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  1. Very well put, and I 100% agree about what you said regarding cp ban times. A 15 minute cp ban does next to nothing lmfao. So many people against this always just mention there are other jobs to RDM on, when random killing is a small part on why I think any cop job should have a time or level requirement. There are so many issues that random minges cause while playing as a cop that has nothing to do with RDM.
  2. Okay but the police job causes way more issues than people simply RDMing.. The biggest counter argument ^^^ being "oh well they could just switch to a gun dealer, hitman, etc" which is true BUT it would still prevent players from hopping on with the sole purpose of being a minge and abusing their role as a cop. While there are other avenues for minges to RDM - them playing as a cop is WAY more than just blatant killing people. So many times I have sits on randoms playing the cop job, false fining people, making multiple false arrests, cuffing people then running away, letting themselves into the PD and killing the mayor, uncuffing people who cops are in the middle of fining, stun stick abusing, etc... None of these type of things can be done by another job other than a police job hence why I think that all police jobs should have a time OR level requirement. It isn't just even just regarding minges, but some people are new to the server & unaware of the rules then go to play as a cop without really realizing what they can and can't do (whether it be on how to fine people the correct way, how to serve warrants on a players base, etc) so if they have to spend some time on the server before playing as a cop they could probably pick up on a few things and see how the role should properly be utilized. I have suggested this before, and even brought it up during staff meetings but it is always shut down. Regardless I still support doing this and worse case scenario it doesn't solve much, but it would not hurt anything if we tried this. +1
  3. If somebody is hitting you with a stunstick, you can kill them regardless of it dealing damage or not. Do you happen to have any video evidence of any of this though? I can understand killing a custom class cop not knowing that it is a police job, but after the first death did they not say anything in chat mentioning they are a cop and to quit? Also, if you look at a player all cop jobs will say [COP] before their name. I will send this appeal to Jazze to review for you.
  4. Can you provide any proof such as screenshots of the logs, video evidence, etc that proves these bans were false? Without any proof there is really nothing that can be done since staff have no way of telling if the bans were justified or not.
  5. Hello. I am not the one who banned you, @Jazze is. Jazze is a trial mod therefor they can only ban for a maximum of 1 day themselves, and if they want the ban length longer they have to request an extension (which is what happened here.) Your ban was never going to be just one day. That is why in your ban reason it stated "extend to 7 days for jazze." The reason your ban is a week long is because that is the default ban length of Mass RDM (killing more than 3 people without a valid reason.) Anyways though the staff member who has banned you has been notified and they will respond to this when they get the chance.
  6. toosii


    I'll send this appeal to the banning staff member for you, FYI though u cannot cuff people just to check if they have a bounty. Just view the bounty list!
  7. Yeah I asked for this to get fixed a day or 2 after they updated the tab menu lmao, hopefully they will fix it soon. The search bar does not work half of the time either as some players will not show up. Very aggravating for staff as you mentioned
  8. It is because he is standing on that ledge. Like at fountain, if someone is standing on top of a bench, or on top of the guard rails around the fountain than the bird poop will not register. I do not know why this happens & I'm guessing it is not intended to be this way but that is why. So it is not the quest itself that is broken, because if you pooped on someone standing on the street it would work.
  9. Do you have any evidence such as video recording or logs or literally anything that can help? Without any type of proof I'm not sure this ban will be able to be removed from your record to be honest.
  10. There are no admins with that name on the server, and your server profile shows that you are not currently banned or that you have ever been banned before?
  11. If you do not want to record, or don't feel the need to do so that is fine, shit I don't blame you for not wanting to do all of that. But at the same time when it comes to things like this evidence would really help. Right now all it will be is your word versus theres. There is no actual evidence or proof for anybody to view, therefor nothing can really be done to help you - we have no way of telling if Insurance Agent actually did anything wrong or not.
  12. Honestly I have to agree with others, I feel like it could def help NLR when it applies to raids, but also in some circumstances it could cause a lot of issues as well. the server I have played that have an NLR plugin where there is a circle you cannot enter after dying, it was very annoying and the NLR area was way too large
  13. Gonna go ahead and close this since the ban expired a few days ago
  14. What? You were warned for it a few days ago how would you not know it wasn't allowed?? Lmao
  15. Call the people you want to unban you retards, that should raise your chances of an unban for sure! Not sure what is retarded about what anyone is saying lmfao. We are simply asking for more information regarding the toxicity part of your ban, which you refuse to give. That leads me to think that it was something pretty bad so you will just not say what you did. If you were honest and transparent you had a very high chance of this getting accepted. Due to you not giving more information about your ban, and also displaying some toxic behavior in this appeal I think that the ban should stay. I think if you were unbanned you would continue to cause issues on the server and be a headache for staff! -1 for unban
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