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  1. It showing your stats in the E-menu would be pretty cool
  2. Minky

    Ban appeal

    Changing to a +1 after new info came out. Thought you were previously warned
  3. Minky


    With the evidence you provided, it does look like your story checks out, imma +1 for now but could change
  4. Your apology was really well written and extremely sincere. +1 from me just don’t waste your second chance.
  5. Minky


    Tbf, it really did seem like an accident, and warning someone over that is pretty yikers. But after watching the video, it seems clear from your perspective that the Demolinist was obviously the one that did damage to him. Was there a reason we didn't look at this video during the sit? If you showed me it, my verdict would've most likely changed. From the video it looks like the minion was facing away from the bomb when it went off, which proabaly meant he didn't see him. So that's most likely why he thought it was you. Also, why bring the sit up after a week? It just seems weird, but I
  6. This is the best suggestion ever. It would be so good.
  7. As CP, having a mayor that doesn't make fun laws can be a bit boring and lackluster. So Jaywalking as a standard law would be a great way to increase enjoyment and have another way for CP to make money. Also, Jaywalking as a default law would actually be really good for the community. Most mayors make jaywalking a 5k fine, and new players constantly complain it when the law is in place and they get fined for most of their money, when they don't even know what it means. So if it was a default law at a lower fine (around 500$) it would teach newer players to stay on the sidewalk, so when a m
  8. I would like to re add my +1 back, it looks like you've matured and would enjoy another chance on Titsrp.
  9. Minky

    Tuss’s Appeal

    From what I heard from other staff members, you spent multiple hours searching for exploits and other abuses to personally gain. Im going to have to give this appeal a -1
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