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  1. I'm going to DENY this report due to lack of information.
  2. ima have to -1 for the evidence provided was not good enough for me personally i would add a video next time showing more to this besides logs the image is way to blurry for me and idk why so thats the reason behind my -1
  3. But it seems you got an extra day so ill let staff decide on a 1 day reduce or an unban Saturday, October 29, 2022 (Source: https://calculat.io/en/date/count/35--days--from--24-september-2022)
  4. the unban time from that appeal should be Friday, October 28, 2022 (Source: https://calculat.io/en/date/count/2.5--months--from--14-august-2022)
  5. like coba said there was a appeal and it was supposed to be reduced but i still see that you are [perm] banned, also kdawg said it would be reduced "Lowered your ban to 2.5 months. You will be banned permanently from staffing though." this was posted august 14 so an unban on the beginning of NOV would be fine or mid OCT
  6. Hey i have had 2 sits about this in the last week or two this is a bug and it is happening to many players i am trying to replicate this but having no luck if this is due to the playtime why is it?
  7. Hard - 1 for UNBAN I don't think a perm ban is nice you did abuse your power as staff when you were so called trusted I am neutral on a reduce of the ban but I would say a reduction to a un ban on 2022-06-23, 7:00 PM would suite best since I don't like staff who abuse powers the only reason i think a year ban is ok is because you promoted a person to t-mod and unbanned a couple players besides that I am +1 for unban on 2022-06-23, @ 7:00 PM EST
  8. so from what he has stated you have MRDM just because of boredom / NITRP at the time so im also -1 because it don't seem fair to unban you for IRDM or if it was not IRDM< you still killed about 7 people and 3+ is MRDM anyways so thats why ima stick to my answer. also NGL if you did LTAP or leave the sit also dumb idea since you know that its a auto ban no matter what
  9. So i suggest that there be a system in !menu that you can check all the bans of players who are not on the server at the time this would help so much in future sits because you can still check if a player has had recent bans in game with out having to tab out and use forums i know i run on a toaster atm so this forums bans thing would only be possible on phone and checking bans for this using steam id is hella long
  10. well image 1 works and other does not. plus the 1 link is hella blurry so ill talk to other staff about it
  11. Dude Duderson's TitsRP Player Info Name: Dude Duderson SteamID: STEAM_0:0:49947786 Worth: $889,982 Level Info: Level 1 XP: 54 Prestige: 0 Time Played: 17 hours, 44 minutes, 36 seconds Last Login: 9/18/2022 Rank: User 2 Week Playtime: 1 hours Ban Count 1 BANNED Banned until: 9/25/2022 Time Left: 5 days, 7 hours, 44 minutes, 16 seconds Banned On: 9/18/2022 Banned By: STEAM_0:1:83756966 Reason: Mass RDM / NITRP seems heos took care of this situation a day ago.
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