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  1. after talking with the smod+ team while the terms of the ban were still being discussed i saw how close a permanent was for the continued toxicity. RAY RAY said a lot of what i was going to so i wont repeat it. in my opinion if a removal was that close to happening i dont think a reduction is on the table just because you wish to be in the sever when a new update happens. Wait out the ban time and when you are able to return try out the new update then -1
  2. so what i am getting from this is you made a false sit for the purpose of Rdming the staff member who claimed the sit? sounds like a valid ban. -1 for now may change response based on what troy has to say im not really seeing how this was unprofessional on troy's part. making a sit just to get your target is not allowed becuase its calling a false sit and rdm in a sit. he told you it was not allowed and it seems like you wanted to fight that point for some reason but troy wasn't feeding into it and it seems like you started to get a bit rude at that point with him. i will be keeping my decision at -1
  3. Hello Nicoo, I was the one who extended the ban that was originally requested by meglo. As you stated in the report meglo is no longer a trial moderator and if it was like you said just an accidental kill while you were messing around with others it should’ve been a warn or a much smaller ban. I can see that this is your first instance of being banned for this type of thing and you have already served four days of your ban so I would be okay with reducing the ban and unbanning you +1
  4. there is not much evidence here and smelly's decision to ban you for 3 days was valid. at this point the ban is over in 1 more day so i would just take it as a lesson to not raid as a CP class, and be careful of what you are doing with explosives and catching people in the crossfire.
  5. alright so there is a lot going on here so lets break it down piece by piece 1st issue Taking your own sits. this is allowed on this server 2nd Issue Not responding to sits?/ Mod Duties this confuses me because i see at one point in the video you filed a report on the user for trying to kill you after cuffing. but after the first sit in the video he did say that any sit that you called he would let other moderators handle. and thats the only instance of this happening that i can see. 3rd issue giving the maximum ban time on a user with a clean record when the usual protocol is a 3 day is rather odd, Don't you think? Anything mass whether it be Mass NLR or Mass RDM is eligible for a 7d ban regardless of it being a first offense or not. 4th issue regarding breaking Rules: GoatNuts implemented a rule below in the screenshots stating no fines are allowed, this can be addressed to Goat about not breaking the rules are the mayor. 5th issue The ban for Mass NLR after talking with the upper staff to confirm there is NO NLR against Terrorists during Active terrorists attacks. which would make this ban False and warrant an unban just a personal note like jay said the attitude in the video did come across as VERY rude. especially at the end in the last sit. in the future i would recommend calming down a bit more to keep things under control. but that is a suggestion i cant force you to do anything,
  6. Don’t need to add much more then isaac said -1
  7. I asked captain for the logs, I will respond once I have had a chance to look at them
  8. one thing to note is that the "Crossfire" advert does not exist on this server even if you advert it it wont mean anything. you are still responsible for any person that you kill even if it was accidental. if it was really just 1 player that was killed then you should not have been extended to 7 days. i let captainT know since he is the one that originally banned you. and i will await his input before making any assumptions though.
  9. its a decent idea to have something thankgiving themed after We had the pumpkin update with the pumpkins you can smash for a chance at Legacy forgers, but I think it might be a bit much to try and make it a hostile entity with a fast respond rate because It might get in the way of players just trying to relax by fountain or it might also lead to a bit of lag with having hostile entities is constantly respawning around the map. Maybe there could be an update to the pumpkin skins and have them be like a turkey that spawns instead that would give you a chance to drop a legacy forger but that would be up to sugar.
  10. that had to be so boring
  11. so looking at this appeal i would like to bring all 3 into my decision Appeal #1 honestly looks like it was an attempt with no effort to attempt to be unbanned and i didn't feel even a shred of sincerity in that appeal. it looked like it was just "hey unban me because i was joking about a federal crime" also lying was involved in that appeal about the true nature of what you got banned for. this appeal was denied Appeal #2 was made 8 full months later in august. and it seemed to have a little more effort put into it. it seemed to be less of looking for a reason to be unbanned and more of a apology for how you acted in your past appeals and your unban attempt. you did acknowledge what you did and even accepted that it should not be used in a game. this appeal was definitely a step in the right direction in terms of really being honest with everyone on the staff team and showing why you think you can come back to the community, this appeal was denied but wasn't as harsh as the first one. Appeal #3. (Current) again this appeal is a step in the right direction, yes what you said in game was WAAAAAY beyond okay and warranted your removal and a ban from our community, but this time around this appeal Feels like a genuine attempt at laying all your cards on the table explaining where your life was at that point and what you have done to better yourself and prove that you are ready to rejoin the community. I feel like it would be worth at least giving you one final chance at coming back to the community now that you know the severity of punishments that can come from saying things like you did. I am hoping it is a lesson learned that will hopefully not repeat itself because if this final chance is squandered I doubt you will get any more chances to come back to this community +1
  12. without the logs with time stamps it is hard to verify the kills, yes we can still see in your screenshot of the console that you were killed but theres nothing there showing that he just killed you without you doing any damage to him or anything else like that that the damage logs could provide still the player should be talked to about the abuse of the voteban system so +1 for staff to talk to Zopyros for proper voteban use
  13. CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAYS I would like to do some giveaways during the month of December in the discord. thinking of doing quite a few of them like 5-10 that would end on Christmas but i would like some ideas from the people about what you would like to see as possible prizes from those giveaways. Please Discuss your ideas/feedback below below! Some ideas that people already gave to me Suga Dollas $10 worth DarkRP CASH Steam games steam gift cards a month of supporter Discord nitro
  14. I completely forgot about the discord tokens. Thank you for the response it is well said!
  15. I do not know if discord does this but would you possibly have any email sent to you about someone trying to break into your account or a login from a different location from where you normally login?
  16. This needs to be moved to the Unban appeal section of the forums and you need to fill out the proper request to try and be unbanned from the discord channel
  17. Just for reference
  18. I will hold off my decision for a day for two to wait and see if catbey has any valid proof of this voteban. but at the moment it seems like catbey got upset and votebanned you, looking at the "bad king" reason makes it look like hes just upset with you kicking him out of the kingdom. and the attitude he is displaying here on the forums only makes more me sure of that. Neutral at this point no evidence has been submitted on Catbeys behalf so i am going to change my decision to a +1 for a Vip abuse warn for Catbey if any new evidence is submitted i will change my decision
  19. Hello! i wasnt around during 2019 but i hope things are going better for you now! look forward to seeing you on the server
  20. No offence taken!, In the situation that I was talking to him about in the picture above I told him to use the vote kick system if sits are just not being taken at all like if staff are afk because during that time there were 2-3 staff online and afk at the time. However if sits were being taken which could be seen by staff bringing/returning people then he would just need to be patient. I have been in the situation before where sits will pile up so you just pin them and work your way towards the newer sits and if sits take a while it can seem like sits aren’t being taken. Sometimes sits can take a while.
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