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  1. +1 Since you cant really see the message in console to my knowledge
  2. it would ruin the balance of pvp and would majorly change how people fight each other -1 balance is already one sided in most cases however i love the creativity of this poll/suggestion blue keep this up homie.
  3. I want to make things right.
  4. yes i am no longer an asshole ive tried everything in my power to be a better person. I have found that helping people has more joy then hateful comments and reactions also jack congrats on Smod i dont know how long youve had it for.
  5. and i told rezti to ban my account after that
  6. i just came on to say hi to captian black and rezti to see how everyone was doing
  7. it wasnt my brothers account....
  8. Note: Its taken less seriously more then it was back then.
  9. versauce has a fuller gang then caliber people ten to go towards the larger guys
  10. biden i dont like biden tho im just trying to get money
  11. Id like to be able to switch player colors as sk to discourage metagaming with sk as many cops just arrest you without any sort of action that would make you look like that class i think also you should be able to switch cc fakes aswell because people ten to get mad and revenge interactions happen where "example :ember switches to cop to arrest white crow" it pissed people off on both party's either way a reduction of timer would also be helpful aswell or even a menu that allows you to switch the timer kind of like in real life where you can but a random # amount of roofies in some niggas cup
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