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  1. +1 very good sounding feature
  2. Agreed SCP ! Why would we ban first then discuss! I think the same thing happened with Silver's original ban back in like November. They be wildin now a days
  3. Very good points Zesty! I agree with everything you are spitting, Sticks ban was unjust.
  4. I wouldn't know why this would be a 1 week ban, like Jewann said this wasn't even rdm, someone wanted to place a hit, Sticks accepted the hit, and killed special educator. I don't see how that would be exactly punishable by a ban or even a warn. I'm also going to put this quote from extremely trustworthy ex Sr Mod (almost practically Admin) Jack Johnson "But you see, you cant just assume they know what they did. It has to be a fact, a yes or a no. If its not a fact, you cant ban him" (Talking about loop holing and exploiting). Also aren't you suppose to discuss before banning a person... +1 for unban
  5. I have no idea sir Jack Johnson, this is a very wacky situation !
  6. If what you are saying is true, it definitely sounds like a misunderstandment, I probably would've just left the punishment at a verbal at the most, +1 from me
  7. +1 In my time playing I have never seen anybody follow this rule! Plus its just a stupid rule, especially with this report man sat there waiting for someone to break the obscure rule no one follows... just seems like a waste.
  8. I understand the situation, I had a full (haha funny) discussion with someone that was participating. But people could def just warn bind the bodyblockers instead of having to make a sit! And it was the first time something like that happened in a good amount of time! Just don't quite understand the instant making of the rule, but who knows! Rubik does know best
  9. I don't think this needs to be a rule, this would def add unnecessary sits + like blue said, its common sense !
  10. I have been seing you on alot more recently and if it was a few months ago i'm +1 for discord unban
  11. Like too so said, your perks was way long ago, you taking the time to make an appeal shows you want back. +1
  12. Minky

    Gang Ranks

    +1 Would severly help with inactive/ perma banned gang leaders !
  13. omg jewann your so smart, how do you even come up with this geniouness!
  14. It sounds like it would be pretty cool talisman +1 from m
  15. I am once again asking for input on this, I now hate coinflips since I am only loosing. I truly believe Rock Paper Scissors would be such an amazing feature.
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