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  1. I can hold onto your pets for you that way if you ever wanted to come back you can have them back. I have lots of free inventory space.
  2. Don’t know if I will be able to top that run. but I can try
  3. Hello again bird racers! i am back once again to update my time with a 25.966
  4. HELLO ONCE AGAIN! i am here to update my time 29.900 is now my best run im watching youtube while doing this so thats what you hear in the backround
  5. Hello again! i am here to post my improvement on my time new personal best 32.083
  6. Hello Spartan! here is my submission to bird race! it just uploaded so give it like 5 minutes and it will be off of potato quality
  7. I think because it was being abused a lot, and people were just dragging drama into it and insulting each other
  8. Can we please keep this one permanent?
  9. Good morning or evening everybody depending on when you read this, as 2023 is officially coming to a close I wanted to open up a little discussion for people to share their favorite moment or event that happened this year within the TITSRP community and maybe tell us a little bit about the moment. Just kind of like a year in review for the server. Please keep the response as positive as well, I would like to keep as much drama out of here as possible and just reflect on Good Times people had I hope all of you have had a good year overall, I know this year was filled with a lot of crazy things that happen and I'm sure next year will be no different and I hope all of you have a good year going forward and I wish all of you the best Thank you Kdawg and Rubik and everyone else who works on the server for keeping things running and making good content for us Happy new years everyone! ~Waffle
  10. Sorry to hear that Sae, I know the holidays are tough for a lot of people. I hope you are ok
  11. Happy holidays to everyone! If you are traveling this weekend I hope you have safe travels and a good Christmas! stay safe out there and make good decisions
  12. For those who have completed or are still on progress of the christmas battle pass what did you think of it? any feedback on the levels or certain challenges?
  13. Same, been hot with a little to no rain so far this year
  14. Simple question, just wondering how everyone’s summer is going. I hope it is going well
  15. I know basing has been brought up a lot lately, but I do not think it would be a good change, mainly because a lot of people who do actually raid a lot usually have really powerful guns and buffs that make defending already pretty tough as is, and then adding a chance for them to run in with some raiding tools like C4 or whatever just to die and then come back once it blows a bunch of the base up now gives them the advantage of having a clear way to get into the base or know the layouts it gives more of an advantage to the raiding people, then just looking at this for the side of staffing, how would they be able to tell if someone had a respawn circle down or if they just ran back from spawn to come back to the raid and just said oh I had one of these. Overall I feel like it would just add a lot more people being upset that people can just come back to a raid after they successfully defend their base, and potentially people abusing the system and be a headache for staff to watch over on top of everything else
  16. Now that’s a lot of debt, I will donate you some positive thoughts :)
  17. After reloading like 3 more times it’s working now I guess… will update if bug happens again
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