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  1. Reading this thread makes me question everything.
  2. They are both 2 entities that explode and deal damage to players around it. I didn't say that it shouldn't be considered for RDM. If you want to make that comparison, do you consider a printer being shoved in someones face as its exploding "loopholing"? What about a C4 being put down and thrown into crowd of people? They are all game mechanics meant to damage players, If we want to get technical, why aren't people who spawn trains using train grenades at fountain/etc being banned for MRDM since there isn't any written rule defending it iirc, is it because the train doesn't immediately explode? With that logic, I could announce to everyone near me in VC or /yell that I'm about to blow them up with an SBC cannon in 30 seconds and do it. What should be done is having stuff like this written in the rules so it doesn't happen again. I believe that @Insurance Agent was incredibly stupid for doing this without asking before doing so but I believe he shouldn't be demoted/banned., at most I would say he should be retrained if this was that much of a serious issue.
  3. What you bring to the table about the whole loopholing thing makes sense but it gets thrown out as soon as you mention train grenades. A hacker has the ability of making money pots explode to RDM. A person with a train grenade / enough cereal to spawn a train can cause RDM aswell. In this case, I think it is unfair to differentiate the two as separate when it seems the creator of both mechanics had the intention of letting said mechanics kill people. The only thing I see different about these is the fact that the train grenade costs more money to do and it can take a while before it even explodes after making everyone in its vicinity aware. If that's the problem, that's not a player problem. That mechanic should have some sort of extra restriction. It already takes a bit for your points to rack up to use it but it would make sense if: You couldn't destroy the same players money pot over and over again. Maybe make some sort of cooldown that is player specific. You couldn't destroy your own money pot. (And if you did it would blow you up becuz why not) It had some sort of explosion warning (like sparks and fire) to it like trains have but make the delay rely on the radius. If people don't understand what is happening, they will after it explodes. I really do not think it is fair to bring up the loopholing card in this case. Would it make any difference if he were to throw a train grenade (that would kill people on explosion BEFORE the train spawns)? When a hacker destroys some other dudes money pot since its an option and it kills some people, are they held responsible? Where is it crossing the line in general? I would strongly question if it was a valid excusable instance of RDM sure but loopholing shouldn't be in the question. If it is then we should consider train grenades as loopholing too.
  4. Well I do not have any. I would expect the moderator in question to have to provide evidence that they conducted the sit properly to make that warning stay, otherwise, the warn is basically invalid, no?
  5. Yeah, I initially didn't expect the lightsaber to kill you immediately, but it was justified, this base was not public and even had a loitering sign, I was not in the party nor on the doors, I was in the base and even got my way into the back. You also forgot to address the fact that you didn't give me a chance at all to explain why you were killed at all in the sit, the chain of events were: You die, you bring me, you warn me, and then you return me. Not a single word uddered from you nor any chance for me to justify myself.
  6. Hi! I'm not a staff member but I thought I'd inform you that sits only show up on a staffs members screen for about 3 minutes, then they disappear. If no staff are online, no one will see your ticket, so I'd advise you use your best judgement and determine weather or not you think you should votekick/voteban the player for Mass RDM (you can do this by doing !menu in chat and clicking voteban or votekick). Forums reports are always great but they take a while to process, if the player is being blatent with Mrdm, you can voteban and once it goes thru get a set of logs you can use to make a forums report to get it extended, but if discussion needs to take place between the staff, it may take a while to process along with any more evidence being needed from you. Also mild note, everyone has most log access! you can do /slogs in chat.
  7. Not staff but just as a rule of thumb from when I was staff, you should make a player report instead of an appeal, the bans are only 30 minutes so its very unlikely you will see an unban from the appeal and after 30 minutes seeing you being unbanned will lead to your appeal probably getting closed, I'd suggest requesting a moderator to close this appeal along with reposting this as a report if you still want something done about it.
  8. Tiny reminder, this is against 2 people, the other one proven by discord screenshots is definitely false since they just straight up votekicked without providing a reason along with votekicking for 'lmao'
  9. koda

    Koda's Appeal

    (by cheating, i dont mean exploits, thats a completely different thing)
  10. Don't worry man, I reported the imposter, you're safe now. 🙂
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