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  1. I agree with your map changes and the removal of the crazy number of gun archetypes on the server, these sound good. I disagree with almost everything you said. I disagree with the removal of CSS knives mainly because it's not a very big download anyway. I heavily disagree with the removal of movement sweps. The map is fairly large, and removing movement sweps screws over all players, both ccs and otherwise. If anything, movement sweps should be buffed and made to be disabled during combat (which already exists). In my opinion, the master stalker is fine the way it is. I see where you're coming from with the fact that it's fairly obvious that it's the big teletubbie stalking you, but it becomes incredibly annoying to take the damage and have your screen shake, and it becomes even worse when you can't tell who's doing it. Lastly, while I agree with the PD Locker addon (we actually used to have this addon back when we used Downtown v2, the removal of the police jobs is completely unnecessary.
  2. I appreciate the time you took to write this. I actually agree with many of the counterpoints you offered, the problem of broken dupes is certainly an issue now that the new map has set in. I believe that with enough encouragement, people will have no problem going back to the old map, making the new dupes will not necessarily take too long, and people most likely still have their old dupes. I really like your idea of limiting the number of personal cc items a class can have. Obviously, people can get more than 5 by trading to have the sweps of others, but placing a limit on how many sweps that can be owned by a user is a good idea. I also think that SWEPs and models shouldn't be counted as the same for this limit counter. In addition, the idea of making all cc sweps findable through any of the means you listed is a good idea. Maybe for lootboxes you can add the category of "Random CC SWEP". For your point about deflating the economy, I both agree and disagree. I agree on your points that certain things should be more expensive, but you failed to mention that printers should also earn you more money. All of the things you listed that should be nerfed, such as prices and value of barrels and fishing should be nerfed as there's no way for other players to stop you, but printers are the cornerstone of DarkRP. The batteries used to fuel them could use a price increase, but the printers themselves should receive a buff in power and printing speed. The reason being that better printers translates to more people basing. If we want the server to be more than people just running around the map, we need to give them a reason to make a base, because right now the only people who base are those that just joined the server, and they get instaraided. To allow new players to prosper, we need to make basing more powerful so more people base, and make CCs not allowed to raid new players once again. On the question of the VIP price change, I'm actually not sure how often you see VIP players when you look at chat, but back when I played it was like 70% of players. That's why I believe the price is fine where it is, but if you guys login and see barely anyone with VIP, by all means change the price. This may also be due to the fact that there's no donation shop right now, which should be added back. For your point about making /roll local and not public, I'm not sure why lol, why would you think making an RNG counter local on your PC would be balanced. Unless by that you mean local chat instead of public chat? Yeah that's probably what you meant, and in that case I still don't agree. Sometimes people like to do a "First person to roll a number between X and X gets X amount of money". The problem of allowing a higher prop count isn't someone potentially crashing the server, it's the number of entities assigned per user. We have a max of 100 players, multiply that by 90 and you get 900 possible props. There's some other math here that I can't remember at the moment, but Sugar has stated it somewhere and it won't be happening most likely. "POSSIBLY add a monthly tax to owning a CC that is worth more than 50k Darkrp money, if the player doesn't pay that monthly tax auction ownership off, and allow original owner to get some of the profit" I disagree with this for obvious reasons. Giving away ownership of a class from someone who spent time and money to buy it is never a good idea. I agree with pretty much everything else you stated, there might be a few things I didn't catch but I believe I read all of it. Thanks for your feedback!
