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  1. Sixnut

    false ban

    Accepted Ban reduced to 2 days plus an apology to the community.
  2. We already got something in works to get a fishing/chem barrel thing at fountain for him where he spent most of his time
  3. Many of you might not know who Kotos is but if you did you would know he was a good guy. He recently passed at his young age. He spent most of his free time on TitsRP and going to the gym. You might know him from fishing at fountain all day or having the chem barrel leaderboard however you know him I'm sure you knew how good of a person he truly was. Kotos is an older player so many of the OG's will know him he was a staff member a few times as well I just thought I'd make this post to morn the loss of one of our own. RIP Kotos He always gave us great laughs and will be missed.
  4. Unban me or the masked bandit will make a return >:)
  5. I miss the old bruhther
  6. Comment your favorite Gavin moment..
  7. Used to be able to when the server was good...
  8. Plus the fact if you saw his other appeals/ reports all the videos he would post would be of him being a dick to the staff/players This is all you can find of those videos now since he started appealing Very clear -1 to come back to community his rep is -132 for a reason the community/staff didn't want him here.
  9. @Sugar TitsMake it happen
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