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  1. IGN: eye bleed cum Discord: god 2#6682 Favorite Candy: Haribo Gummy Bears :^)
  2. console banned many random people, all bans from this instance made by console should be checked to make sure there were no more false ones. for example, people that may not know about the forums or how to make an appeal. fix pls
  3. many random bans just went off, i live with this man and can confirm he was just fishing at the time of the server lag. fix console 😕
  4. If I'm not mistaken, the required amount of votes for unfun is based on how many people are currently on the server. I could be wrong, however, I feel like it would make more sense to make it a Yes vs. No vote, rather than just needing a certain amount of yes votes. I think a 50/50 would be unfair, and the advantage on the vote should be given to the mayor. Maybe require 65/75% yes votes against no's for it to pass? From 500 hours on the server I've never seen an unfun go through despite many people not having fun.
  5. I agree with all except for removing weapon modifier. With hoses spread throughout the map and with blood being self-obtainable, new players would be able to enchant just fine. Obviously not at the same rate as a player who can buy chems in bulk, but I feel like that goes for everything. For example, players with more money will have raiding tools, and a supply of weapons much greater than a new player; the person with more stuff will always have the advantage. I feel like weapon modifier isn't the main issue here. I also agree with slob on the topic of god food. If you're small, you're not invincible. If you're stealthed, you're not invincible. If you have a legendary, you're not invincible. If you use god food, you are invincible. It may only last 4 seconds but you can just use another, and all it costs is a plate and some cucumbers. I feel like invincibility in any game is extremely difficult to balance, but being able to eat one after another is a bit crazy to me.
  6. Something needs to be fixed, since c4 is very clearly bugged right now. +1
  7. There is currently a bug with the Modifier's forge where if you phys gun it, it sometimes creates a little invisible spot on the ground where if you walk over it, you get flung. From what I've noticed, this spot is usually where you originally had the forge before phys-gunning it somewhere else.
  8. I bought the goose model, it has 0 health despite smaller models having 30 or so, but that's not what this is about. It's that I can literally die while sitting in spawn. Like if I get shot/punched in spawn I DIE. My suggestion is to make that not a thing.
  9. Now that medics can no longer buy blood, there's a lot more weapon modifiers running around and pricking people on the street. Obviously you almost always die doing this, however, half the time you get shot and killed before you can even pick up the blood. The blood gets picked up by another player and then the weapon mod ends up wasting his time. If pricking dealt no damage to the enemy, the target would have no reason to kill the weapon modifier. For me, this would vastly enhance my experience playing as weapon modifier.
  10. Update: 'Changed the blood needed for Weapon Modifiers from 2 -> 1' I'm happy now
  11. Yeah, and if you got 2 blood every 30 seconds with the extractor on the dot, you would be getting 240 per hour. I can get a lot more chems than 240 in one hour. Not to mention people are gonna hoard blood until demand for it is so high that price goes up, then my job becomes more of a money sink than it already is.
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