  3. [before replying to anything, please read all posts on the thread as I may have revised my stance on something since writing the original thread] Hey, I'm Blacnova, an ex-admin on the server and I've come here today to give you my thoughts on how to revive TitsRP. Some of these thoughts may seem controversial, so feel free to discuss below and I'll give you my feedback on it. Please keep in mind that all the ideas I say below are from my four years of experience on the server, and I'm pretty much just quoting what the server was like a year and a half ago (when it was basically perfect). Once again, please keep in mind that these are just my opinions based on experience, no need to get angry and say "You don't know what you're talking about" or "You're inactive so your opinions are invalid", because, while it is true that I probably won't be coming back to the server if these changes are added, I still have a connection to the server and would like to see it prosper. So TitsRP has had a long history of almost five years of being in business. This server has gone through many changes, especially including map changes like Downtown v2, Evilmelon, Evocity, and now the custom Tits maps. I'd like to suggest something completely optional: go back to Tits v1. In my opinion, the current Tits v2 map is way too vast, and offers nothing truly unique other than more room and a few secret spots. Now, I understand if the community prefers staying on v2, and this is pretty much the only suggestion that I view as completely optional, the rest are pretty much necessary if you want the server to go back to being like it was before. Next up is a doc made by T1K, me, and Jawson at the beginning of January. We were going to release this thread but never found the chance, so I'll link the doc filled with a lot of good suggestions. I may repeat some of the things below, but I believe you should still read the doc as it explains many aspects of the problem: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G8EMWEBXnluVHtkTZUiKLGl7CkUr6Fm19vS2vkY1a00/edit?usp=sharing Below is my explanation of why the server doesn't feel good to play on anymore: What I'm about to say here is probably not the best thing to bring up as it's a hot button issue in the upper administration, and I was even agreeing with Sugar for a while. I wish I didn't have to make this the first thing I bring up, but many of my points below predicate on this topic: Rebuff custom classes. Custom classes have felt like nothing but avatars for a long while now, and that was not the original purpose. Custom classes were never really an issue, and I really believe that they should stop being treated so shitty. To do this, I suggest undoing the price quadrupling of cc stuff in order to bring everything back down to the scale of $15 for new cc stuff being added, $5 for stuff to be added to the class, and yes, I just said $. Bring back the donation shop, the server needs a developer and that is the way to fund him/her. Now, I understand if you guys don't want any money and don't want donations, but the server itself needs a way for players to give money for items, especially considering how shitty basing has become (will be spoken about next). A solution to this is to make the donation link automatically redirect to a charity, so the server will receive no money directly while users will still be able to donate for stuff. In addition, please undo the "no more non-gun cc items". Allow people to buy things like speed sweps (sparingly on a case-by-case basis), and grenades. These things are needed to make custom classes useful again. Of course, don't make damage values of guns greater than the normal weapon base damages, but non-guns are needed. Lastly in this section, undo the hard nerf done to movement sweps. The master sword and lightsaber were nerfed so hard to the point that they're basically useless to do anything other than jump around every once in a while, and don't even get me started on the movement speed sweps. The movement speed sweps are basically just sweps that zoom your screen out and make you think you're running faster at this point. Buff printers so that you can get at least $30,000 per hour at base level Rebuff the rate at which the civilian bank increases your deposit Make insurance protect only your initial investment, one time before you have to buy it again Make it easier to raid the civilian bank, as in go back to making the bank heist leader have the sole ability to extract money from the bank and there's something on his class that gives him the ability to do so Make only CPs and Bank Guards/Bank Owner able to defend bank Leave raiding and basing alone, if people want buffs then go ahead, but otherwise stop making it worse Another hot topic: staff. Our current staff team is incredibly inactive and uncaring imo. They don't take sits, and they really don't care about anything other than obvious Mass RDM/Mass RDA, or of course when people say mean words :@ :@ :@ . Staff need to start taking sits, and in my opinion the only way to do this is to provide incentive. If staff take sits, they need to gain more than $1k every 20 minutes, as this is a joke for most staff. I'm not sure what other incentives can be given that wouldn't be abused, but I'm sure with enough discussion we can figure it out. [OPTIONAL] Next, please get rid of Senior Mod, it was only even added in the first place because people were getting bored that they weren't getting admin. Instead replace it with Moderator Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. All of these would have different respective permissions and do different things, these different permissions could vary from having different ban times, up to literally having different roles in the community. Then have a few Head Moderators to deal with promotions and demotions as well as taking care of staff not taking sits [OPTIONAL]. To do this, the Head Mods would need the !allsits command to be added back, which is a necessity. I'm really not sure why it was removed (I do know why, but it was a bad reason). Another thing I want to bring up, but it doesn't warrant its own thread is that you guys need to stop being strict with the rules. Remember that this is a Garry's Mod server, you're not a literal government that needs to do things for specific reasons. Rules exist for the sole purpose of ensuring that the playerbase isn't alienated by one