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  1. Hello andy i am the one who banned you. When I saw the report come in for the RDM that you did I pulled the player who reported you and then I spectated you to see what you were up to and check your ban/warn history then I saw you disconnect shortly afterwards. and when I looked at your ban history I saw that you are well aware that RDM will get you banned because you have quite a few bans in your history relating to RDM. Player andy123 (andy123 ) (STEAM_0:1:505027829) killed hobo box (Hobo Lord) (STEAM_0:1:576258261) with weapon tfcss_mp5 <14-03-2022 / 13:36:23> Player *andy* (STEAM_0:1:505027829) disconnected from the server <14-03-2022 / 13:37:15> -1 Don't Rdm People...
  2. EpicWafflehouse


    Sounds like it could be fun, but at the same time all I could picture is people with the jet packs grabbing the package and just flying away at maximum speed and the event is over
  3. Pretty sure those kind of sweps are against gmod TOS now
  4. looking at the logs posted you adverted the mug and killed them literally 1 second after the advert 3 seperate times. and thats just the kill itself not even when you started damaging them, which means like lewd said you are adverting it but giving no time to respond before just shooting them. that's just straight RDM -1 for unban
  5. where you moving around at all during this time or just clicking? like zesty said im pretty sure the afk checker only looks for movent, even if you are clicking or using your mic the game still thinks you are afk
  6. EpicWafflehouse


    in this scenario i would probably not warn the player, he has shown in his own clip that he is unable to see the crosswalks, which is why he arrested you for Jaywalking. i would advise for the future to avoid this happening again having someone put down there own crosswalks where they normally would be or have someone show you where they are so you could but them down yourself. especially if you want to Keep playing Cop classes. knowing that you cannot see them if you dont fix the problem by being able to see the crosswalks somehow (like prop ones that you or someone else puts down) this problem will probably come back again. -1 for warn
  7. Looking at the Comment you received the warn for i will be -1 for Removal i dont really see a reason to go to his profile and throw a jab at them for rep or the report they made. i agree with what Jay said Above. seems like the only reason that comment was made was just to be Rude and avoid getting warned for it on the main thread.
  8. bans can be removed from the list from Super Admins only. i will forward this to Rubik and Sugar.
  9. I will be ACCEPTING this appeal, i will remove your warn shortly
  10. I don’t really have anything to Add jay hit all the big points here -1
  11. So when I first saw this get brought up I initially saw that it was a post on a topic that was roughly a month old and I thought OK this doesn’t really add much to this topic it’s kind of Necro posting and my initial response supposed to do a warn. but I was pinged A little bit ago and after looking at the original thread I noticed it was in the video/screenshot section and then thought ok this isn’t a very used section or a important section where we discuss things or suggest things to improve the server. and does this comment that was added negatively effect anything in this thread so much that it needs to be removed. And honestly not really I would be +1 for removing the warn
  12. So lets break this down 1. You started a false revolt that an Smod told you to end by respawning yourself but you didnt want to because you had a talisman on you. which you would have lost whether you respawned yourself or reconnected anyway. 2. you didn't want to listen to what they were telling you to do. so Jason killed you after telling you that if you didnt do it he would do it for you and gave you time to make your decision. which he then did to end the false revolt and then refresh the timer in case someone else wanted to revolt. would you rather be kicked instead and reconnect? 3. i can understand returning someone by accident after unfreezing them because it kind of becomes muscle memory after a while on unfreezing someone and then returning them. Failure To Comply Not listening to a staff member i can understand the warn since instead of actually listening to what jason was saying he had to do it for you.
  13. After checking on this i wil be ACCEPTING this appeal, i will unban you shortly
  14. You do make some good points I am asking the admin team their ideas on this to see what they think about the targeting aspect of it as well as the killing of someone using wishes on you aspect. I will reply back once I have heard what they think. Unless they reply directly to this post
  15. this ban is from 3 years ago so i will see if any of the staff remember/were around for this ban
  16. in this regard i would have probably warned for rdm as well. Mainly because you went across the map just to track down the player and kill them for using the cereal Monster and making you jumpy. I could see why he would call a sit because to him he was just using his class and then you came out of nowhere just to kill him.Especially since when a wish is used on you it doesnt say I should kill whoever made that wish or something along the lines of Kosing that player And the cereal monster isn't an infinite use thing they have to have the cereal available in order to make the wishes so it's not like they could do it to you forever. this does kind of confuse me, with the picloas job they just choose a player to be jumpy and thats it you never actually see the player you are using your wish on. but actually walking up to someone with the horn/slapper and launching them with it/ causing them to die because of it i feel like could be treated as RDM. because you can clearly see you are launching them into the sky.
  17. "Trolls got me perma-banned" just seems like you are trying to push the blame somewhere else. if you are expecting to be unbanned at least be honest and actually say what you did in the appeal. after seeing the messages that were posted by maze it just seems like you are trying to avoid saying what you specifically did to get yourself banned that being said, like isaac said your history is clean except for this so i would also support a reduction to 2Weeks. but obviously learn from this and know where saying those types of things is going to get you if you repeat what you did. if you are unbanned
  18. its me again, i let sugar know and he says he will take care of it as soon as he can
  19. This ban has Expired and player is Unbanned.
  20. once a ban is on the ban list i do not think we can remove it, i will double check on this to make sure. however if it was a false voteban we can always reference this post and know that it was false and it wont be held against you.
  21. i really don't know why you thought that was a good idea in any way. you can be sorry all you want. you still made the conscious decision to try and trick jay into clicking a malicious link -1
  22. so looking at your ban history It looks like this is your first offense of putting a NSFW link in the chat, since your ban we have updated the rules of the NSFW ban times from going straight to a permanent ban to NSFW Porn Link (Basic) (First Time Offender) - 2 Week ban with no appeal (Basic) (Repeat Offender) - 1 Month Ban with no appeal CP/Mutilation (First Time Offender) - Community Removal Unless anyone has any other information about why this player was banned other than just posting the NSFW link into the chat the ban could probably be lifted at this point and you would be able to return. +1 for now, unless any new information about the ban is learned.
  23. This appeal seems a lot more straightforward, I will give it +1 just make sure to keep an eye on your behaviour/ what you say in the future
  24. if no staff are actively on the server VIP's also have acess to voteban and votekicks. Looking at your ban history you are aware that Mrdming is against the rules and WILL get you banned for doing it. and the fact that you JUST got off of a MRDM ban as well justifies the ban length. -1 for Unban
  25. i can see how that would be kind of annoying to deal with from an RP standpoint especially if someone is just doing it for the purpose of uncuffing, just thinking of how that would be easily enforced other than having to pull up the party list and see whos in a party at the time of the sit. which in itself isnt terribly hard to do.
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