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  1. He represents the fake people, your jordans would understand...
  2. Literally a copy paste, im so dissappointed in you shit ass, you should know better as a person of the mug italiano community, Reapply in 2 weeks -1
  3. In-game name: Keter SteamID: 76561198385648114 Your plans for Halloween: Gonna kick the friday night funkin kids in the head
  4. minecraft jenny sex mod?!?!?!?
  5. yyyes we can do bbq and grill from mionecradft
  6. Rl Craft, or Factory mods, we can rule the economy in the mc server as well. +1
  7. Guys hear me out!!! bank manger shouldnt be able tp bnase idnb s the bankol fguys!~!!! That shit dont even make sense, is this a shitpost?
  8. Its that kinda weird how you have all the videos cropped? I just think its kinda weird how the only problem in the second video is your watching fortnite in the theater.
  9. i agree, that shit wacky
  10. what about the lego models, oh god. ALSO the mike model does full damage with 100hp which is kind of a scam considering is knee height
  11. Merhaculous


    look at this giraffe
  12. Wdym, who doesnt want to sell Souls swep for 2391 Darkrp cash? +1
  13. Merhaculous


    Sneaking suspicion you this is not your steam id Also https://gyazo.com/f273c94afac2197bd9d1654d4ce0d59b
  14. Merhaculous


    Ahem, You definitely did, I also wasn't the one who banned you. https://medal.tv/clips/57578794/d1337NFKQtW7 I did say that ***/****** is allowed on this server, and told the guy to leave you alone. I never pushed for a perma, in fact i wan't going to even punish you till you got kicked for prop minge, after i verballed you 3 times. THEN Isaac kicked you, and so i brought up the fact that you said you were booting the server down when the server ping was sky rocketing to 2000.
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