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  1. Hello, I just would like to suggest the road building to be limited to at least a car gap so vehicles can still get passed. Since the rule has changed upon building in the road for hobos.
  2. Display Shelves to make an actually gun shop in a building...
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    Weeb lifu
  4. cunt

    1. nanights
    2. 15g of lasagna

      15g of lasagna

      y you reply so damn fast get off da forums and go outside

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      Lol i deadasss just got home like 20 minutes ago 

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  6. Hey iron, When you see me on, send me a message I’ll show you some of my dupes and explain it to hopfully get your an idea for a base.
  7. nanights


    Most of us personally do not mind you having a public base ontop of the tunnels. (From the MOTD) Yes. You had no access to get up ontop of tunnel so I told you wheres the ramp. Everybody that has a tunnel public base needs access up there. When you first were telling me about having a base at the beach. I told you it was fine having a build at the beach. that isnt floating. When I saw that giant platform ontop of ocean tunnel I talked to you about it. I said a simple little ramp (3x#) for your diving into the ocean was fine. I personally do not mind you having it stick out a little unless I get told otherwise. I've told you if you wanted to build someone that big you would have to talk to an admin+ to get their approval. I told you I wasn't allowing that. Im writing this since you seem to twist words around. such you've never told me the whole story. Just telling me that Jewann was deleting your props at the beach. Not that you refused after he told you and that it wasnt even on the beach it was ontop of the ocean tunnel.
  8. I’ve always rp as a cop. Correct me if I’m wrong. You can’t make a law to randomly weapon check without a valid rp reasoning such check point. 911 call upon a victim that claimed they had a weapon or in PD. Randomly checking people would define as FailRP. Giving an example here. That’s like if a cop in rl just went up to someone and arrest them cause they just wanted too.
  9. Description: I've recently was informed that one of my models which has 100 HP and can raid for some reason does 50% less damage! which makes since why i thought Shotgun got reduced just now figured out why i wasnt doing so much damage anymore. The player models that i know that are doing reduced to now are: These are all 100 HP and are able to raid. - Model/player/creepergirl/sour_creepergirl_player.mdl (Creeper Girl) - Model/cyanblue/aoism9nee/kurotsuno/kurotsuno.mdl (Girl in tux with horns) - models/player/yamakaze.mdl (Light greenish hair) How to reproduce: Have one of these models on Priority: (High, Medium, Low): Medium
  10. Doe to all the negative feed back I will be declining this. Jewann is the original that issued your ban I was the one that extended it. You are also able to check who banned you by going to the bans tab and searching your steamid there.
  11. 😮

  12. This person here is a turtle

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