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  1. Okay I'll start with you in spawn asking if anyone had an SBC cannon for you to use, you then proceeded to ask me "can you and the other staff members get off for a few minutes". Once I saw the kill feed and a sit pop up I could only assume it was MRDM so after Saiko claimed it I asked if I could watch the sit and he asked me to come help. Once I was given the info about what happened I consulted with another Smod about how long your ban should be and we came down to 2months because of you just came off of your 2week MRDM ban. You were also mic spamming in the sit which doesn't help your case as to why you should be unbanned. DENIED
  2. Shovels are one of the dumb weapons you use as a joke not something that's so OP that you would raid with. I think they're funny to use and should stay the same -1.
  3. He shot me with a trisha lmfao
  4. Sixnut

    Embers Ban Appeal

    I feel like you understand what you did wasn't very intelligent and you can see what your mistake was. The ban itself could have easily been avoided but you seem sorry as long as you stop minging as much as you did before and realize your mistakes I'm going to +1 for unban for now. In the future just be more mature and don't alt a ban. I'm going to +1 for a 1-2week ban reduction
  5. I'm aware All my homies love frisco
  6. Helping players while perma banned thanks Frisco
  7. I did, do I qualify now?
  8. https://gyazo.com/f4e05ee45dcdd3903c614ba19405740f
  9. You're a known minge who lies in sits not saying you were lying in this case but I didn't really handle your sit mav came to me and I asked if they wanted the sit and they took it over so I'm not sure why I'm in this report.
  10. You want to be equal with everyone else even thought you don't put in the same amount of work? How is that fair when they grind all day and you just rp?
  11. CC weapons being reskins is boring, but I don't think people should be able to add op weapons and not sell it so they have an advantage. I think we should be able to add unique weapons that kinda change meta so we don't have to use the same weapons every fight.
  12. After reading this appeal I can see how sincere you are in your apology and how you've tried to change to improve yourself. It's been 2months since your ban and it looks like you have improved and realized that you have to take responsibility for your actions. I want you to have another chance in this community and I hope others think so as well I think everyone deserves to try and better themselves. For those reasons I'm going to +1 for unban.
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