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  1. I really dont know why this change was made for proc tokens, they are completly useless now and are worthless. You use a proc token and only have 4 hours to use it. This makes big bases impossible to get, as you will lose entities constantly. Alot of people (Saiah especially) lost alot of money from buying proc tokens due to this change. I suggest that entities should only dissapear from actual players. What this does is get more people to buy proc tokens for 1 mill each, and the new players get left alone, as their entities are worthless because it dissapears.
  2. I told sugar already and he responded, he will fix it. Why would i tell staff about an exploit that is known already to the dev???
  3. "IT" Where tf does it say "Imma report you guys"
  4. You tried to make a report on the bug, not on us. Thats why i asked "How you gonna do it?" because i was curious on how you were gonna report an "exploit" even though you didnt know how to pull it off
  5. Fuel literally said he doesnt care
  6. Nobody was annoyed tho? If they were, we would've been told in ooc or brought into a sit. All we saw was just "How is there 5 kings" "Lmao"
  7. Wheres the advantage???? When have we not reported it to sugar??????
  8. We literally couldnt even spawn anything, only 3 chem hoses/trees/metal were allowed. So you'd rather want cc's with 50 weapons basing in kingdom than kings with only 1 sword?? We only had Seno's dupe out, nothing was abused. All we did was have fun with laws. I already reported this to sugar, and he said he'd fix it.
  9. Trying to make the server better by fucking those who played for a long time and worked hard for their money? And even if 60% of their cash is from the cc editor, they still had to work in real life to get that money.
  10. Before i make a suggestion, i just wanna collect some thoughts. IMO, its fine for me. But as Seno, Potatoez and others said, it just looks boring. Some said it should have more color (maybe rainbow?), or it should have special characters. What do you think? (Also i know you dont care but im still asking for your opinion sir)
  11. Kilobyte, Seno and others wouldnt even touch the server anymore. Theyre already losing 500k every 10 minutes, and if they added this, they would lose 5 mill every 10 minutes. Also, printers got nerfed as they now dissapear in 4 hours if they dont have an owner. Theres your balance.
  12. i need noclip and ban or tag dont make sense
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