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  1. koda

    Report on Gaylek

    It doesn't disclose the reason in chat nor does it say anything about a lockdown in chat which is bad design IMO ( @Rubik), and it doesn't have a fixed position on screen except for "Lockdown in progress", it uses the servers admin tool to broadcast it for a certain interval which disappears after 3-5 seconds. This is a valid reason to ask you why there was a lockdown and an answer for said question in a PM to me or in a sit with me after you finished that sit would have resolved this whole situation and I would have been pleased. I haven't asked you to remove the lockdown, I asked why it was up there in the first place, my question still stood and your lockdown even remained for your duration as the mayor despite you saying you took it down. If you were in a sit, you could have left that sit alone and let another moderator take it and wait for you, the report was on you for not having a reason for that lockdown (which I assumed because you failed to respond to my PM's within a reasonable timeframe) and you entirely evaded the sit in general by bringing and returning me.
  2. koda

    Report on Gaylek

    I assumed this much but what I don't understand is why you took my sit, told me you were handling a sit and then returned me, you failed to answer my question or handle the sit in general.
  3. koda

    Report on Gaylek

    I'm not making the argument of abuse and It's not my intention to see him getting a large punishment for the assumption that I made an abuse case, this is just a report on his staffing in general, at most I want to see him talked to because this isn't what should be happening when a sit is created, if he claimed the sit and took about 30 seconds as a break then dealt with it, it would have been no problem but that's not what happened, I don't see him learning that what he did was not acceptable without a report being placed on him.
  4. koda

    Report on Gaylek

    Inserted reply into main post blob
  5. Kotos was one of the best people I knew, homie helped me when I first started playing the server, taken away too soon. RIP Kotos
  6. Hi, I was one of the people included in this ban, but I was not banned for doing the Zombie SWEP glitch, rather, I was doing an exploit regarding the chess tables which gave you millions in matter of seconds that has been around since before me but was discovered last month and found by the admins a few days ago. I might seem hypocritical for saying this but, in practice, banning people for not reporting & abusing a potentially dangerous economy breaking exploit is a proper way of dealing with the issue, because it shows that if and when they find another exploit, they will most likely abuse it, which could make the server even more vulnerable to another exploit that comes along. Yes, it sucks being permanently banned, I have been playing on this server since the end of 2019/start of 2020, and it's the only DarkRP server that I've actually gone out of my way to make sure to keep a good reputation for as long as I was playing because it's not as strict as other servers, I know how it feels, but the superadmin's didn't make the wrong decision. That's just my opinion on this matter.
  7. You have to join the group on Steam, it will give it to you automagically
  8. koda

    Tony’s ban appeal

    I guess I can use that claim too? "Oh shit, my dog stepped on my keyboard and somehow exploited money into the game, unjust ban". But no, this evidence is more than relevant to your ban and as the staff member that banned you, I think you shouldn't be given a second chance until you actually learn from your mistakes (or your brother does)
  9. koda

    Tony’s ban appeal

    View the replies of this ban appeal.
  10. koda

    Tony’s ban appeal

    Also something to point out:
  11. koda

    Tony’s ban appeal

    How about no? When you came back onto the server, you decided to target and harass me out of no where just because I took away your main accounts VIP, also we banned Tony Mozzerella because 1 account got banned under that family share, then you family shared again and got banned, thats a no go and I completely think you should take way more than a month off of the server for trying to dodge a ban multiple times. -1
  12. You got so mad that you couldn't kill someone for their $500 bounty, so you walked your ass over here and wanted it removed entirely? I do not agree, so... no, -1
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