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  1. Lewd is the least biased person I've seen on the staff team, and has acted correctly in the situation. I think this report is going nowhere and it feels like you just have a bone to pick with him since he banned you, I will be DENYING this report. cobaselic gave some fact into this so I'm going to repost it.
  2. koda


    I think it would be great, C# is microsoft's version of Java in the first place so maybe it'd be like creating mods for minecraft but for the same engine as CSGO
  3. Those... are the original quality.
  4. koda

    Unban request

    Okay, so you can use RP commands like /demote to take someone off of a job which sure you probably didn't know that, you broke a rule that's on the first page of when you first login to the server. (DO NOT take rule violations into your own hands, someone else breaking the rules doesn't mean you get to and you can be punished too), according to Lewd, you where very non-compliant & disrespectful when it came to him trying to explain to you what you did wrong (and I've known Lewd for a while, he's not an ass unless you are an ass to him ), and last of all: "Just got arrested for jaywalking.
  5. the appeal process takes time, please be patient.
  6. Your appeal lacks when it comes to showing remorse for your incident, we have kids that play on this server and if I had a kid, I'd personally not want my kid being exposed to pornographic material by some random on the internet. How about you come back with a serious attempt to appeal your ban some time in the future, because at the moment, it seems you didn't even try. We don't tolerate this behavior. DENIED
  7. koda

    Ban appeal

    We allow children onto the server which is why this behavior is an instant removal and also based on the pedo bear model that I’m pretty sure was removed from the server, it allows you to want “child porn to be good?” And that excuses this behavior? I wonder if you clocked the time it takes to get fired if you read your boss what you typed in-game, what do you think the time would be, my best bet is 3 seconds. Legitimately so lucky that you only got a permanent ban because companies like google, etc if they seen a comment like this on their platform would send your i
  8. You being an ex-admin, should know better about accusing someone directly and publicly and what that would bring, you should have talked about the whole thing with a superadmin, if you did, none of this would have happened, but also again still putting in the fact that you were an ex-admin, I believe that you can learn from your mistakes, learn to avoid this same behavior, and... move on. I personally think you should come back to TitsRP because I think you can change and because some think you can't, I'd like for you to prove them wrong. +1
  9. koda

    Ban Appeal

    After speaking with the individual, he didn't tell the person to kill themself, he was quoting the person which was banned. People say "fuck you" and shit all of the time so that wouldn't warrant a ban. the EZ was about the farming and there isn't proof against that.. so I will just be removing the ban. Please don't think this is allowing your previous behavior, try to not be a dickhead to people and we can avoid any future reports towards you or appeals from you for the future. ACCEPTED (unbanned)
  10. I agree with this users opinion, I'd advise you to seek professional help near you.
  11. koda

    Ban Appeal

    Instead of a 3 week ban, we will be changing it to a 1 week ban. ACCEPTED
  12. koda

    Ban Appeal

    Hello, so me and some other senior moderators were discussing this and DumbRaccoon posted the screenshots. You told someone to "kys", you told someone to "suck your dick", you said you were going to "ATF" someones dog, and just generally being... toxic. You were banned for 3 weeks after we noticed you had a punishment issued before and you were banned this morning for LTAP in the first place by Gre4g. I personally 2 weeks would have been enough but we ended up agreeing on 3. This is all I have to say so far, I'm awaiting other responses before I put my final thought in.
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