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  1. i agree, that shit wacky
  2. what about the lego models, oh god. ALSO the mike model does full damage with 100hp which is kind of a scam considering is knee height
  3. Merhaculous


    look at this giraffe
  4. Wdym, who doesnt want to sell Souls swep for 2391 Darkrp cash? +1
  5. Merhaculous


    Sneaking suspicion you this is not your steam id Also https://gyazo.com/f273c94afac2197bd9d1654d4ce0d59b
  6. Merhaculous


    Ahem, You definitely did, I also wasn't the one who banned you. https://medal.tv/clips/57578794/d1337NFKQtW7 I did say that ***/****** is allowed on this server, and told the guy to leave you alone. I never pushed for a perma, in fact i wan't going to even punish you till you got kicked for prop minge, after i verballed you 3 times. THEN Isaac kicked you, and so i brought up the fact that you said you were booting the server down when the server ping was sky rocketing to 2000.
  7. Merhaculous


    I agree with the statements above, despite popular belief frisco wasn't actually that toxic of a person. ALSO the fact that frisco was banned when the guy who he was supposedly harassing didnt even KNOW it was happening, shows how little "harassment" he actually did, just throwing that out there. I understand that alting is a big no no, but I believe you deserve a second chance. +1 for unban.
  8. Please do something about this, this is the only way people do bounties these days, before the text for hunting even shows up, you are already being shot. https://medal.tv/clips/57485315/d13370kx2aD7 This shouldn't be a thing, its especially bad for new player who dont have armor so they just get 1 shot and can't do anything about it.
  9. Since Prestiges are now a thing in the game we should make it so you can buy the level 25 perk multiple times.
  10. Yes this is what we need. Right now there is no incentive to make money for anyone with a cc with like 4 slots, at all thats why the player base is dying out so quickly remember when we were at max player count?
  11. If Rubik doesn't mind the charge back, then i don't see the problem here. +1
  12. Merhaculous STEAM_0:0:212691193 Listening to ASMR.
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