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  1. -1 for appreciation. We do not tolerate randoms on this server. You say today is to celebrate his skill but can he beat goku?
  2. Add in game rep and first join date to the $info discord bot command.
  3. Merhaculous

    Ban Appeal

    -1 You should have just appealed it instead of alting. You probably would have gotten a reduction at least.
  4. As someone who has been in contact with BunBun and QuinQuin the entire time, can confirm they are different people +1 for unban/reduction. But you shouldn't have alted after that was cringe and not good
  5. Recent Events and Administrative Failures Neutral
  6. -1 actually so dogshit this reads like a glarry post. Trespassing and raiding should still be the same thing cause theres no way to prove just visiting.
  7. He keeps better stealth all other talis, food, and all equipment including guns, enchants, and sweps. Is this just not an intentional game design?
  8. Isnt that like, the way pd stealth is supposed to work?
  9. Merhaculous

    Ban Appeal

    Upon learning more about who you are and your past, I don't think you should be allowed to come back, like probably ever. -1
  10. Wowie this looks very cool and swagger
  11. Its a skill issue idk why youre banned, shouldn’t have been banned in the first place imo +1
  12. He was unbanned in game, not on discord. +1 for discord unban.
  13. -1 improper sit behavior. You cannot rp in sitland, that includes warn bind killing… silly goose. Also it’s 2 days. Take a break.
  14. Denied. I have also specifically told you not do do that like multiple times. and I mean MULTIPLE. I'm surprised that this is the first time someone took action. ALSO STOP HOLDING BLEED SWEPS TO FULLY TURN INVISIBLE WITH THE MODEL.
  15. this posts sounds like someone got demoted by a hacker and is mad and crying about it. -1 Just kill them (example of how is given by Mr. Piklas [Smerexy's clip{Just do that to the hackers in mayor's office}])
  16. I like how he says the clearly thick wall that could be hiding stuff... as if they arent obviously solid and not hollow. I actually just dont even see the issue here. -1
  17. Denied, This appeal is poorly written and you don’t seem even remotely sorry for what you did. You probably wouldn’t have even gotten a warn if you would have not acted poorly in the sit, i don’t see any reason why you should have even tried to appeal this.
  18. just switch it out for something, you still have the slot...
  19. I can legit Screenshot artifacts that i have that are out damaged and firereated by juggminis, they should not be that strong as a base gun.... +1
  20. i cannot reap the benefits due to my age also not real math
  21. they really do be at 3am for me which is like the worst time it could be.
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