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  1. Sixnut

    Ban Appeal

    I extended your ban the banning staff member was Fraser I will forward this to him.
  2. Sixnut

    Frisco Harassment

    This doesn't seem like harassment, it looks like he called you an alt I think it would've been better just to mute him or call a sit. Also admitting to being an alt doesn't usually help. -1 for punishment
  3. Sixnut

    Retzi (Loli)

    Hi Ed, Retzi, and Blue
  4. STEAM_0:0:94293667 Hanging out with family and friends I don't have enough money to get the rank and I always play the server. The giveaway is a day after my birthday
  5. Sixnut

    Admin abuse

    I'm going to go ahead and deny this at this time because this wasn't rdm or abuse. You shot my party member and I defended, which I showed in the screenshots above. DENIED
  6. Sixnut

    Admin abuse

    https://gyazo.com/b812541e1687409a6d77a8b8f880ce50 https://gyazo.com/0ff7c4f0f0a9b9ffd14d867ba87bf6d5 https://gyazo.com/825ebf2de1d9cba23e9bd7f68ee53467 You shot my party member, then I called party assist and killed you.
  7. +1 Both the people involved forgave you and you seem sincere.
  8. -1 for change. I've played sk a lot and I think it's fine how it is.
  9. Sixnut

    50MIL Giveaway

    Trump gonna win cause I said
  10. +1 Great idea, I'd much rather this than watch someone pull out a SBC and I can't shoot them because they're not on doors or party binded yet.
  11. Sixnut

    Giveaway poggers

    Ig: Sixnut Discord: Sixnut#0169 Halloween: Sleeping in a call with you
  12. Sixnut


    After reading through these comments and what Skii said I don't think you should be perma banned. I think what you said was incredibly dumb and shouldn't have been said in the first place with that being said you also didn't say it within TitsRP. I believe if you say something not within the sever you shouldn't be punished for it. I'm going to +1 for reduction but seriously think before you speak and remember that actions have consequences.
  13. Sixnut

    Embers Ban Appeal

    Okay so I'm going to start with you spelling a slur with armor packs. You shouldn't have done it obviously, it was dumb to say the least. You knew what you were doing but, I think after the 2months you would of been banned with the new rules in place I believe with the time served you should be unbanned. You shouldn't have alted in the first place but if we considered this situation with the new rules you would have just gotten the alt banned plus another 1month ban. So I personally believe you've served your time and I +1 for a full unban. I don't think you'll cause problems when you return to the server considering how good you've been lately.
  14. Correct Twix do be fire
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