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  1. CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAYS I would like to do some giveaways during the month of December in the discord. thinking of doing quite a few of them like 5-10 that would end on Christmas but i would like some ideas from the people about what you would like to see as possible prizes from those giveaways. Please Discuss your ideas/feedback below below! Some ideas that people already gave to me Suga Dollas $10 worth DarkRP CASH Steam games steam gift cards a month of supporter Discord nitro
  2. I completely forgot about the discord tokens. Thank you for the response it is well said!
  3. I do not know if discord does this but would you possibly have any email sent to you about someone trying to break into your account or a login from a different location from where you normally login?
  4. This needs to be moved to the Unban appeal section of the forums and you need to fill out the proper request to try and be unbanned from the discord channel
  5. I will hold off my decision for a day for two to wait and see if catbey has any valid proof of this voteban. but at the moment it seems like catbey got upset and votebanned you, looking at the "bad king" reason makes it look like hes just upset with you kicking him out of the kingdom. and the attitude he is displaying here on the forums only makes more me sure of that. Neutral at this point no evidence has been submitted on Catbeys behalf so i am going to change my decision to a +1 for a Vip abuse warn for Catbey if any new evidence is submitted i will change my decision
  6. Hello! i wasnt around during 2019 but i hope things are going better for you now! look forward to seeing you on the server
  7. No offence taken!, In the situation that I was talking to him about in the picture above I told him to use the vote kick system if sits are just not being taken at all like if staff are afk because during that time there were 2-3 staff online and afk at the time. However if sits were being taken which could be seen by staff bringing/returning people then he would just need to be patient. I have been in the situation before where sits will pile up so you just pin them and work your way towards the newer sits and if sits take a while it can seem like sits aren’t being taken. Sometimes sits can take a while.
  8. the -1 is my staff decision -1 means we want to keep you banned +1 means i would think that you should be unbanned also looking at the video there is a solid 8 second gap from when Isaac last shot the door and when he walked out not shooting any bullets. not sure why you think we are calling you a liar to protect Isaac. there is a clear video that shows the opposite of what you said in your initial appeal this never happened
  9. as i have said before lying gets you nowhere and doing it on an unban appeal is a automatic -1 from me you can clearly see in the video provided that after he killed you isaac walked outside and you immediately shot him there is no self defense going on there, that was intentional -1
  10. there is no job that just lets you openly RDM people. if you are talking about the spawn of hell job, it gives you 1 target to kill when you become the job and it highlights that player in orange,
  11. I see that you made this appeal like 11 minutes after you made your other appeal, did you mean to do that? or would you like us to remove the other one and just use this appeal. im a bit confused on why you made 2 of them Rubik took care of it
  12. i will wait to see what White crow has to say before i decide. but if this was the case i feel like it could have been handled better. yes you threw a grenade and killed 3 people but the fact that you tried to apologize for it shows that you werent just trying to minge and kill people and i feel like a warn would be a better way to handle it than just banning you for 7 days since its your first offense of this happening. were you brought to a sit at all before you were banned? or just left in the main town area? Edit... answered my own question i see that you stated you were never brought to a sit, this definitely could have been handled better
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