideas: bullet spread reduction Teleport to in front of PD Eat PUBs for longer (stacks with gang perk) Stun Kidnapper away when they attempt to knock you out, +1 resist (stacks with hard hat, cooldown is 15 mins, stun effect is until death) Gain armor when you restore health Food heals for more and food effect duration is tripled Chance to catch multiple fish when fishing Your planted crops will damage a pig that eats them by a lot
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