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  1. if you have any questions my discord is Don White Crow#5509 Note that i am perma'd from the tits discord so if you want to call me feel free to do so
  2. instead of an Npc i suggest giving the option of a menu of some sort to look at whilst your basing kinda like how you would ask to buy barrels whilst enchanting for the leader board tokens would be helpful for people like brother who are constantly spamming chat with "buying proc tokens for 1.5 mil" i believe it would make the market more fluid and easier to manage items in your bank aswell as your inventory I think having a couple next to the black market dealer would be a great idea and aswell as making a new way to make some extra cash
  3. if you wish for me to apologize to you personally my discord is Don White Crow#5509 im on 24/7 typically its hard to miss me on my PC
  4. I want to address firstly how long I've been on the server I'm pretty sure my first join was in October 11th, 2014 and dirty 35 warns over a course of 6 years I trying to say that in the tried them to appeal them each time so they didn't accumulate I couldn't really do anything about it and if it's my "minging" most people Minge I guess people don't like fun but I'm sorry about the 35 warns note that i've tried to apply for staff if that helps with the amount of remorse I give this i don't agree with the time i got banned for i think i should get a reducing i make suggestions all the time i participate mostly in all aspects of this server i try my hardest to make it a better place for new players constantly helping them when they ask for it hospitality is rare on this server to be honest most people who have this many warns have quit or have been toxic since day one such as zonks now addressing my attitude when i got pulled in to the sit i'm going to say it for all to hear i dislike fuel and how he handles things and i believe that sit was a tad biased i wasn't able to talk as fuel was rewriting the rules then and there and I think the sit caller made the ticket out of spite with the past quarrels me and fuel have had i think it was an unfair trail to begin with
  5. I think people like me should be able to appeal some warns without having to ensure they have screenshots from 2015-2019 and even then the mods have quit or don't remember i believe pass bans should be put in place before warns are i agree with the pass banning system but not with the 50 warn perma ban system i think 3-5 warns in a day would be enough to ward of toxic players from constantly minging and harassing people for some of my warns i cant even tell the year that it was made because the menu dosent stretch out that far i have like 33 warns and i'm trying to convince you guys to give some players a better way to appeal old warns through out the years I've only gotten like on average 6.6 warns per year i think because of the loyalty given to this server some players should be pardoned for ignorance for many have learned and grown to respect the server for what it is
  6. I’ve tried to confront him on discord with no responds so I had no choice other then to take its here I’m on vacation so I don’t care what happens either way
  7. +1 on everything becuase any major overhaul in general would be good
  8. He is all done so much for us is a hero of mine and of many others I believe that fuel is the hero that tits RP deserves for it is him that always comes to the rescue it is in him that is always active it is him that always respond to our sits. Staff lets all be honest the amount of sits fuel has taken in the last year is an incredible feat of perseverance in ambition although he is not given the most respect but showing Pride throughout the staff team he shows a great amount of respect towards everyone although not willing to work or learn for that matter with him or beside him he makes that you have a wonderful experience on tits RP - P.S: Please consider fuel as a head mod Thanks in advance - White Crow
  9. all the evidince i have is the vote ban so but i will tell you he was a cop class and he persued me the after i killed him then i killed him again thats when the vote ban happened please bring this man to justice
  10. White Crow

    Ice Tea Swep

    I believe the kissing swep is funny but adding a rape swep would make funny moments. i don't know why it was removed it was a good stable of this server seeing how a hobo-lord is fucking a master pet in one of the orginal server banners PLEASE BRING IT BACK
  11. Yes i was teleported to sitland with a Swat and cobalt but not the rdmed in question
  12. https://gyazo.com/3424579348c1e2d9f7a16b6e71dc5b28
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