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  1. nigga you all are just shit at defending bases stop complaining that shit is op you're just bad
  2. This was brought up before but never fixed, it would be crazy cool if they fixed it !
  3. Minky

    Buff Procs

    I love jewann and he is never wrong +1
  4. staff sits leaderboard is the worst suggestion you could've came up with
  5. -rep don't like this dude lmfao

  6. www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJLgSobuRJ8 

  7. no, minky didnt go rouge, this wasnt planned, u will stay banned.
  8. Minky

    Ban Appeal

    If only insurance cared about being rdm’d, wouldn’t this make this a warn? If everyone else didn’t care no reason for this to be mrdm which means really was no reason to bring him into the sit, but he shouldn’t have killed you !! +1 for it being changed to a warn/1day ban
  9. Silver is spitting (as always).
  10. I mean, should’ve just been a mute then a ban. If you continued afterwards !Goat gave you two verbals then should’ve muted both of you guys ! omg apperntly you were already muted for toxcity by lewd around 2 hours beforehand. nuetral
  11. Rule isn’t enforced cause it was agreed the rule was bad. Should’ve already been removed from the motd
  12. I do not want a sponge bob video on me +1
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