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  1. Sixnut

    TitsMC Ideas

    1.7.10 mod pack
  2. Sixnut

    Banned for MRDM

    Please stop getting off topic. This was clearly a mishandled sit.
  3. Sixnut

    Banned for MRDM

    A motive for what coba was talking shit to me in discord assuming I was someone else so I said so not so friendly words back to him and got banned seems quite different from killing people on a gmod server.
  4. Sixnut

    Banned for MRDM

    This ban just happens to be clearly false considering the sit.
  5. Sixnut

    Banned for MRDM

    and what motive would I have to lie and get unbanned I don't even play the server there would be no point in lying to avoid a ban.
  6. Sixnut

    Banned for MRDM

    I was being shot at while raiding and it seemed to come from a lot of places I clearly didn't intend to rdm which is why I would make an appeal considering only one person made a sit and forgave me makes this ridiculous.
  7. Sixnut

    Banned for MRDM

    Can you please show me what you're talking about so I can explain it? Show the death positions please.
  8. Sixnut

    Banned for MRDM

    I believe I explained myself quite well in the sit but you ignored everything I was saying.
  9. Sixnut

    Banned for MRDM

    Can you show the positions of the deaths?
  10. Sixnut

    Banned for MRDM

    As I said I killed that guy on accident and ask h3nry I wasn't mrdming at all clearly this is poor staffing when there was only one report and I was forgiven in the sit.
  11. I didn't MRDM I had a lot of kills so tyz assumed i mrdmed which I clearly didn't considering there was only one report on me and the guy who reported me asked to give me a verbal.
  12. Hello Guys. I have resigned from SMOD position. Let us talk about our feelings on what's currently happening on the server.
  13. Warns are expired by now +1
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