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  1. koda

    Report on fuel

    Hello, Even if that is Fuel which it possibly is, this was external to a private server that has no rules against racism. -1
  2. to prevent @ZestyBoifrom being scammer original post title: why are you buying chem barrels for 8k per?
  3. koda

    AFK Call

    and them being counted in votes such as unfuns, i've had times were i'd unfun a mayor and it would say Needed 30 yes votes, had 21 votes. Then I would walk into spawn and see more than 9 people sitting there AFK
  4. koda

    SBC Cannon

    I personally own 30 SBC’s and the amount of ease I can defend my base is astonishing. Way too OP, should be nerfed or removed
  5. Hello, I'm here to propose a new job called the "Scientist". The scientist will have the ability to modify stuff, such as genetically modifying food, being able to change its abilities and adding 1 extra ability, like dropping in how ever pieces of food (capped at 100) then being able to get chemical barrels on the table, basically being able to reroll abilities on food or manually edit abilities, I know this would be good because ever since the update, a LOT of food has changed in terms of effects such as food that had the intention to add "Speed (+25%)" now gives you Covid-19, being able to change food that you have in your inventory (because remaking and replacing food with food shipments trying to find new recipes is poopoo) would be pretty cool. Also being able to create explosives like Sticky grenades, makeshift timebombs, material grenades, tactical c4. 2 of the following are craftable, 1 is purchasable with supplier, why not provide another way to make stuff like that? Maybe being able to create C4's with a lower detonation time to get a 20 second placement or get a C4 that takes longer to detonate but if you have junk launcher, you may punt it with an extra 10 seconds adding on to a 40 second timer. I encourage you guys to leave ideas if you like the job I am proposing ❤️
  6. Shit Ass is a good dude but his minging got annoying real quick. Also Shit Ass was properly trying to annoy us and it's common sense to stop if someone properly asks you not to, the man also placed fences in front of spawn tunnel and put "public base" sign so people couldn't blowtorch the fences, this is loop holing at its finest +1 to be talked to, this behavior shouldn't be acceptable
  7. Okay, I will be ACCEPTing this appeal. The persons VIP will be removed.
  8. Maximum ban time is 1 hour for VIP's and the OP are currently online at the time of this appeal so I would consider this ACCEPTED since the ban reason was "none" meaning nothing was defined But the OP has made a report on the voteban starter here:
  9. koda

    Rad Ban Appeal

    Okay, so since this appeal is mostly -1's, with permission by Rubik, I will be DENYing this appeal.
  10. koda

    Gang CC

    Word to my -regards Adam Sandler Fan Club a
  11. koda

    Ban Appeal

    I can’t remember everything else you’ve said but you’ve definitely not just only said “fuck you”. You broke the rules by breaking NLR in a span of 3 times, not 2. I personally do not want to welcome back someone who gets upset at someone just because they raided them, whenever I’ve killed you in a PD raid before, you would yell at me in OOC about using OP weapons and being a dick which I’m just using reskins of weapons. But I do think it would be hypocritical of me to just base it off of that, look, you shouldn’t be losing yourself with the temper, that is what makes people dislike you and I know that from experience (I’ve been here for a year) If this appeal gets accepted and you get a shorter or revoked ban, at the discretion of Tyz, then I hope that you can watch your anger upon your return. +1
  12. ^ this is another reason i think it should be lifted. why keep this guy banned for calling Swedish people "faggots and failures" when other people can put up swastikas and say "Praise Hitler," which is the guy who wanted to kill a whole race because he didn't like them, without any repercussions?
  13. I personally think that this should be lifted, so far (from what I know) we only really punish for racism if the person says the hard R, other wise I've never seen anyone else banned for using other slurs like "******", "ch*nk" or any other slurs by any other staff members. Why are we making an exception for this man? +1
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