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  1. No one can take jokes anymore. Put which staff members you hate the most in the comments below!
  2. Sixnut

    TitsMC Ideas

    1.7.10 mod pack
  3. Sixnut

    Banned for MRDM

    Please stop getting off topic. This was clearly a mishandled sit.
  4. Sixnut

    Banned for MRDM

    A motive for what coba was talking shit to me in discord assuming I was someone else so I said so not so friendly words back to him and got banned seems quite different from killing people on a gmod server.
  5. Sixnut

    Banned for MRDM

    This ban just happens to be clearly false considering the sit.
  6. Sixnut

    Banned for MRDM

    and what motive would I have to lie and get unbanned I don't even play the server there would be no point in lying to avoid a ban.
  7. Sixnut

    Banned for MRDM

    I was being shot at while raiding and it seemed to come from a lot of places I clearly didn't intend to rdm which is why I would make an appeal considering only one person made a sit and forgave me makes this ridiculous.
  8. Sixnut

    Banned for MRDM

    Can you please show me what you're talking about so I can explain it? Show the death positions please.
  9. Sixnut

    Banned for MRDM

    I believe I explained myself quite well in the sit but you ignored everything I was saying.
  10. Sixnut

    Banned for MRDM

    Can you show the positions of the deaths?
  11. Sixnut

    Banned for MRDM

    As I said I killed that guy on accident and ask h3nry I wasn't mrdming at all clearly this is poor staffing when there was only one report and I was forgiven in the sit.
  12. I didn't MRDM I had a lot of kills so tyz assumed i mrdmed which I clearly didn't considering there was only one report on me and the guy who reported me asked to give me a verbal.
  13. Hello Guys. I have resigned from SMOD position. Let us talk about our feelings on what's currently happening on the server.
  14. Warns are expired by now +1
  15. From what I've heard from Sugar I'm not sure if it's worth giving you another chance but at the same time I believe people can change. I'm going to remain neutral
  16. Sixnut

    Tuss's Ban Appeal

    You're not exactly what I'd say to be a positive impact on the community but if you think you're capable of being a normal person then I'll give you a chance. Neutral
  17. Sixnut

    Report on Toosi

    Not sure how my fellow staff members don't see how this is NLR but from the video it's pretty obvious. He came back in less than 20 seconds to cuff him immediately after being killed. +1 for punishment
  18. Not sure why you wanted your last one to be denied considering all the support But once again +1
  19. its been a while I don't see why we can't give you another chance. +1
  20. Sixnut


    I'm sure you learned your lesson by now +1
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