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  1. Ayo! I wuve tu jay! plz help me with that!
  2. Its showing your purple? I mean we talkin about the bs that ended up being bias? *Cough Cough*?
  3. Oh sorry. Your not staff anymore so dont hold back ❤️
  4. Ayo same.. explain lol since you were one of the reasons for it? If you cant then dont bother talkin xD
  5. I personally think every base (Rooftops) should always have a way to access to. Which newer players dont have jump sweps/etc will see a base that they cant get too and will prop climb to it.
  6. No. I wanna see whats in the cc editor
  7. well still. if a preacher fully blocked themselves in like that. I think its unfair considering its fully blocked off with invisible props and no way to get up there. We have no way to complete our hits/bountys if they can camp in a none accessable skybase.
  8. Hello, I would like to make a suggestion for skybasing. I dont think they should be allowed to fully block off themselfs and have no way to get in there. If you have a bounty or a hit on them. You cant do anything nor can you raid it. They got this invisible prop covering all around.
  9. Ayo! My name is "Maki" and I'm making this post to help raise me out of debt! Any donation would be very much appricated!
  10. @Jewann is the one that issued the ban. I was the one that extended for him.
  11. Sorry I didn't think of that at the time. You would have the video of Mega rdming me since it was around that time with the kingdom. I just talkin there when Mega rdmed me.
  12. nanights

    Donation Support.

    Thank you! I canceled it.
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