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  1. Hi, crossfire is still a type RDM on this server, but classified as Accidental RDM, you can be punished for it, this was only a warning which if you have a clean record means next to nothing and it takes about 3 months of getting warnings constantly and serving autobans to get a perma ban at 50 -1
  2. Malicious VIP 19 126 1 Posted 1 minute ago bone. VIP 92 520 9 Posted 8 minutes ago cp player ratio happily
  3. koda

    TitsMC Ideas

    The amount of bugs that occur from bukkit sited plugins are retarded, also most supported plugins are found at spigot anyway. also normal bukkit is gay, fuck bukkit ong
  4. koda

    TitsMC Ideas

    Gambling and shops of course would be player owned and managed (through that players balance) im also not going to be adding server shops as thats really just stupid to have unless its a skyblock server or something.
  5. koda

    TitsMC Ideas

    vote on poll!
  6. koda

    TitsMC Ideas

    https://www.spigotmc.org/ only
  7. koda

    TitsMC Ideas

    Also @Merhaculous, I do not want to make it client modded as i want everyone to be able to join.
  8. koda

    TitsMC Ideas

    Hi, sugar has allowed me to make titsmc and if it gets a lot of people, he will acquire it. I want to know what you guys want from it? Leave your suggestions or ideas below.
  9. Pardon my necroposting but I would personally go back and play Call of Duty: Black Ops (1 or 2) My childhood in a nutshell.
  10. koda

    Report on Tyz

    This is petty, he didn't abuse his powers in any way and he never darkrp vote demoted you, this was essentially the same as DMing the mayor or using OOC/advert. -1
  11. koda

    Favoritism in sit

    Your base is considered a megabase when it is connected with multiple buildings. You were not doing this when I pulled you, even if you were doing so or about to do so, you neglected to tell this to me as I would have left you alone if you would have told me you were in the process of moving it out of the persons way, instead, you chose to be a child about it and argue with me saying that you weren’t breaking rules after asking you to move or remove it.
  12. I'm pretty sure you asked in OOC if you can kill sharks and I responded saying you could only if they were in the water which allowed them to damage you at any time (like the sewer lord in the sewers). No thank you, -1
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