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  1. Sixnut

    Report on Toosi

    Not sure how my fellow staff members don't see how this is NLR but from the video it's pretty obvious. He came back in less than 20 seconds to cuff him immediately after being killed. +1 for punishment
  2. Not sure why you wanted your last one to be denied considering all the support But once again +1
  3. its been a while I don't see why we can't give you another chance. +1
  4. Sixnut


    I'm sure you learned your lesson by now +1
  5. Should've never been banned in the first place I think we should let it come back as coba said, if they want to grind all day then let them. People rarely cashed out and mostly sold darkrp and bought sweps with it. This will give players incentive to come back and grow out player base.
  6. +1 for ban reduction I don't think what he said really warrants a week ban probably a 3 day at most
  7. All I made was profit
  8. Sixnut STEAM_0:0:94293667 Meeting up with my bf (Kilobyte)
  9. An actual reason to keep playing the server and enjoy doing it to unlock cool items +1
  10. Seems pretty obvious to be a joke just don't be dumb and think before you speak. +1 for unban
  11. Welcome back so far the only thing to note is basing is for losers.
  12. Sounds like nigga to me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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