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  1. We already talked about it in game and we settled it. Yung already told me it was unprofessional. I admitted it. I don't know why it matters that much to you. Have fun on the internet.
  2. In-game name: White Crow SteamID:STEAM_0:1:105020689 Your plans for Halloween: nothing tbh
  3. you have quite a lot of LTAPS can you provide what makes this situation different?
  4. UserAdminReasonBan LengthBan Date Unknown (STEAM_0:1:49942802) Seff Chigga (STEAM_0:1:161022117)LTAP | RDA1 Days2021-10-21, 9:46 PMUnknown (STEAM_0:1:49942802) cs.money (STEAM_0:1:89705960)RDM, LTAP1 Days2021-06-21, 12:16 AMBubbe Hate (STEAM_0:1:49942802) ⤠Its Ya Boi Green ⤠(STEAM_0:0:156758112)IRDM / NITRP2 Days2020-06-05, 2:27 AMBubbe Hate (STEAM_0:1:49942802) ⤠Spartan ⤠(STEAM_0:1:155417485)Extended to 7 days for Nightmare Fuel) Mass RDM | NITRP7 Days2020-05-22, 8:11 PMBubbe Hate (STEAM_0:1:49942802) Nightmare Fuel (STEAM_0:1:188456290)Extend to 7 days for Nightmare Fuel) Mass RDM | NITRP1 Days2020-05-22, 7:59 PMUnkown (STEAM_0:1:49942802) Kuntess (STEAM_0:1:189463666)Changing to Mayor's Assassin in PD, LTAP3 Days2020-05-19, 3:12 PMUnkown Name (STEAM_0:1:49942802) LeGerbs(STEAM_0:0:43157235)RDM | LTAP1 Days2020-03-28, 5:15 PMJulius Coids (STEAM_0:1:49942802) Spartan Cuckingson(STEAM_0:1:155417485)MRDM7 Days2020-03-15, 3:46 PMUnkown Name (STEAM_0:1:49942802) ItsMario(STEAM_0:0:102997486)RDM, LTAP, Extend to 3 days for Mario1 Days2019-06-03, 9:26 PMUnkown (STEAM_0:1:49942802) rubik(STEAM_0:0:21624885)IRDM|LTAP ( extended to 3 days for lean)2.96 Days2019-05-22, 8:08 PMUnkown Name (STEAM_0:1:49942802) Lean(STEAM_0:1:213886438)IRDM|LTAP ( extend to 3 days for lean)1 Days2019-05-22, 7:27 PMTom Bober (STEAM_0:1:49942802) A Friendly Canadian(STEAM_0:0:168539241)Misclick on names0 Days2019-05-15, 11:42 PMTom Bober (STEAM_0:1:49942802) A Friendly Canadian(STEAM_0:0:168539241)AMRDM | Falsely reporting other players | Lying in sit | Nitrp | Minge
  5. I've known people who have been perma banned for this reason I would just take a month break
  6. White Crow

    VIolent rdm

    The reimbursement may not happen as Rubik/sugar cannot interfere with the economy.
  7. he switched to bounty hunter seen here [19:04] 18:19:24 Player catbey19 switched from Juggernaut to Bounty Hunter [19:04] 18:19:29 Player catbey19 (Bounty Hunter) attacked Ford Fusion (PD Commander) with Spas 12 for 68 [19:05] 18:19:29 Player catbey19 (Bounty Hunter) killed Ford Fusion (PD Commander) with weapon weapon_spas [19:05] 18:18:34 Officer catbey19 (Juggernaut) cuffed Ford Fusion (PD Commander) [19:05] 18:18:14 White Crow (The Crow) warned catbey19 (Juggernaut) for RDM [19:05] i did warn him [19:06] the logs dont go back that far [19:06] i can take screen shots [19:07] 18:22:17 Player catbey19 (Fantasma) said I KILL HIM ONCE [19:07] 18:22:09 Player catbey19 (Fantasma) said HE KEEPS CALLING SITS FOR THE SMALLEST THINGS [19:07] 18:21:58 Player catbey19 (Fantasma) said BRO IM TRIED OF THIS KID [19:07] 18:25:11 Player catbey19 (Fantasma) said dude you should warn me twice [19:07] 18:25:29 Player catbey19 (Fantasma) said /ooc we need better admins
  8. you were warned for RDM and you went back I was spectating you making sure you didnt RRDM ford
  9. What can we do to improve the gang system/brotherhood of titsrp? we could very well make more options to the leader to add a certain character in there name to signify there in that gang Perhabs there can be armbans you can place on people.
  10. Accepted after talking with Fellow staff
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