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  1. Merhaculous

    Ban Appeal

    If I remember correctly, you mowed down 3(+) people, sorry if I am mistaken but didn't you just go into pd and light like minimum 3 people up? I am still going to reduce the ban though, only cause normal people don't care enough to make an appeal unless they ACTUALLY want to play the server. so I am going to REDUCE your ban by 4 days. Sound good? I look forward to seeing you unbanned.
  2. Nah, if I remember correctly you killed 3 people it was the undercover cop, mayor, and a swat commander. (Might have read it wrong, not like I can check now though.) I would be down with reducing the ban if you want to like 3-5 days though.
  3. Merhaculous

    Ban Appeal

    Hey, so I know you guys were going at it in chat for hours on end, you guys had been battling it out all day in chat and then I was like "damn, I guess I'll be the one to handle this." Seeing as I am friends with both parties I didn't want to have a bias opinion, CaptainBlack came up to me and repeatedly told me to take his sit so I was like okay dude. But the thing is, when i went to bring you, you were offline, and I dont know your discord, or I would have told you to get back on for a sit. Again, I have nothing against you. I just wanted another staff do deal with it since I like both parties. thats the reason I didnt take youre sits against eachother. Anyways I am going to ACCEPT this, the only reason I banned you was because you were not online, and I had no real means of contacting you. Thats the ONLY reason for me banning you, I would have liked to talk things out but you know.
  4. Merhaculous

    Bank NPC

    Now that we have CC Editor and other NPCs as items we can set down. I think it would make sense to have a tits bank npc as well, I hate having to leave my shop to go grab more enchanted guns to sell. I think it would be a nice addition to server. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.
  5. Merhaculous


    we need piss swep
  6. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:212691193 I Play all day everyday, I gamer game and shit. my birthday was 2 days ago and i will be visiting family on christmas.
  7. i cropped it wrong, it says "this true?"
  8. Kevin, because all my homies love kevin
  9. +1 please, I hate the dumb piss yellow color
  10. I've gotten a warn for it unfortunately... +1 on the idea though
  11. IG: Merhaculous Discord: Merhaculous#7976 Halloween: Sleeping
  12. REeces that shits fire, like the cups oh my god shit so good
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