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  1. Your original ban was for telling people to look up animated child porn. Im pretty sure it was only a week. After you've been banned, you contacted me on a discord asking why you were banned since i guess Shit Ass didnt do the sit properly. I dont remember alot of it so... The only reason why you actually got perma'd is because you tried to justify it. Saying "Its just a cartoon" after me stating the fact that its child porn is literal retard move. Im not gonna mention all the insults after your appeal + report on me got denied, since i understand it might've been out of anger. Imo, all you really had to was admit that you were wrong. If you want my opinion, i'd be down to unban you. Im convinced at that moment your brain just turned off. But next time, perhaps try to understand both sides before calling me a groomer....
  2. It died because koda mcstubbins unfortunately lacks brain cells.
  3. In-game name: Jack Johnson SteamID: STEAM_0:0:88220993 Your plans for Halloween: Stealing Extinct's IP (Internet Persona)
  4. Jack Johnson


    Bored from garrys mod darkrp server TitsRP owned by superadministrator Sugar Tits? Perhaps youre banned because you dont have a brain? Then you should join the minecraft server for TitsRP! mc.tits.koda.life (version 1.16.5)
  5. what if we re-create titsrp in minecraft except make it actually fun to play
  6. We did a pretty good job since you seem to cry alot
  7. I disagree with your posts, grow some balls perhaps.
  8. Hello Guys. I have resigned from SMOD position. Let us talk about our feelings on what's currently happening on the server.
  9. ok? I fail to understand how this is relevant at all but here is my response to that on discord
  10. I only posted a screenshot of what got you banned. Imma post the entire conversation for you and other staff.
  11. So first of all, you were banned for a week because you told other players to go look it up. No perma ban because i thought you were joking. Then you dm'd me on discord and said this: Saying "It is a cartoon" made me realize you werent joking about "liking it". An Admin has decided to perma ban you, other staff have agreed. -1
  12. From what Saiah told me, you can switch to cp if youre not near the bank raid or arent involved with it. Cant remember his exact words but it was something like "If a new police officer gets hired and theres an active bank raid going on, the mayor would send that police officer there immediately"
  13. Yeah that one was my bad, during the time i thought you were a minge and you were about to spam the same stuff in ooc again. Sit could've gone better, i admit that. I'll be reducing your ban to 3 days, but please read the rules. A purge event doesnt even exist on here.... Accepted
  14. I was the banning staff member. You spammed ooc with some weird messages, thats why you were muted. If you actually read the rules which pop up once you join the server, you would've realized there is no such thing as a purge event. Not reading the rules is your own fault.
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