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  1. What can we do to improve the gang system/brotherhood of titsrp? we could very well make more options to the leader to add a certain character in there name to signify there in that gang Perhabs there can be armbans you can place on people.
  2. Accepted after talking with Fellow staff
  3. that was a quote from him "you deserved that"
  4. However its a day ban come back tomorrow
  5. I'm not defending what I did I do think I should handled it differently
  6. yeah i was trying to get out of the base and it seemed like a maze base to me so i just took action and told him to make a clear exit and then he rdmed me and called me nurmous names
  7. as he said no second chances which can apply to RP interaction
  8. there is really no effort in this application there is next to nothing in terms of what you did or what you plan to get out of this Just wait out your ban
  9. +1 for 2days that's all I'm going to say
  10. At the time there were several people massrdming at the drop party it seems like through your effort to appeal I can truthfully believe your story however accidental or not I don't know really what I can do you you at the moment with NITRP more or less being a secondary charge to the matter. I honestly don't know what you are looking for in terms of punishment. Punishment is still needed.
  11. Let me contact a higher up
  12. Perhabs I was to harsh I will be changing this to a warn
  13. Most NLR cases only end up in a warn or verbal I understand how he "failed" this could've been just a simple misunderstanding through logs you cant necessarily see NLR directly however you can use the SHOW NLR command. However I don't think this deserves a retraining he was a tmod at the time and most likely learning for the most part.
  14. Rubik its time to agree to disagree and shake hands hopefully we both benefit from this discussion as we both care deeply for our community. With Best Regards, Crow
  15. I appreciate that you are talking and debating with me @Rubik
  16. IF THEY DO NOT BRING THE EXPLOIT TO THE SUPER ADMINS. what if they dont know and these bans where emotionally charged with frustration?
  17. I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say Rubik I'm not trying to justify breaking the rules im sorry if it seems that way
  18. I was reading and considering however I was bringing questions to the table.
  19. I dont think it tipped the economy at all to be brutally honest but I do agree how that could be seen as exploiting
  20. To simply say an item has no value is dogmatic and crude to say the least. players have a since of achievement what ever that may be when they get these items
  21. Since the addition of the AH the economy of titsrp has placed monetary value of certain items that may not have any value such as unusable SWEPS for class jobs CCs and more.
  22. most people unknowingly picked this stuff up what about those people?
  23. Lets take staff tools being stolen because of the kidnap as a cultist how did we respond to this Rubik people profited from staff tools being sold. also this community has a good habit of trying to obtain SWEP in fishing the economy is run based on limited items isnt there a RPG out there in the economy?
  24. Half of the people who got banned with the zombie SWEP are innocent I dought Bunbun cares enough about DARKRP cash in game to exploit for personal gain. There's something we need to learn here rather then point the finger at people who don't understand This is not anyway to approach a community problem. its stupid we are stronger then this as a community What is the true cost of programing these events and having fun during Halloween. This is ethically wrong I don't understand why you didn't just remove the SWEP from the server this is outrageous and unfair to the people who didn't know. I understand that this is emotionally charged I'm frustrated and disappointed
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