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  1. can't stand this dude with his weird ahh dove

  2. you could you make a reset event for mods and admins.
  3. Rest in peace our fishing buddy, let his legacy live on in TITSRP, He had many friends beside him along his journey. God bless him and his family. I would always go up to him at fountain and ask him "hey man, how are you" in the "early hours" we would just talk. He was a good guy.
  4. In the future when you are playing meth dealer you should report under this reasoning to prevent further issues however, you can at the moment report him in our report forum for IRDM or RDM considering you have no history of rule breaking I want you to wait out that ban and I want that guy warned for RDM if wasn't already warned. I Don't understand why both parties weren't just warned in the first place. DO NOT Do Violent Thefts (Ex. Player A shoots and kills player B because they are holding a printer. Events like Golden Printer are an exception)
  5. +1 for ban reduction For one reason only his history is clean other then that one IRDM, although you should most likely make a better appeal next time.
  6. Alright So since new information has come to light I shall grant you a +1 for unban from the discord although behavior similar to this situation CAN NOT continue. I see that you understand that your behavior was "misplaced" at the moment.
  7. okay sorry I didnt catch that.
  8. Who is this user? It sounds like you got off easy considering you could've caused the death of another TITSRP player. I feel like the lack of knowledge on your part could either mean two things. one you don't care. or two you legitimately don't know. I would love to see more information on this topic before I +1 this or -1 this. I've never seen something like this on TITSRP I feel like you got off easy once again. The topic of suicide of course is not a stranger to TITSRP, so I can also see how jokes about suicide can typically get thrown around. In this situation, it WAS real however if you're telling the truth about you NOT knowing then Id be happy to +1 this. just give me more information, please. Neutral until further evidence is provided or more information is said. Who is the User?
  9. So is there somthing that we could add to fix this rule to make it transparent and CLEAR
  10. DO NOT attempt to loophole any rules. Just because something isn’t written down, doesn’t make it okay. Staff have the final say in sits, if you disagree then you should appeal the decision on the forums, not in-game. this could be used aswell for any issues
  11. DO NOT attack a base member while raiding they must be both within eyeshot AND reasonably close to the base
  12. I'm pretty sure there was a rule about being with in ear shot of a person to defend a base, although I cant find it. so it must've not existed
  13. Sugar historically strives to not interfere with the economy although I don't have a direct quote, he has talked about it in a staff meeting. all you can do is take my word for it.
  14. I think the black market dealer needs change but not removal of commerce of any kind. Might I suggest a 1-3 hour period where things can be bought from black market? similar to the marketplace!
  15. For the sake of things being changed, not removed entirely. It would be cool to see sugar add on to these weird jobs. Sorry, I wasn't clear on that. But if nothing is going to change perhabs we could offer new and improved classes that replace the non-used ones for a more diverse pool of jobs. Adding more ways to gain XP is awesome in my book.
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