player or a group of players. So please stop acting as if someone doing a tiny thing wrong requires an automatic punishment, if it harms no one, "Let It go~~~". Lastly, please stop caring so much about staff inactivity. You guys are going overboard with this, and it is ruining staff morale. Inactivity for demotions was originally added during the period of Zesh, and it was because he was getting old mods to come back and mass ban, so we added an autodemoter. You guys act as if being inactive for a month means that the staff has completely forgotten how the server works, and that there have been such an insane number of updates that they have no hope to actually catch up. In my opinion, the inactivity timer should either be removed and handled on a case-by-case individual basis, or changed to 6 weeks. Well, that's pretty much all I have to say, I'll be replying to your posts below if you'd like me to. I'd also just like to take the time to thank T1K and Jawson for inspiring me to make this thread. Again, here's the doc that we worked on earlier this month and that restates some of the things I said here, and has some more stuff as well: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1G8EMWEBXnluVHtkTZUiKLGl7CkUr6Fm19vS2vkY1a00/edit?usp=sharing
  4. She posted the whole photo, I simply took a screenshot of a specific portion of the photo that she posted because I thought it would be funny. The fact that she posted her DMV ID means literally nothing. We can't do anything with it unless we happen to have her social security number... oh and we have to look like her. Now, as we've established that the ban clearly doesn't fall under the guideline of Rule #7 (what I was banned for in the reason), I guess I could argue against Rule #17 if you'd like as well. I reposted her photo under the pursuit of comedy, a specific portion of the photo I thought would get a few chuckles, especially considering that she pointed out that the permit was old, and I therefore assumed it did not matter. Also, not to be rude or anything, but anyone with eyes would notice the ID with one look at the picture. It is clearly displayed and everyone knows what a license looks like. Again, if she had expressed anger, annoyance, wanted us to stop at any point I would've immediately done so. She really just didn't seem to care, and I don't understand why I'm being punished for clipping a part of a photo that was posted by the person it belongs to. Also, I'm not focusing on the specifics of the rules. The rule has three simple parts to it: 1. If the user gives you written permission to post their pic you may do so. 2. If someone that has permission posts the pic (including the person who owns the pic), everyone else may post the pic. 3. If asked to stop, please stop. My logic works with parts 2 and 3, and I'm focusing in on these because they were the reason that I had posted the pic in the first place. If those parts of the rules weren't there, I would not have posted the pic. All of my reposts of the image followed the message above from a senior mod.
  5. Your Steam Name: Blacnova Your in-game name: Blacnova[/b] Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:66142484 Discord Name/ID: Blacnova#0001/123920971085250563 Why were you warned/banned?: Not Getting Permission To Post Someone’s Personal Info | Rule 7 Why should you be unwarned/unbanned? : The user in question, Yuki (not sure what her full username was) posted a pic of her driver's license. This led to like 5 people including myself reposting the picture in #general. I believe I posted the pic a total of three times before I got bored and went back to watching youtube. Imagine my surprise when I came back and saw that I was banned from the discord, especially so when I wrote the rules and was the tenth person to join the discord. Now I realize those two points are irrelevant, but I say them in order to show you that I know what I'm saying, and what I did did not break any rules. When I was drafting the rules I imagined that something like this may happen, so I implemented that safeguard at the end of Rule #7 that we all know and love (if you are asked to stop pls stop kthx). Yuki never asked anyone to stop posting the photo, if she did I would've gladly obliged. I assumed that since she was talking along with us while we were memeing the photo that she didn't really care. Rule #7 clearly states: 7. Do not post the picture of any server member, unless you have written permission. This will lead to an immediate permaban. However, if someone posts a picture with permission, everyone else now has permission to post that picture (if you are asked to stop pls stop kthx). Pay attention to that underlined portion and realize that she posted the photo first, then did not tell anyone to stop posting it, therefore we had permission to post it. What I find interesting is that while we were posting the photo and joking around, a few senior mods were talking alongside us and either didn't seem to notice, or didn't seem to care, TBH I wasn't really paying attention to them. I just don't see why I was banned on the spot without any staff saying anything. To ban such an OG member of the community without even a second thought and without a valid reason is pretty baffling to me. To the admins reading this: Please leave your feelings about me aside for just a moment and think back to the heart of the rules. They clearly say that I may post a photo if someone else posts it, but only until asked to stop. I was not asked to stop, and therefore did nothing wrong. I'd also like to point out that I was chosen as a figurehead and was the only one banned of the 5 people that also posted it. Who warned/banned you and for how long?: I was banned by TheGrapeWarrior permanently. Evidence: https://i.imgur.com/LSdh69t.png
  6. You can appeal bans by going here: https://titsrp.com/forumdisplay.php?fid=18 Please make sure to use the proper format: https://titsrp.com/showthread.php?tid=1325
  7. October 8th Removed from Advert Rules: You just attacked/cuffed/arrested my party member When this rule was added a few days ago my intent was not to allow people to advert counter and snipe from across the map. I overestimated players' understanding of what I meant. I simply meant that it could be used as a medium to get across the same message that one would use in local chat. You can only attack a party/gang member's attacker if you are right there.
