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  1. I agree with what Isaac said you should've just resigned instead of doing all that. But yeah I would be fine with you coming back, I've never had any issues with you before. You did go rogue but at least you didn't start demoting all the staff below you, or ban everyone on the server, etc. +1 for unban/ ban reduction
  2. I was the one who banned you. Okay so normally we push education over punishment, but from the sit and what you said you knew what you were doing was not allowed. You broke NLR around 10 times to return back to that base, continually c4'ing it and RDM'ing the base owner. It sounded like you two had an issue, where you claimed they had RDM'ed you previous to you doing this. In the future if somebody randomly kills you or anything like that, just call a sit and let us handle it or leave it be. Do not start targeting them trying to get your revenge. Because the amount of times you broke NLR/ RDM'ed the player was pretty extreme, I will not be unbanning you, but I will shorten the ban length to 4 days since this is your first ban. Accepted, ban has been reduced to 4 days.
  3. +1 Yeah how they are now works but thats about it. I think they should be updated to make it easier for gun dealers to add/remove guns to them, and it would be pretty cool to make them customizable somehow so they don't all look the same.
  4. You don't have any evidence? I mean if you can't prove he was ignoring your sits then nothing can be done.... Also if there were other staff members on at the time why are you only blaming this on green? And do you know if green was AFK or not, or was he dealing with other stuff therefor unable to accept your sits?
  5. I do agree with Tene that this could end up causing issues if a lot of people start doing it. You make a very good point about bounty hunters & hitmen having a target inside. I've got to say though the escape rooms are really cool, I saw one of yours before & tried it. I'm not sure what yet but maybe there is something we can do so this guys escape room doesn't get constantly raided but also won't run into many of the issues Tene brought up.
  6. Yeah I mean honestly man there isn't really anything we can do unless you have some form of evidence to provide us with.
  7. This has happened to me a few times but I didn't notice if it was the same person or not. Honestly I just thought it was players accidentally selecting 2 people on accident, cause it would always have the actual reported players name first, then under that some random person not involved
  8. toosii


    you already have a ban appeal up, no need to post another...
  9. toosii


    -1 for unban You were banned for threatening to leak an IP address of a player.. And its not like this is an old ban, you were literally banned like 30 minutes ago lmao. I understand you may have stuff going on and be stressed I could even understand like just being a dick to people on the server or being rude, but threatening to dox someone is a different story. Maybe after a while try appealing again but since you were literally just banned I think it should stay that way for a while.
  10. meme/joke report - denied "I was confused & scared" lol
  11. I've got some more strange gems for ya, and i got a few artifacts. Once I see you in-game later ill trade you.
  12. The ban reason was for MRDM and NITRP as well. Do you happen to have any video of the incident occuring? I will send this to the banning staff member though, once they reply I will -1/+1.
  13. this is the hack he was using https://www.unknowncheats.me/forum/garry-s-mod/440743-times-hack-lua.html --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- these are the ban appeal(s) he lied in: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- this is the video of him trying to crash the server:
  14. It has been awhile since you were banned, and part of me would like to give you another chance. My only problem is that you have also previously been perma banned for attempting to crash the server, you have several bans regarding MRDM, IRDM, being a minge, MNLR, lying in a sit, and player toxicity... I really can't tell if you genuinely miss the server, or just want to come back and cause more issues for everybody. You had also alted previously while banned too... and you lied about what happened in previous appeals you made. "As long as you learned and understand what you did. Im willing to give you a shot... if you decide you wanna go crazy again you wont be unbanned." On the ban appeal you made after you got perma banned for attempting to crash the server (which got accepted) this is what you were told... that if something like this happens again you will not be unbanned. You coming back meant you had accepted these terms, then you were again perma banned this time for hacking. Because of these reasons I do not think you should come back to our server. You have been given more than once chance and it is likely you will end up doing something similar again. -1
  15. toosii

    Ban Appeal

    -1 for unban Since you don't seem to have any previous bans I would maybe be okay with shortening your ban but the way your acting in this appeal doesn't really look good on you... DDOS threats are taken seriously & it's clearly stated in our rules/ punishment guidelines. Also from what the banning staff member said you were told to stop but continued. Although you say you were joking others do not know this and think you could be serious. If you are unbanned let this be a lesson learned - don't do it again please.
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