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  1. you are still ear raping with the boom boxes? havent you been talked to multiple times already to stop doing that...
  2. I just wanted to say something for this appeal if you don’t want this comment here just hide it I would prefer not to get warned on the forums. when I was still part of the staff team I tried to teach people about the rules and explain that “hey you broke this rule a couple times I’m gonna give you a warn for it please don’t do it again” unless they were just killing people and being a nuisance. But I wanted to really emphasize that just because they broke the rule doesn’t mean I’m going to just ban them off the server for breaking that rule. I’m just wondering for this guy that got banned, obviously more might be revealed when lean replies, but was it really necessary to just straight remove Remove his ability to play the server for five days just because he didn’t know about the NLR and try to walk back into the PD? It seems a bit excessive. Where a warn could’ve taken its place and us taking a moment to explain like hey you can’t do that and this is why
  3. I’m not really sure how the rule is “open ended” when the first sentence under the hobo rules is “You cannot build in the streets but you can build on the sidewalk“
  4. Are you in the discord? If so just ping @epicwafflehouse if you get on today
  5. If you are on tonight I’ll give you your money back for the deposit fees, I don’t do anything else with darkrp money so I’ll help you out
  6. I like waffles… that is all
  7. Hello andy i am the one who banned you. When I saw the report come in for the RDM that you did I pulled the player who reported you and then I spectated you to see what you were up to and check your ban/warn history then I saw you disconnect shortly afterwards. and when I looked at your ban history I saw that you are well aware that RDM will get you banned because you have quite a few bans in your history relating to RDM. Player andy123 (andy123 ) (STEAM_0:1:505027829) killed hobo box (Hobo Lord) (STEAM_0:1:576258261) with weapon tfcss_mp5 <14-03-2022 / 13:36:23> Player *andy* (STEAM_0:1:505027829) disconnected from the server <14-03-2022 / 13:37:15> -1 Don't Rdm People...
  8. EpicWafflehouse


    Sounds like it could be fun, but at the same time all I could picture is people with the jet packs grabbing the package and just flying away at maximum speed and the event is over
  9. Pretty sure those kind of sweps are against gmod TOS now
  10. looking at the logs posted you adverted the mug and killed them literally 1 second after the advert 3 seperate times. and thats just the kill itself not even when you started damaging them, which means like lewd said you are adverting it but giving no time to respond before just shooting them. that's just straight RDM -1 for unban
  11. where you moving around at all during this time or just clicking? like zesty said im pretty sure the afk checker only looks for movent, even if you are clicking or using your mic the game still thinks you are afk
  12. EpicWafflehouse


    in this scenario i would probably not warn the player, he has shown in his own clip that he is unable to see the crosswalks, which is why he arrested you for Jaywalking. i would advise for the future to avoid this happening again having someone put down there own crosswalks where they normally would be or have someone show you where they are so you could but them down yourself. especially if you want to Keep playing Cop classes. knowing that you cannot see them if you dont fix the problem by being able to see the crosswalks somehow (like prop ones that you or someone else puts down) this problem will probably come back again. -1 for warn
  13. Looking at the Comment you received the warn for i will be -1 for Removal i dont really see a reason to go to his profile and throw a jab at them for rep or the report they made. i agree with what Jay said Above. seems like the only reason that comment was made was just to be Rude and avoid getting warned for it on the main thread.
  14. bans can be removed from the list from Super Admins only. i will forward this to Rubik and Sugar.
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