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  1. i have never seen you make a good forums post/suggestion i think ever.
  2. "Personal attacks on other players should result in a 3-day ban - 1-week ban - 2-week ban depending on continued offenses/previous history" This is B3nz's first ban, like ever, I think they deserve a second chance. +1
  3. Merhaculous ------------ Merhaculous#7976
  4. I think you are looking into this a little too deep. He's was probably swamped with sits at the time as he was the only staff on, so I can understand why he did that. besides if you already know what to do ( "reach out to someone on the discord server about the forum reports." ) I don't understand why you made the sit in the first place. calling a sit to bring attention to a forums post is just not it. -1
  5. I actually kind of agree with this. enchant balancing is kinda yikers, but if you nerf enchants, all thats left is juggmini spam. Holy nade is good. but if this were to be implemented, i feel that raiders also kind of stay losing. i think material bombs/grenades should be re-introduced, but instead of removing the fences, they just removed the textures and colors.
  6. Winners 1st: Saiah 2nd: Ember 3rd: Doll Slut Special: Malicious
  7. +1 its fine other then what chesmond says imo
  8. I believe that there are client side workshop addons for this
  9. Please stop saying I cannot afford to give artifacts. I am not Extinct Species…
  10. Hello young chaps of titsrp and what not. Everyones favorite SMOD here, I will be hosting a giveaway and there will be cool prizes for people who enter, it’s a lottery so be sure to post your: IGN: Discord: Favorite Candy: Now onto the important part… Prizes: 1st: 10 Artifacts. 10 SBC Cannons. 10Million DRP 2nd: 5 Artifacts. 5 SBC Cannons. 5Million DRP 3rd: 1 Artifact. 3 SBC Cannons 3Million DRP Special Prize: ??????? ??????? ??????? Good luck getting picked! Lottery will be rolled on HALLOWEEN. If you win, you will be contacted on discord. Trick or treat!
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