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  1. Same, been hot with a little to no rain so far this year
  2. Simple question, just wondering how everyone’s summer is going. I hope it is going well
  3. I know basing has been brought up a lot lately, but I do not think it would be a good change, mainly because a lot of people who do actually raid a lot usually have really powerful guns and buffs that make defending already pretty tough as is, and then adding a chance for them to run in with some raiding tools like C4 or whatever just to die and then come back once it blows a bunch of the base up now gives them the advantage of having a clear way to get into the base or know the layouts it gives  more of an advantage to the raiding people, then just looking at this for the side of staffing, how would they be able to tell if someone had a respawn circle down or if they just ran back from spawn to come back to the raid and just said oh I had one of these. Overall I feel like it would just add a lot more people being upset that people can just come back to a raid after they successfully defend their base, and potentially people abusing the system  and be a headache for staff to watch over on top of everything else
  4. Now that’s a lot of debt, I will donate you some positive thoughts :)
  5. After reloading like 3 more times it’s working now I guess… will update if bug happens again
  6. All jokes aside combine and I think this break from the game will do some good for you, Garrys mod is a 10 year old game just meant to have some fun. And if just this one thing in the server is getting you so worked up and upset that it sends you into a spiral of emotions like what we see here I think you need a break in order to reevaluate some things in your life and figure out what you should really be focusing on and calm down. At the end of the day just remember it’s a game there are more important things in life to focus on and put effort towards , games are meant to be a nice relaxing break and a get away from life. use them as a source of entertainment and not a form of further stress!
  7. So my follow-up question would be is it frustrating because it’s taking too long? or is it frustrating because it’s not happening quickly.  I can definitely see the point of a new player to the server having to fish for 300 fish trying to finish one task getting  discouraged and giving up. but given that there is a month to complete the battle pass wouldn’t they be able to take some breaks try again another day to get that quest done and not sit there for eight hours just trying one task. I know some people myself included had some really bad RNG That quest but plenty of people got it done in under like 10 minutes. It’s not like when the battle pass is  out it is the sole focus that the players need to be focused on it’s just something that’s there if they want to complete it
  8. I’ve seen a lot of people making comments about being able to complete the battle pass faster, and usually it’s the people who completed it within like two weeks if not just a few days. I think people are forgetting that casual players who will  play for a couple hours here and there will actually complete it within the month, just a lot closer to the end. And people who grinded the pass insanely hard that played for 3 to 6 hours a day to get it done are obviously going to do it fast.  So why do you want the battle pass to be easier to complete when you still have like three weeks left in it? What’s the rushÂ
  9. you still have 3 weeks to experience it!
  10. I just finished the fall battle pass and was just wondering what is your feedback so far about the battle pass? anyone who has finished it and those who are still in the process of finishing it what are some of the difficulties you faced or levels you struggled with or just honest feedback about the battle pass?  ill simple it down to 4 questions feel free to add more information!  What level did you struggle with the most? For me it was the fishing quest for the alaskan Salmon i had to catch 1400 fish and that took a period of 3 and a half days to complete What did you like about the battle pass? I liked seeing the server actively focusing on one specific goal for the most part of working on the battle pas and seeing people share their information and advice to help those that got to hard levels. and personally for me it was nice having a very specific goal to work towards since i don't base at all and mainly just talk with people. What did you Dislike about the battle pass? Not much, having the lightning quests levels helped keep the pace of the battle pass kind of slow which was nice that way there was something to come back to and complete. Do you have any recommendations for future battle passes? maybe add 2 clear conditions for RNG quests. for example like "catch 1 alaskan Salmon" or "1500 fish". that way its not a super easy clear condition but it can be kind of a mercy for people with terrible RNG... like me. since catching that many fish took around 7-8 hours
  11. Im at 1200 fish JUST trying for the first one, using yacht and fishing buddy… the game is just refusing to give me that fish
  12. So that way when mayors get  elected that copy paste every single law that outlaws everything on the server and it is not a whole Lotta fun to play with we can just paid five mill to vote them out so we can actually do things again
  13. just got the the Atlantic salmon quest... wish me luck
  14. How dare you speak poorly of pepper jack cheese! You do not truly like cheese if you diss the pepper jack
  15. I somehow got a Second Miner Companion while farming today! i need some name suggestions for my second son! post them below Â
  16. I’m not sure how to react to a story about you murdering my companies mascot 😕
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