  8. Give admins the option to disable it for certain staff if they’ve proven themselves and change it’s settings such as amount of time before staff online get beeps.
  9. Please follow our format or we will not read your appeal, thank you! https://titsrp.com/showthread.php?tid=1325 Denied
  10. There will be a one-hour server-wide meeting this Saturday at 6:30 PM EST on our discord to discuss the new map. Please come with suggestions! There will also be staff meeting following the server meeting (at around 7:30 PM EST).
  11. Alright, so I think the thing you guys need to understand about sits is that a lot of the time the sit requests are really bad. Like, getting rdmed one time when the situation is iffy is the type of sit that makes staff not want to take sits anymore. If you think a sit will take a long time, it's sometimes best to just let it go. Think about it, when a staff goes into a sit they're hoping that the sit is straight-forward, ex. Player X is mass rdming/rdaing, Player X threatened to DDoS, Player X has entities in their base while building, Player X didn't advert pd heist or do !joinrevolt. When sits are controversial and there's no proof, the person it causes the biggest headache for is the staff, not only because now they have to make a decision given limited information, but there's also a pretty good chance there's going to be more sits exactly like that one. That's the type of thing that makes staff not want to answer your sits. I don't know of any staff who don't immediately answer mass rdm calls, but if you do please let me know, it's the "Player X killed me and I don't know why" sits that make staff turn away. However, it is important to note that I've been noticing sits not being taken as often as they should be, so I do agree with you partially. I will talk to the team during our staff meeting this week, thanks for your post.
  12. October 3rd Changelog Added to Advert Rules under adverts that exist: You just attacked/cuffed/arrested my party member rescinded on the October 8th rules changelog Added to General Rules: To attack a base member while raiding they must be both within eyeshot AND reasonably close to the base Edited Basing Rules: Building/loitering signs must be size 70 30 or larger, be easily visible, and near the main entrance of the base. Added to Misc Rules: Lootboxes are considered entities and you cannot open them in a base while building or propblocked
  13. Alright, so let me just state here that regardless of whether or not Bunziix didn't realize assist wasn't a thing, he was still responsible for knowing it's not allowed considering he's staff and it clearly says adverting assist doesn't exist in the motd. What he did with the sniping across the map was wrong, he shouldn't have done that, we've repeatedly reinforced the fact that you aren't allowed to kill people unless they're within eyeshot AND near the base, not just within eyeshot. Bunziix will receive a strike for this and will be warned for RDM. Thank you for the report. Accepted P.S. The video posted was discussed in discord and we came to the conclusion that lootcrates will viewed as entities and are not equal to weapon shipments. This is mainly due to the argument someone made that processors are basically just lootcrate spawners, and you aren't allowed to processor farm while building. You may not propblock yourself to avoid them being stolen. However, as we weren't really clear on it before this, no action will be performed on Bunziix because of it.
  14. September 27th Changelog Added to Misc Rules: You may build at fountain as non-hobos given the following conditions: Must not block any npcs, must not take up too much space, cannot be a kidnap cage (unless you're a hobo or a cultist), if you're base is complained about it will be removed if the reasoning is legitimate, and at the end of the day it is completely up to staff discretion to remove your props
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